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(Preschool) Anna is a five year old girl who is introverted and has a hard time making friends until her Grandmother Grace introduced her to homemade "Awesome Sauce". The sauce is a mixture which makes things awesome by providing a little bit of self confidence when it is needed most.
(Horror, Action and Adventure) The Nine remaining vampires have each selected a fighter and turned them into fledgling Vampires, but there can only be one new vampire. The new vampires will fight to the death for a chance at immortality. Place your bets. It’s time for Fight Night.
(Drama, Kids and Family) A young boy, Johnny, wants to know if Santa is real. His grandfather sits him down and explains how a young boy named Kris Kringle grew up and became Santa Claus. Kris grew up in the 1600's Germany. Kris struggles with poverty, death, and being arrested.
(Comedy) When the economic viability of an Australian town is threatened by a planned road bypass, the mayor leads a group of residents in a secret plan to fake a UFO landing to boost tourism.