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(Action and Adventure) In 1940, a US airship is sent on a top secret mission into the uncharted African interior in order to intercept a Nazi Zeppelin involved in an archeological expedition that could make Hitler’s armies invincible.
(Primetime Comedy) A model comedy. Literally. A comedy about models living in a cramped apartment in NYC. Written by the dude who wrote Red Machine starring Billy Bob Thornton, Tom Jane, Piper Perabo and James Marsden. The Look Book can be described as 2 Broke Girls meets Friends meets TMZ.
(Thriller and Suspense, Action and Adventure) Apocalyptic action/thriller. An agnostic newspaper reporter is kidnapped by a handsome warrior who claims to by an Archangel. They have 24 hours to save the world from the end of days. It's Angels and Demons meets Die Hard With a Vengeance