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(Drama) A kid with OCD joins the theater club but when a kid gets shot things go wild. And they still have to put on the production.
(Drama) It's a place where addicts meet. each other. their fates. their darkest fears. it's time we all take a good hard look at addiction because it's not going anywhere.
(Drama) A Sci-Fi Dramedy similar to Eureka or Warehouse 13 in tone. Where post apoc people live underground believe the world above has been destroyed. 2 brothers go on a quest to discover the truth about their origins & why the underground city of Rhapsody is so important.
(Drama) A wondering phantom named Nero Inferno goes to haunted locations and defeats other phantoms that drain life energy from their victims to gain more power create their own world to rule.
(Drama) An anthology series that often has elements of horror present, each episode shows just how wicked the world can be to the innocent and otherwise.
(Drama) New York Detective Terra Forsythe, Imprisons an aspiring writer, who links to a intercontinental prostitution ring of Eminent Actresses which is manipulated by her patriarch The President of the United States.
(Drama) A cross country race to catch a murderous band of crooked Politicians and Cuban nationals , It's all out revenge and murder marks their path to gain their part of an ill gotten fortune .With no where to turn and no one to trust it's a race against time to stay alive
(Drama) This show is about two Detectives who get divorced and on the same day they get divorced they have to work together.
(Drama) Champions in Heaven and Hell unite to free the children in the backyard of Hell.
(Drama) The History Of Kunwar chain singh who is the freedom fighter at the age of only 23 year old.
(Drama) The story is an erotic romance story about a man who falls in love, not with one but four women and one the of four women being his Cousin who just gotten out abusive relationship but when her ex-boyfriend starts to hunt her it's up to the protagonist to protect her
(Drama) The infamous Ancient Aliens return while the world leaders retreat underground, leaving everyone else to fend for themselves.
(Drama) Apart from the realm of humans and far from the light of day, a complex structure hides from many eyes. Vampyres, Witches, and Werewolves.
(Drama) A man with terminal cancer gives up everything so that he can live out his wildest fantasies. But when he finds love and a new lease of life along the way, even that fails to curb his crazy antics from spiraling into an unstoppable train wreck of carnage.
(Drama) Two college students are falling into an entertaining love story while the girl is working on a thesis on REM sleep–when the experiments take them not to dreamland, but someplace else altogether–dramatically changing the story–and the interactions of everyone on Earth
(Drama) Aliens, werewolves, zombies, witches, vampires, underground crypts, inter-dimensional overlords, a half man-half alligator? Detective Jameson takes on all manner of thought-to-be mythological creatures that are creeping into a sleepy seaside town through a space-time rift.
(Drama) Post war scenario where a multi billionaire gets the presidency of the Southern American Association, a new country formed as the result of the unification of the South American Countries. China gets hit bit two North Korean Nuclear Rockets, Pyongyang is wiped out.
(Drama) A young woman name, Angelina resurrect from the dead not only to avenge her sudden death but to also reconcile with her beloved ones.
(Drama) When Merry, a staid alien magistrate, is shipwrecked in a Yorkshire town, she joins forces with a local company of amateur extraterrestrial investigators to stop the serial killer hunting her. Initially desperate to return home, Merry soon finds herself going native.
(Drama) A crew of shipmates on their way home encounter events that challenge their beliefs of what is possible and what isn't.
(Drama) The Kid races across the country, breaking bones, promises, and The Fourth Wall in her pursuit of her murderous former mentor, Smiley.
(Drama) A series that explores the trials and tribulations of three sisters who strive to make their lives perfect.
(Drama) In a future dominated by robot labor, augmented humans, and poverty, a New Dallas detective investigates a string of crimes which reveals a conspiracy that threatens mankind.
(Drama) Call Girls is a 5 part series set in a call centre and covers one of the girls stories in each episode. Each episode is approximately 30 minutes in length and places them in situations where they are forced to question their values.
(Drama) Staff at a public library work through their hostilities with the help of Jazmine, a college student, as she exposes the greed and deadly deeds of the Director and his Head Supervisor. Jazmine is torn between finding real justice, or having revenge put on public display.
(Drama) The series follows a group of taxi drivers in the age of interplanetary travel. Mars, Earth and their moons are populated. The taxi drivers work together to pit the different powers against each other for their own gain.
(Drama) A Hollywood celebrity is on the run wanted for murder and goes into hiding in an unexpected place.
(Drama) a detective fuse on a case of a serial killer who is actually a werewolf Warlock.
(Drama) In the epidemic wake of mass shootings, scientists have identified genes for violence to prevent further crime. When a radical professor and his troubled son are marked and ostracized as genetically prone to violence, their lives are torn apart. https://vimeo.com/90253178
(Drama) "Coventry Mall" is a speculative screenplay based on the TV series "Big Little Lies" in which the Mackenzie family characters -- Ed, Madeline and Abigail -- are involved in an employee protest in the mall that Ed manages.