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(Preschool) Tommy Turnpike is a mischevious little boy who loves adventure. In book 1, Tommy climbs out of his crib and explores his city as his parents panic.
(Primetime Comedy) A brutally honest, darkly humerous look at four twenty something friends and their struggles to become independent adults through the worst economic crisis since the great depression.
(Primetime Comedy) Three 30 something loser white rappers living in Manhattan follow their rap dreams to very little success. An animated 'Monkees' meets 'Tenacious D'.
(Primetime Comedy) A group of young and racially diverse professionals try, but always fail, to find balance between their work lives and romantic lives.
(Preschool) An imaginative young boy overcomes daily obstacles with the help of magical Bookworms who take him on thrilling journeys through classic stories.
(Primetime Comedy) The last 7 survivors on Earth must reproduce to save the human race. There's only one problem: they're co-workers stranded on a company retreat... forever.
(Primetime Comedy) Straight laced Dean Martinelli is in a mid-life crisis. When he finds his way into a local dive bar for open-mic night, he enters a world of sex, drugs and rock n’ roll. He tries to maintain harmony with career & fiance Faye while befriending a group of disposable people.
(Primetime Comedy) A single mother/medical doctor reluctantly agrees to become a part-time saleswoman for a multi-level product line to pay for her son's tuition to Harvard.
(Primetime Comedy) Three best friends from high school find themselves roommates later in life. They still get along pretty well but having taken different paths in life they each now have very different worldviews.
(Primetime Comedy) Friends/business partners retire. One in NY the other to FL. Sparks fly from day one. Frost bite in NY to sunstroke in FL. Unknown to them, one has a gay son the other a lesbian daughter, who pretend to be boyfriend and girlfriend to keep their secret.
(Primetime Comedy) Sweet F.E. is a situation comedy set in a college of further education.
(Children and Tweens) Flar, the evil fire lord, and his sorceror, Murlox, have banished the King and his angels behind the Great Divide. The Book has been taken. Join Marsonee the archangel and Princess Rainna as they embark on a journey to bring an innocent farm boy toward his true destiny.
(Preschool) American Shorthair Meow the cat travels abroard. He shares songs, games, food and the language he learns from the country he visits.
(Children and Tweens) The Simmons kids have just been sent to Area 51's Roswell Elementary school where they unknowingly drink contaminated alien milk and begin to exhibit super powers just in time to thwart an invasion!
(Children and Tweens) A pinch of Winnie the Pooh and a dab of Dr. Seuss blend to create this fanciful CG animated series. The show's endearing characters teach children valuable lessons while entertaining them with toe-tapping music and fantastic visuals. Targeted towards children 5-8
(Primetime Comedy) Two married sisters in Beverly Hills and their best friend, a psychologist, deal with the slings and arrows of everyday life from their spouses, children, and karate mates on and off the dojo floor.
(Preschool) A forward-thinking cave-boy and his team of Build-o-saurs (dinosaurs crossed with construction equipment) have fun and learn by building lots of cool things around their prehistoric town of Neander Falls.
(Children and Tweens) Four boys who have super powers live out everyday lives instead of becoming super heroes.
(Primetime Comedy) Happy Acres looks like your average middle-American community, but the denizens living there are anything but happy, as they cope with pressures common to everyday life.
(Preschool) Happy Land is a happy place where friends help each other with minor problems. Each character has his or her own unique shape and ability that they can lend to the situation. Animated in bright primary colours and with a video-game bent to it, it's also fun to look at.
(Primetime Comedy) John, a middle-aged hospital executive and in-the-closet gay, must deal with his nephew and his nephew’s girlfriend moving into his condo, his twin sister pressing blind dates on him, and his two gay friends who live in an alternate reality.
(Primetime Comedy) When all of 25 year-old Shannon Granger’s life savings are stolen, she has no choice but to take a job at research house running focus groups with an ensemble of quirky characters. Imagine ‘The Office’ meets "Don't trust the B in apt. 23"
(Primetime Comedy) Ulysses S. Grant and Robert E. Lee are abducted by aliens and sent forward in time to present day Washington, D.C. where they must live together in a ratty apartment building to make ends meet in their strange new world.
(Children and Tweens) A young boy with an overactive imagination is recruited by a group of dorky aliens to save their galaxy.
(Primetime Comedy) T.A.O.M.M&W.B. focuses on two anti-heroes trying to succeed in the now incorporated world of super heroism, and the freelance world of dating. Except where they excel in one area, they lack in the other. Spiderman at the bar and Peter Parker when it’s time to save lives.
(Primetime Comedy) Jackson Parker is a driven and frustrated novelist/writing teacher. He struggles to create art the masses have no interest in.
(Primetime Comedy) Chaz and Brandy realize that they are two very talented individuals. They just cant seem to have continued success. Their successes are very short lived. It's only when they are in great relationships that they gain success. So they'll try to hook each other up, until......
(Children and Tweens) 12 year old Ricky is secretly running a financial empire built on the inventions he steals from his eccentric inventor father. Each episode threatens to expose Ricky in an increasingly complex series of mishaps. Think "3rd Rock" meets "Dexter's Lab".
(Primetime Comedy) A one hour comedic drama about Mike Dibello. He’s a floundering young magazine writer from Brooklyn, until a thrilling experience on the subway propels him to a very dangerous career as an adventure writer.