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(Horror, Action and Adventure) A gladiator must save Rome from the outbreak of the world's first zombie plague.
(Thriller and Suspense, Science Fiction and Fantasy) A teenage girl with psychic power must stop a mysterious killer who is targeting people just like her.
(Science Fiction and Fantasy, Action and Adventure) In a future world where wars are fought by drones, a disgraced veteran must team up with a squad of young drone operators who have never fired a real gun in order to stop a terrorist takeover of a remote U.S. military base.
(Science Fiction and Fantasy, Horror) A group of teenagers go into a deep pocket of unexplored wilderness in hopes of capturing conclusive proof of Bigfoot.
(Science Fiction and Fantasy) In the future, the world as you know it, will long be gone!
(Horror, Action and Adventure) A black Elvis impersonator, part-time monster hunter must stop a masked serial killer before he can set free an ancient evil, unleashing hell on earth.
(Comedy) Patrick E. Briggs is pulled into a West Coast road trip, gathering together a band of extraordinary blues musicians. As he races through his journey, he reclaims his wasted talent, accepts destiny, and realizes everyone has a path and there's always a way to get back to it.
(Comedy) When a man finds a digital camera on the seat of his taxi, he is convinced the girl in the pictures is "the one". By only using the information on the camera, he must track down the girl of his dreams, in a chaotic and comical New York City.
(Drama) A shut-in hires a mysterious teen as an errand boy who helps him conquer his fears of the outside world and fight for the love of the woman next door — before the identity of the teen is revealed.
(Thriller and Suspense, Comedy) Kosher is convicted of murder & is released from prison after 1 year when missing evidence resurfaces. He is awarded his own cooking show on tv & meets his dream woman. Life is perfect until people around him start dropping like flies.
(Action and Adventure) A shipwreck at Algiers Point in New Orleans dumps enough black market plutonium into the Mississippi River during a hurricane to kill every person on earth... and nobody knows but six people on a tugboat.
(Thriller and Suspense, Action and Adventure) The story of a U.S. Diplomatic Security Officer who redeems his past by obsessively investigating a vicious murder even as the African backwater where he’s stationed explodes in revolution. "Malabo" is a winner of the annual UCLA Screenwriting Competition.
(Comedy) An unlucky life insurance salesman fakes amnesia in order to escape everything that is going wrong in his life, but must do it convincingly enough to keep a former mob boss from wanting to collect on a policy and the fraud division and FBI from thinking he’s in on it.
(Primetime Comedy) A Type-A event planner in Oklahoma City faces the chaos of her eccentric employees, and her deadbeat ex, as she works to build her business into a national brand.
(Drama, Action and Adventure) Hedonists Cora Stewart and Author Stephen Crane cut a thousand day swath through Victorian convention. She became the first female War Correspondent and he changed writing forever.
(Thriller and Suspense, Comedy) A working man meets insurmountable difficulties on his way to work one fateful morning. As the day wanes on, his stressful commute becomes a fight for survival as everyone seems to be careless of his plight.
(Thriller and Suspense, Science Fiction and Fantasy) This is not a full script, yet. It is a poem. But to me it obviously contains a very neat hard science-fiction space opera movie. The metaphor of the title is that the sf movie is interspersed with short montages of that dark noon jungle-clearing, and the Jaguar. mutilve
(Kids and Family) A magical, apelike humanoid seeks her child who has been kidnapped by a cruel research scientist.