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(Children and Tweens) Taken away from home, the powerless boy learns of magic as it awakens every millennium and his part in it as a protector.
(Primetime Comedy) A rookie police constable (Lamb) is relocated to a weird village. Where the police force (Smutt) deals with even weirder crimes.
(Drama) In this intolerant world and increased fundamentalism this is an honest approach to pursue the condition of a kid after her father's assassination.
(Drama) Penumbra is the story of Victor and Dan, two deeply troubled high school students in a small town that unwittingly become deeply involved in a series of local serial murders, so much so that they have to find the killer before the evidence leads back to them.
(Drama) Here we have a Christmas Story, set in the heart of gritty South East London - the iconic Billingsgate Market to be exact. It is your classic tale of brother against brother, but with an eerie, supernatural theme.
(Primetime Comedy) It's about nothing. Everyone is doing something. I choose to do nothing but funny. No specific story, no lead ups to anything , just funny.
(Children and Tweens) Throughout the years, MayField has been made out to be a crazy little town worth nothing, mainly by its rival, the town of SpringField. Jimmie wants to turn this around, specifically with MayField Elementary’s losing basketball team.
(Drama) A cross country race to catch a murderous band of crooked Politicians and Cuban nationals , It's all out revenge and murder marks their path to gain their part of an ill gotten fortune .With no where to turn and no one to trust it's a race against time to stay alive
(Drama) A criminal mastermind pardoned from prison at his execution wages war on the detective who put him in prison, causing and costing lives and devastation even from beyond the grave. A detective goes above and beyond, thinking the problem is over…it’s truly just beginning
(Drama) When Merry, a staid alien magistrate, is shipwrecked in a Yorkshire town, she joins forces with a local company of amateur extraterrestrial investigators to stop the serial killer hunting her. Initially desperate to return home, Merry soon finds herself going native.
(Drama) In the legalized red light district of 1910 New Orleans the concubine of an aristocrat tries to buy her freedom by stealing a heroin shipment, not knowing that he is involved in the deal. Her plan backfires when she falls for a young Irishman who helps her get the drugs.
(Drama) a extinction level event causes a search for a different world to inhabit quickly.
(Drama) Protos, an ancient supernatural being sent to stop evil on Earth, meets a man who accidentally kills a child in a drunk driving accident and offers to bring the little girl back in exchange for the man's life.
(Drama) At 19, Jada Charles has already seen and been through too much. She moves to rural North Carolina to live with her grandmother and live peacefully. Instead, former friend turned foe, Greg "G-Day" Daly, forces her into risking it all as a drug mule aboard MCB Camp Lejeune.
(Drama) Freshmen Aisha, her twin brother, Kevin and her friends face and confront challenges at Dudley High, an inner city school with a tarnished reputation-plagued with violence and high drop-outs rates.
(Primetime Comedy) The Directors is a secret organization of people with super-human powers who travel through time to protect the world from Company X. Company X, another secret organization, works to change history and affect the future to further their own diabolical objectives.
(Children and Tweens) Cindy a normal girl who wants to escape growing up and her overbearing mother so she crawls into the dryer to hide in her own imagination and finds a whole world of Monsters that teach her responsibility and social skills.
(Primetime Comedy) Dr. Cindy Quigley is a wacky abortionist who can't get pregnant herself. But, she sure does TRY.
(Primetime Comedy) A prequel to Revenge of the Nerds from the creators Steve Zacharias and Jeff Buhai.
(Primetime Comedy) Juco is a documentary style show about a business course at a junior college. The camera man, Dylan, is a mass media student who has friends in the course and requested that his second semester project be about the course and all the students involved.
(Primetime Comedy) Two best friends are in the logistics business together. Joey is off the wall and reckless, but wants to change and the Sam helps him stay grounded, so he can build a business. Wild and funny situations happen during the course of their days and nights.
(Primetime Comedy) A tech millionaire losses all his money and is forced to create wild and innovative apps to get back on top.
(Drama) A man does a 5 year prison bid to pay back a friend. He plans to spend the rest of his life with his wife and child when paroled then finds out 1 year before his release he is terminal. Now filled with rage his only plan is revenge on those that made him take the fall.
(Primetime Comedy) Like every other family, The Victors seem to be a perfect fit, but everything is not always what it seems.
(Primetime Comedy) ALAN, PHIL and BECKY grew up nerdy in the '90s, at a time when "Comic Con" was exclusively for geeks and weirdos. But now they find themselves in a world where being a nerd is cool and if they want to find the right one they're going to have to leave their comfort zone.
(Primetime Comedy) A huge misunderstanding causes two polar opposite teenage boys from different worlds to become friends and neighbors in a Miami apartment. Together they navigate the trials and tribulations of adolescence with the support of their quirky friends and family.
(Drama) A new Jane Eyre mini series.
(Primetime Comedy) The series is about Coopers, a family of four who wish to take a vaction every year to a country but this year vacation turns wild and dangerous. The Safari is fun, adventurous, and emotional drama of the Coopers
(Drama) The true exploits of the most notorious corner crew of friends in NY during the 70's. Beloved by their small Bronx neighborhood for keeping out the elements destoying the city . Striking deals with the police to enable their "business" they were both loved and feared.
(Drama) Kirk Montgomery, a young Australian man, searches for the extinct Tasmanian Tiger. On his journey, he encounters Vanessa Rendell, a young woman who shares his passion for this mission, & who may end up also stealing his heart.