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(Primetime Comedy) Amy Stack is crazier than her patients but they keep showing up. Sessions with Amy don't unfold like you'd expect. She is more likely to tell you to go "F--- yourself" than "Be kind to yourself." However, there is something that draws you back to her despite this.
(Primetime Comedy) Troubled youth is hired to work for "Tulips Touch," a delinquent all male landscaping crew that is owned by a domineering female boss.
(Primetime Comedy) Gaetano Donizetti, age 54, recalled by the US Army because of a SNAFU 30 years earlier. He owes the Army three years of active duty. He is assigned in Italy to a villa leased by the Army and owned by a Contessa. She is more CIA than he. They will learn why he is there.
(Primetime Comedy) An animated comedy about an alley cat (Mittens) that is catnapped by a crazy, old lady who is into animal experimentation and witchcraft. She gives Mittens the ability to speak like a human. After Mittens escapes the chase is on to retrieve him before he exposes her.
(Primetime Comedy) The Checklist Drama Depicts Live Chat With Original Partner.
(Drama) The Frankenstein monster has set up in Hell’s Kitchen where he acts as a protector of the people. Sometimes he and his friends fight traditional monsters like werewolves and mummies and other times he fights even worse monsters like land developers and bankers.
(Primetime Comedy) Teddy, a day after finishing university, reignites an old rivalry. To compete with his rival, and pay rent, he must 'Get Famous'. With the help of his not so helpful friends, he embarks on several different schemes. All that stands in his way: gross incompetence.
(Drama) A weekly one-hour gritty action thriller TV series set in that South Pacific paradise, New Zealand, lifting the lid on the invisible world of foreign espionage, subversion, sabotage, and potential terrorism lurking in their midst.
(Drama) The situation is set in the 1940s during the world war 2. We will follow Five Young men in their mid 20s; during the Fights for the liberation of Europe. they will become more than friends, brothers; and follow their lives after the war is over, back in the States.
(Primetime Comedy) A comedy, drama, adventure about a poor rural family that wins a mansion in an exclusive neighborhood where values clash and cultural diversity is learned.
(Children and Tweens) When Ari Santos is bitten by a radioactive flea, she calls on her two best friends and her younger sister to create a male superhero alter-ego. Now this unlikely team must protect their city and keep their true identity a secret – and survive high school at the same time.
(Primetime Comedy) two friends has to get out of the bondage of a sixty pages spirit novel after they portioned it into two equal parts because of their lazy habit to reading.
(Drama) A teenage freshman, Dorothy Goodwin, finds her first day of school, becomes her first day of hell. She has seen the way society has treated black people lately. After seeing her brother get arrested, her mind will now be open to society.
(Drama) WHO WILL BE LEFT TO TELL YOUR STORY? The Flare is a sci-fi drama TV series about the weight of memory in the context of sensory overload and consequent desensitization. The Flare challenges viewers to question their own personal relationship to technology.
(Primetime Comedy) Two sisters move to Los Angeles when things become rocky at their conservative home in Calexico. Living on their own for the first time, they unexpectedly bring magical powers after their grandma gives them matching Aztec hairpins. To grant their wishes: flip their hair.
(Drama) Whitehall follows the working and home lives of the members of a fictional UK Government, led by Mark Richards. However, things aren't going well for Mark. His Parliamentary majority is small, his party is disjointed and the crises just keep coming.
(Primetime Comedy) Jeffery lives in his friend's living room closet where he struggles to meet girls and write. The Hitchcockian apartment complex where they live is bustling with comedic characters all supposedly pursuing their Hollywood dreams yet no one ever seems to be at work.
(Drama) Chicago blues musician Silas Cherry's life is a mess. Now, to compound his troubles, he's got the first hit blues record in the charts since Stevie Ray Vaughan back in the 80's. As he tries to pull himself together, he suffers a devastating, unspeakable tragedy.
(Drama) At the turn of the Century a Grey Wolf is the west’s enemy number one. A huge bounty is put on its head as men come from all over seeking fame and fortune but soon it becomes difficult to tell who the hunted and hunter are. Inspired by a true story.
(Drama) A plague wipes out ninety five percent of America's population. The few survivors have a lot of problems the biggest of which is each other. Chris a life long slacker must grow up quick if he has any hope of surviving the end of the world.
(Drama) A teenaged girl must cope with the pressures of impending adulthood, while also saving the world from a powerful demon who aims to destroy it.
(Children and Tweens) Two high school students are tasked with defending the Earth from evil forces, both from the planet and extraterrestrial.
(Drama) A Bi-coastal urban drama. On the East Coast a betrayed crime boss is black mailed by a corrupt F.B.I agent and takes his revenge on his former partner before heading out West to work undercover to take down organized crime family.
(Primetime Comedy) The Unreal Reality Life of Joe. When you you have a wife and kids and your own your own small business it would appear that life is going just fine. You will feel much better about your life when you see his.
(Primetime Comedy) The Unreal Reality Life of Joe. When you you have a wife and kids and your own your own small business it would appear that life is going just fine. You will feel much better about your life when you see his.
(Primetime Comedy) The lives of three close friends in their twenties living in a apartment building, working on a job they hate, try to success in life and sharing their experiences.
(Primetime Comedy) The Presenter is a Mockumentary about TV Presenter Jon Corr. The series follows Jon at the start of his career from the audition, jobs and people he has to deal with along the way. Jon is desperate to make it in the business but at what cost?
(Drama) What does it mean to be a man? A woman? Pattenia uses forbidden magic to turn her brother, the only male heir to the throne, into a girl. She becomes ruler in his place, and they both find themselves struggling to gain power as young women in a man's world.
(Children and Tweens) Monsters! Operation 1 is about a kid and his- volatile- dragon who must learn to work together to battle - The Scientists- an organization which seeks to capture all of the world’s strongest monsters, but for what purpose?
(Drama) A terriorist cell takes down the grid sending the USA back to the 1800's.