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(Preschool) Mari and Owlley save villagers from monsters and then help those monsters figure out why they're acting out. Science, history, and mythology are infused into the stories!
(Thriller and Suspense, Science Fiction and Fantasy) An outcast teenage girl learns that she is the PalmJewel bearer, capable of changing peoples' lives by changing the lines on their palms.
(Comedy, Kids and Family) SkyKapz is about two lifelong friends, Patrick (“Sky”) (a/k/a Christopher 'Play' Martin) and Lee (“Kap”) (a/k/a Christopher 'Kid' Reid) ("Kid N Play") who 15 years ago took summer jobs as skycaps at a major airport “just until they make it big.”
(Comedy) A family of Satan worshippers tries to raise kids, keep faith in the Dark Master and make sense out of this crazy world. Luke McSatan has moved his family to an uptight Oregon town in search of converts to Satanism.