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Lost in the world

Writer, Director


I am a writer/director with a wide-ranging interest in world cinema. i use my background in shooting and editing to pay rent, B...

Long Island




Valencia, Spain

Writer, Interviewer/presenter (documentary)

fayetteville N.C.

Writing, Editing, Proofreading

Writer, Director

Longmont, CO

Actor, Director, Writer

Las Vegas


Actor, Musician, Writer, Composer, Songwriter, Etc


Los Angeles & sometimes Hilo, Hawaii

Hollywood, Obi-wan said it best..."you'll never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy."

Port Orange, FL



Animator, Writer


Grande Prairie

Author, Writer, Family



"every writer is a frustrated actor who recites his lines in the hidden auditorium of his skull." ...rod serling

I'm just one man doing the job of a million monkeys with a million typewriters.


Excuse me while i whip this out.

West Hollywood

Writer of fiction and non-fiction; also a digital animator and editor


Writer, House music





Director, Editor, Producer, Writer

San Francisco, CA

Writer, Actor, Artist, Director




Writer published books "behold the return of" and "the travelers". screen plays: "second coming", "the travelers -earth" "the t...


Recent Reviews from Top Reviewers

Didn't work for me, too many errors

3.5 stars
Reviewed by Anthony Ogunware
July 28, 2015
Again in this script, many punctuation errors... many grammatical errors... spelling errors are plaguing the script. Will make it difficult for any reader to truly get through this. It happens so early and often in the opening pages, tha... Read more

Many, Many Grammatical and Punctuation Errors

3.3 stars
Reviewed by Anthony Ogunware
July 28, 2015
Correct Live a "Healthy" Life. Unless "Healty" was intentionally spelled incorrectly. Action lines are way too long. Should do just that, tells quick actions. "WERE LATE!" <--- Check punctuation through s... Read more

Great Start

4.5 stars
Reviewed by Anthony Ogunware
May 08, 2015
I gave it a 4 star because it's really good. You describe the scene well. The only thing I would suggest is on lines like this: "... the look on his face suggests"... I would try showing rather than telling... as in: His f... Read more

Easy flow...

4.0 stars
Reviewed by Anthony Ogunware
May 08, 2015
Easy flow while reading the screenplay. Review your word usage and punctuation. They really stand out on the opening pages. To some readers that could be an instant sign to put down a manuscript or screenplay. Examples are: Too vs. To. T... Read more

Easy read. Great descriptions.

4.0 stars
Reviewed by Anthony Ogunware
May 07, 2015
Love the descriptions you use during the action scenes or narration. It's an easy read. My only concerns is the formatting. May have to visit existing top screenplays to grab formatting tips. Keep up the good work.
Great idea to se... Read more

Few grammatical and punctuation errors needs addressing

4.4 stars
Reviewed by Anthony Ogunware
May 06, 2015
You have a story hear. I saw small fixes like capitalizing an entire name within dialogue, if I remember correctly I don't believe that is the standard. I have seen capitalization of a character when they make their first appearance... Read more

Buddy's Rating

5.0 stars
Reviewed by buddy yandle
April 15, 2015
Excellent write on the 4th edition to Axel's adventure cop series. Liked it from start to finish.
Very Intriguing as well as written. I have always myself liked the Beverly Hill's Cop series, and wanted more. Now, I think we g... Read more

This is Good. This is Good.

4.0 stars
Reviewed by Anthony Ogunware
April 09, 2015
JL, 24 is pretty good man, it's pretty good! Lines like these works: nobody wants to miss out on that ride if you do make it. Or even lines like this: ...drunk walrus in heat. Love it! I would only revisit your ACTION lines... Just... Read more

A good story.

2.0 stars
Reviewed by John Millunzi
April 08, 2015

Thanks for your patience, It took me awhile to get through your script, even though I liked the story.

If this is a shooting script and you are going to make and direct this movie, I guess you know what to do.

I found the... Read more

Good story, Needs formatting work

3.0 stars
Reviewed by Anthony Ogunware
April 08, 2015
Story can be interesting to read. Can be a bit hard for readers to see that the dialogue is formatted differently in certain instances of your script. Try to keep this consistent. Within the first few pages, the dialogue starts centered,... Read more