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(Thriller and Suspense) An offbeat cop blackmails a murder suspect during a criminal trial www.vimeo.com/91581010
(Drama) A shut-in hires a mysterious teen as an errand boy who helps him conquer his fears of the outside world and fight for the love of the woman next door — before the identity of the teen is revealed.
(Thriller and Suspense, Science Fiction and Fantasy) Student researchers with mind-reading and psionic abilities experiment with their abilities. When a few people opposed to their work mysteriously die the students attempt to read the mind of the dead. What they discover is chilling, and the enemy may be within their group.
(Thriller and Suspense, Science Fiction and Fantasy) An outcast teenage girl learns that she is the PalmJewel bearer, capable of changing peoples' lives by changing the lines on their palms.
(Comedy) Pauly’s warped thoughts about the people and world around him have always amused him, but when others start to hear these mental jabs in their own heads, is there anyway he can stop it?
(Science Fiction and Fantasy, Comedy) A parody of Cinderella. This story is about a female sumo wrestler who turns into a beautiful supermodel. The story also includes her wizard brother, and the secrets of the Charming family. Besides Cinderella, this movie will parody Harry Potter a little...
(Thriller and Suspense, Science Fiction and Fantasy) In the year 2025, Detective John Winters is enlisted to investigate a series of mysterious deaths linked to a brain implanted telecommunications device, the corporation that sells it and its missing inventor.
(Action and Adventure) Based on the final book of the Bible.
(Comedy, Drama) A renowned jewelry thief hatches the perfect plan to rob an un-robbable store. All he needs to do is convince two desperate actors that it is all film set, but will they act the part?
(Comedy) A klutzy female scientist discovers a miracle cure for obesity and becomes the thin, glamorous woman she always hoped to be, sort of. When it becomes clear that her employer will destroy the formula, she steals it and goes on the run while trying to live her fantasy life.
(Comedy) When adult life failed to live up to childhood expectations, one man returns to high school in hopes of building a new life.
(Science Fiction and Fantasy, Comedy) Crippled by poverty, a wildly-inventive and good-hearted young man assumes his troubles are over when a money tree magically appears in the middle of his room. Little does he know his real troubles are just beginning - for this "free" money does not come without a cost.