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(Primetime Comedy) In Silicon Valley, the right algorithm can make you a king. And these four friends think they've finally cracked the code.
(Primetime Comedy) Follows four Senators who live together in a rented house in Washington, D.C.
(Primetime Comedy) A smart-mouthed charmer who flamed out in life returns to the place where he was once the king – high school – but isn’t quite prepared for his new role as, gulp… a substitute teacher.
(Primetime Comedy) DREGZ is like Seinfeld with an R rating. It is a comedy about societies so-called low-lifes. The main character, Bobby Smalls, is a lovable brain-damaged pothead who, with his three friends and a sarcastic cat named Buzz, encounter a variety of misfits and misadventures.
(Primetime Comedy) Stan and Magnus are two professional wrestlers whose job is to lose. One day, Stan is dragged kicking and screaming into the main event by Dr. Dynamite, the world champ, and the most popular wrestler on the roster, when he believes Stan is having an affair with his ex-wife.
(Primetime Comedy) Divorced & turning 50, Ben decides it's time to start dating again. Big problem-the dating rules have changed and he's so rusty after 20 yrs on the sidelines that his anxieties and insecurities get in his way. His 3 clueless friends try to help but only make matters worse.
(Primetime Comedy) A couples therapist attempts to juggle her clients' relationship problems and her own awkward, complicated love life.
(Primetime Comedy) A documentary style, scripted series. "The Kitchen" provides a candid and entertaining look into the world of commercial kitchens from 25 year restaurant veteran, chef and film maker Andrew Doyle from the perspective of a documentary film crew.
(Primetime Comedy) Gary is a twenty-nine year old loser with no hopes or prospects. Leo is his apathetic guardian angel. When Gary loses his will to live, Leo must break his anonymity and show Gary what life on Earth is all about: taking advantage of others to get what you want.
(Primetime Comedy) Fresh from Scotland, young Angus MacVittie hopes to find his American Dream in Baltimore. He discovers a family in a motley group of Boarders living in the childhood home of Bill Cleary and his legendary sister, Sister Mary Pat.
(Primetime Comedy) An animated short cartoon series or 30 minute episode based on our array of goofy charachters.
(Primetime Comedy) Amongst several sketches featuring various Princetonian characters, Ben Jamin introduces us to the "ghetto" of Princeton.
(Primetime Comedy) After being summarily laughed out of Hollywood, Ben returns to his home town and takes a teaching job at his old high school, along with his two best friends. His life becomes a purgatory where he relives the terrors of high school over and over again.
(Primetime Comedy) Two childhood friends reunite as "talent wranglers" for a comic-convention company where they must tend to any and all needs of the celebrities on the show circuit as well as placate the public in this ensemble dramedy.
(Primetime Comedy) Six friends with disastrous love lives decide to start a matchmaking agency. Tired of online dating, they will provide unique matchmaking with a personal touch … and if they just happen to find love in the process, so much the better!
(Primetime Comedy) Two recent college graduates can't seem to find any work until they stumble onto a spooky temp agency that can get them jobs that sound legitimate, but always end in a confrontation with ancient evil.
(Primetime Comedy) Failing Up is a comedy of errors, driven by two best friends trying to find their way in a new city, and finding out that it’s a lot harder than they thought it would be. Cam wants to be an audio engineer, and Alyssa a singer/songwriter.
(Primetime Comedy) A normal man moves to the city to run his deceased fathers apartment complex. But the tenants are all supernatural creatures, and he must learn to coexist with them, as does the world at large.
(Primetime Comedy) After being wrongfully kicked out of his final year of Med School, Ty Jones (Mid 20's) is forced to go work for his uncle's construction company (Arno & Son's) back home in Buffalo, NY.
(Primetime Comedy) Luke and Todd are desperately trying to survive Drama School in NYC. Their ability to ruin every opportunity for success that comes their way is uncanny. Their zany adventures will lead them through a myriad of horribly embarrassing situations.
(Primetime Comedy) The show focuses on two childish men who crudely cobble together a low-budget sketch show. The thoughtful mixture of cerebral and lowbrow comedy makes this show unique. Although it has classic influences, the show is certainly post-modern and cutting edge.
(Primetime Comedy) A reformed ex-con and a loose-cannon police officer shoot, punch, and kick their city clean of crime in a fun and referential satire of the buddy-cop genre.
(Primetime Comedy) A buddy comedy about two heterosexual male nurses working in Precious Meadows, a nursing home in South Bend, Indiana
(Primetime Comedy) Pro football punter Chris McCarthy blew the biggest game of the year. Now — despised by the fansand on the brink of getting cut — he befriends a rookie with a secret and enlists his recently single sister to manage his career and turn his life around.
(Primetime Comedy) Groupies, miscreants and famous musicians all collide to make “Jizzmo” a hip hop happening with a heavy metal twinge. A struggling rap artist tries to succeed in the music business with his record mogul father, his socially active mother and a cast of crazies.
(Primetime Comedy) Nestor Lawson returning for a “one time” trial after being out of the clinical trials game for 20 years.
(Primetime Comedy) Uncle George is a small-time professional clown who can't stand kids but loooves money.
(Primetime Comedy) Neurotic republican blogger, Charlie Christensen teaches us "How to Lose Friends and Alienate People" as he defends his family and the America he loves, while leaving his wife to piece the family back together after each ill-advised conflict.
(Primetime Comedy) The adventures of four helpdesk technicians employed at PJ Stanley, a large investment bank in Mid-town Manhattan. Parodies corporate America through the eyes of the Help Desk as they pursue the American dream of “Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Technology.”
(Primetime Comedy) Uncle George is a small-time professional clown who can't stand kids but loooves money.