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(Primetime Comedy) WATCH TRAILER!... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XxWHiabgjgQ AS SURREAL AS A PAINTING BY DALI AND AS DARKLY HUMOROUS AS A STORY BY KAFKA. Our hero (anti-hero?) Marduk has a new adventure every episode.
(Primetime Comedy) High School friends are now in their twenties, still living in the same town they grew up in.
(Children and Tweens) A curious young girl gets the ultimate fantasy - her wishes granted by five magical genies... who never seem to get it right!
(Primetime Comedy) A former quantum physics professor-turned-hobo/junkie travels to other universes and points in time to correct fluctuations that threaten the fabric of existence. He is sent by an interdimensional Organization, which, like the missions themselves, may exist only in his mind.
(Primetime Comedy) Satire about a group of teens brought together to save the world from an unknown evil force but whose greatest battles are actually with each other and the bureaucracy that created them.
(Primetime Comedy) In any given situation, we can either make the socially acceptable decision or the one that feels natural. This a show about a man who picks the latter.
(Primetime Comedy) Futuristic parodies of modern life, mashing Futurama with SCTV. Broadcast from an alien part of the universe these animated TV shows are a collection of gags mixed in with longer sketches, as if channel hopping. Includes news, ads, dramas from an alien point of view.
(Primetime Comedy) A man discovers that the 7-year-old son of his new girlfriend is actually Satan in human form and must try to build on the relationship with the woman he is falling in love with while contending with the boy who hates him.
(Primetime Comedy) Ulysses S. Grant and Robert E. Lee are abducted by aliens and sent forward in time to present day Washington, D.C. where they must live together in a ratty apartment building to make ends meet in their strange new world.
(Primetime Comedy) An extremely money conscious attorney awarded a raggedy rehab house from her divorce invites a struggling novelist in search of a real good man and a unemployed freeloading relative to live with her. The day to day life, along with a needy neighbor brings much excitement.
(Primetime Comedy) The happiest place on earth is...pretty far away. Friends working at an amusement park in Ohio struggle with their loose morals, stupid guests, and some guy who wants to be a narrator.
(Primetime Comedy) It's a comedy about four friends and a sarcastic cat who would be classified by society as low-lives. Similar to Seinfeld with an "R" rating.
(Children and Tweens) Former Imperial Royal Guard now turned space pirate, Captain Sonja Trage finds the long lost Daughter of the murdered Imperial Family.
(Primetime Comedy) The show is about to guys who try and live life to the fullest, but encounter misadventures along the way.
(Primetime Comedy) A city-raised doctor who can't afford her student loans agrees to practice general medicine in a rural community in exchange for loan forgiveness. Green Acres-style comedy ensues as she meets different members of the ranching community.
(Primetime Comedy) New York is the ultimate urban experience. It’s the city of perpetual change that houses a number of recently landed tourists, residents and now…Lucas Jamie, as he accepts a musical scholarship at the Juilliard School of the Arts, leaving Los Angeles for New York.
(Preschool) Mostly animated children's series for pre-school/kindergarten ages based around a traditional/no so traditional farm which teaches basic letters, numbers and scientific observation led by the farm's scarecrow, Myrtie.
(Children and Tweens) When an irrepressible, dance-loving young booger finds a way to travel from his world to ours he becomes fast friends with an introverted 5th grader who helps him make his showbiz dreams come true.
(Primetime Comedy) The moon is an undercover alien base where three mischievous alien kids are punished by their father to work for a living by studying the bizarre habits of earthlings, while their granny, supreme leader of their kind, decides if the human race should be terminated or not...
(Primetime Comedy) SQUIRRELS EDGE is a rundown rooming house on the outskirts of New Jersey. The residents know that this is their last chance to salvage some civility in their lives. One slip-up, one missed paycheck and they will fall through the cracks to homelessness.
(Primetime Comedy) When CEO Joe Jones is indicted for insider trading, he and his affluent family must cut back on their finances while dealing with media scrutiny, nagging in-laws, disgruntled former employees, backstabbing housewives, keeping up their luxurious lifestyle, and real parenting
(Primetime Comedy) Ulysses S. Grant and Robert E. Lee are abducted by aliens and sent forward in time to present day Washington, D.C. where they must live together in a shabby apartment building to make ends meet in their strange new world.
(Primetime Comedy) Hidden somewhere in the midwest, a quixotic rocket launch facility has been long forgotten by the federal government. Two janitors are mistakenly given jobs running the place while the Ivy League mission control directors find themselves with mops and brooms in hand.
(Primetime Comedy) Otto, a young part-car-part-boy, is an unpopular student who is shunned for being different, and struggles to fit in.
(Primetime Comedy) "Meat Man" is a mockumentary comedy about a group of door-to-door meat salesman.
(Preschool) The Amalaganimals are a group of animal children who are all the product of mixed couplings who set out on a journey of self-discovery learning not only about themselves but also about other races and cultures.