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(Comedy, Drama) Black sheep, Rory Labea, makes it his mission to become famous. By dating famous people. With the help of his friend and a little luck, he attempts to get out of the shadow of his amazing family and make a name for himself...even if it's made up.
(Drama, Action and Adventure) Celebrated as a great hero, a closer look into the personal diaries of Christopher Columbus and a Dominican priest that traveled with him reveal the most unforgivable crimes in American history.
(Comedy, Horror) A small-town sheriff, her marine biologist ex-boyfriend, and a group of quirky nutballs do battle with killer, mutant, man-eating manatees.
(Comedy, Horror) College hipsters Richard and Eric compete in a weekend long Beer Golf competition where they not only must drink one beer a bar as part of the tournament but challenge each other to “score” with as many girls as possible. Their game has consequences no one can imagine.
(Horror) During a wild weekend of partying at a Kentucky ranch, the fun for a group of high school seniors turns deadly when a killer starts brutally picking them off one by one. When they try to escape, a vicious ice storm hits, leaving them isolated and their screams unheard.
(Thriller and Suspense, Action and Adventure) Left for dead, abandoned, and confused, test subject 'D.I.C.' can't recall anything about his past life. With a group of relentless mercenaries hot on his tail, all he knows is that they want him dead or alive. Slowly unraveling a sinister plot perpetrated by the highest