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Writer, Director


I am a writer/director with a wide-ranging interest in world cinema. i use my background in shooting and editing to pay rent, B...

Long Island


Valencia, Spain

Writer, Interviewer/presenter (documentary)

fayetteville N.C.

Writing, Editing, Proofreading


Writer, Director

Longmont, CO

Actor, Director, Writer

Las Vegas



Actor, Musician, Writer, Composer, Songwriter, Etc



Los Angeles & sometimes Hilo, Hawaii

Hollywood, Obi-wan said it best..."you'll never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy."


Animator, Writer


Grande Prairie

Author, Writer, Family


"every writer is a frustrated actor who recites his lines in the hidden auditorium of his skull." ...rod serling


I'm just one man doing the job of a million monkeys with a million typewriters.


Excuse me while i whip this out.

West Hollywood

Writer of fiction and non-fiction; also a digital animator and editor



Writer, House music





Director, Editor, Producer, Writer

San Francisco, CA

Writer, Actor, Artist, Director



Writer published books "behold the return of" and "the travelers". screen plays: "second coming", "the travelers -earth" "the t...


Los Angeles



Recent Reviews from Top Reviewers

A fun traditional slasher flick with some great comic relief

3.0 stars
Reviewed by Greg Whelan
May 10, 2016
Hi Jamar,

I had a chance to read your script last night.

Overall I felt it was a fun old fashioned slasher with some good characters.

I felt the premise was pretty traditional for this genre, tried and tested but I was hoping f... Read more

Interesting premise and overall character arc

3.0 stars
Reviewed by Greg Whelan
May 05, 2016
Hi Lance,

I had a chance to read your script.

It kept me reading, had an interesting premise and character arc for the protagonist with a thought provoking and frightening ending which I enjoyed.

Overall it was a streamlined re... Read more


5.0 stars
Reviewed by Chris
May 02, 2016
I can't say MUCH since it's an outline. But God, the fact this is your true story makes this extremely inspirational. I really want to see this as a movie. Keep pushing. A story like yours is one that needs to be heard for inspiration!

A mind bending ride with some fascinating perspectives

4.0 stars
Reviewed by Greg Whelan
April 26, 2016
Hi Darlenne,

I had a chance to read your script.

Overall it kept me engaged and I wanted to read on to connect the various dots and determine what may be happening.

I felt the premise was fascinating and your use of visual as we... Read more

Very well written, excellent structure, great suspense and solid dialouge

4.3 stars
Reviewed by Greg Whelan
March 13, 2016
Hi Dwain,

Congratulations on having the script being picked up on the development slate.

I enjoyed the story and felt you did a great job bringing us into this contained world and situation.

I felt the dialogue was excellent and... Read more

Patriotic spy/action title based around current global issues

3.0 stars
Reviewed by Greg Whelan
March 11, 2016
Hi Jared,

Had a chance to read your script.

I really liked the fact that although the story is fiction, it plays on the current world dynamics at the moment.

The patriotic moments within the script are always good and I think th... Read more

Nice Premise but plot could be tightned up

3.0 stars
Reviewed by Greg Whelan
March 10, 2016
Hi J,

I had a chance to read your script.

I thought the premise was pretty original with some nice ideas about the Nano-tech manufacturing aspect and age defying technology as well.

Like you were mentioning the fact that it was ... Read more

Well written with a great original premise and strong female protagonist

4.0 stars
Reviewed by Greg Whelan
March 07, 2016
Hi Sue,

I just finished reading your script and I enjoyed it start to finish.

Right from the get go, I was intrigued and wondered if Ben was dead and in hell (which couldn't have been much worse then Camp Contero lol) and wan... Read more

Buddy's Rating

5.0 stars
Reviewed by buddy yandle
April 15, 2015
Excellent write on the 4th edition to Axel's adventure cop series. Liked it from start to finish.
Very Intriguing as well as written. I have always myself liked the Beverly Hill's Cop series, and wanted more. Now, I think we g... Read more

A good story.

2.0 stars
Reviewed by John Millunzi
April 08, 2015

Thanks for your patience, It took me awhile to get through your script, even though I liked the story.

If this is a shooting script and you are going to make and direct this movie, I guess you know what to do.

I found the... Read more