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(Comedy, Action and Adventure) Before James Bond, there was Benjamin Franklin: inventor, philanthropist, and the single largest exporter of kicking British ass. Using his array of inventions and weapons, Franklin is a one-man army thirsty for Redcoat blood, especially when he's wrongly accused of treason.
(Comedy) When budget cuts threaten to destroy four less-than-popular friends' after-school film club, the group vows to do whatever it takes to protect their safe haven. Even if it means pandering to the popular crowd. But, will the new-found brush with popularity tear them apart?
(Comedy) Ben and Lily love romantic comedies, but they are often disappointed by the contrived films that make it to the big screen. So they decide to write a romantic comedy script of their own, testing out movie cliches and falling in love in the process.
(Comedy) Screwball romantic comedy in which Art, a graduate student, falls for his female professor of art history. To impress her, he volunteers to authenticate a painting that just might be a lost masterpiece. As soon as he takes possession of the painting, it disappears.
(Thriller and Suspense, Drama) Jailed mobster Al Capone curries favor by sending one of his brutes to help solve the Lindbergh kidnapping and recover the child. The brute bullies and beats his way to the truth--finding redemption along the way.
(Drama, Action and Adventure) "Saga: Embassy" is a television drama pilot script. "Saga" begins with an assault and takeover of an American Embassy by an elusive war criminal. The clock is ticking and with international politics standing in the way, it is up to the hostages to save themselves.