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(Preschool) A live-action children’s educational science series combining actors and puppets along with special effects and animations to entertain as-well-as educate, with a focus on helping develop the imagination and minds of young children and get them excited about science.
(Primetime Comedy) The staff at a newly opened convenience store befriend their customers. Their personalities sometimes compliment each another and sometimes clash. This is a heartwarming and funny story . People don't realize how interesting their lives are until they see it in print.
(Drama) A dishonest financial services firm finds itself tangled in the middle of one of the biggest compliance changes in the industry.
(Primetime Comedy) An upstart American Dream restores a storied, Southern town; but can its quirky proprietors go mainstream and keep their heads above water in 'Sinking Springs'?
(Drama) RUSSIAN ELECTION MEDDLING! For the past year, there’s been a non-stop barrage of this headline. Everyone has heard or seen it. Surprisingly, there was no need for the meddling. It’s been going on much longer than most people realize.
(Drama) Seven human experiments entrusted with America's darkest secrets are forced to steal precious artifacts for a vicious cult.
(Primetime Comedy) Mark, the Vampire is a horror-comedy event that takes the audience on an adventure through the universal experience of college and falling in love with the supernatural. The show will explore the lives of college undergrads after a curse transforms them into monsters.
(Primetime Comedy) Francis, a pessimist, and Chester, a happy go lucky pot head struggle with two jobs they hate, all while Chester bounces his insane ideas off of Francis on how to get themselves out of their jobs. The only problem? One lacks motivation, and the other is almost always stoned.
(Primetime Comedy) The villains had taken over. So the stories you hear about heroes winning is untrue each stories has a terrible beginning and it was up to Tiara, daughter of Tiana and her brother to change there fate.
(Children and Tweens) It is about a family who are pioneers in the wilderness frontier of Kentucky in the early 1800s, during the New Madrid earthquakes, Shawnee Indian uprising and War of 1812.
(Drama) After a true crime showrunner’s show is canceled, she turns her attention to a murder mystery from her own high school in a quest to revive her career.
(Primetime Comedy) In an Irish town those who work in the same yard laze around, like the zany waitress Maggie and the witty Paul.There's a bakery lead by the grumpy Lena, an hardware store own by the rambling Brennan and the kind Colleen, a sad Chinese caketoppers shop and an odd funeral home
(Primetime Comedy) A show where I would be doing interviews with celebrities while at a particular theme or amusement park. I would ask them questions while riding roller coasters, hopefully getting a good answer with some awesome facial ridiculousity to boot. Test their daring and dexterity.
(Drama) Super Computer becomes self-aware and takes over the internet.
(Primetime Comedy) Michael, a Scottish redhead film graduate is struggling to get over his past love. With the support of his friends, they go through adulthood together and Michael finds forbidden love, with another redhead and that situation, isn't easy for everyone.
(Primetime Comedy) Morning Gratitude is a spin-off of my radio show where I share stories of overcoming and the passion and purpose behind brands. My intent with the TV show is to help bring people out of the shadows to live in truth so they can use their past pain for a purpose. I have a LOI
(Primetime Comedy) Baby Boomer life change - travel to interesting places. Meet interesting people and have some laughs based on experiences. Like what? Buy a sea plane. I don't fly. Con my brother (pilot with Delta) to help me out "part time". Wife thinks I've lost my mind.


(Drama) A serial killer on the loose in the 80s in New York city. Two detectives are partnered up to catch the killer before time runs out as he only kills 6 people every 6 years and starts on the 6 month.
(Drama) Lives are suddenly switched for twenty-four hours. Who or what makes these people live in each other’s shoes for a day. Some will fake it, some will meet danger, some will not cope. The choice seems random, but it is?
(Primetime Comedy) The show is a dramdie about a group of friends whose lives are changed by a new student with supernatural abilities who brings a lot of chaos to their lives.
(Drama) An angel falls, a women dies, from her virginity, a new world unfolds.
(Drama) A buddy-cop Western set during the California Gold Rush. Two brothers find the only way to bring their parents' killer to justice, is to bring down the entire town filled with dirty, backstabbing criminals. Step one... Become Sheriffs. Step Two... Kick Ass.
(Drama) After World War I breaks out, soldiers are flooding the hospitals and there isn't enough room. The Reynolds, a rich family, are asked to take in a soldier and care for him till he is able. William English arrives nearly dead, but with Phyllis's help, he has hope...and love.
(Primetime Comedy) Four quirky staffers at a regional airport set in the Midwest, share humorous experiences, interesting customers, and a boss with a mysterious past.
(Primetime Comedy) Two diverse families running similar apple orchard businesses in Ohio rival for power and praise.
(Primetime Comedy) I will put it one liner: Do repetitive sex leads to love?
(Drama) After Lucas Lehane commits suicide during a bad trip, his brother Jackie must decide whether to follow his brother's dark path, or to forge his own.
(Drama) Dark Dramedy set in the year 1998 in a small agro-town in Idaho. Collage basketball player Milo is diagnosed with career ending knee injury. He tries to deal with his physical and psychological issues while inadvertently getting caught up in the affairs of a local drug ring
(Drama) This series depicts the advanced skill set needed to respond to emergencies when the weather is the most dangerous antagonist. The simplest "problem" becomes complex such as solving a murder where the evidence has frozen solid or combating a fire in zero below temperatures.
(Drama) Five UC Berkeley students, born with phenomenal intelligence, will soon use their gifts in the criminal underworld to help them pay for college when financial troubles arise for them all.