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(Primetime Comedy) Laura smith is a divorced 40 year old sex therapist in San Diego. she moved in with her two friends mark and ayesha. all of them are single and ready to date. mark is gay and works at Laura's practice while ayesha is a radio host that gives advice on sex and relationship.
(Primetime Comedy) nugtde
(Primetime Comedy) In the near future, war and sickness has driven everyone inside and online. A surly detective, adamantly against technology, is forced to embrace technology in order to track down a killer. Conspiracies grow as the detective is forced to face an all powerful corporation.
(Primetime Comedy) Jack works a shit job until he sees someone die at work and no one care, then he decides to open up a old timey peep-show only to learn that he can't afford to back out. Luckily he has good friends and dedicated workers that keep him from wanting to kill himself.
(Primetime Comedy) After a video of Drew Trumble's most embarrassing moment surfaces online, he enlists the help of an old friend and amateur hacker Baxter Barnes to find out who's behind it all. This becomes the foundation of their own business where they hunt down and stop online trolls.
(Primetime Comedy) Brad Smith, the twenty-something CEO of daily fantasy sports website Draftstars, navigates the complicated dating world with the help of his wacky advice columnist sister Morgan and her off-the-wall schemes.
(Primetime Comedy) Alice lives in Brooklyn trying to navigate the dating app world, in particular, Tinder. She frequently complains that she can't meet men "IRL". The fact she uses digital slang is the irony of the show's title. It also explores the effects porn has had on her generation.
(Primetime Comedy) In this coming of age comedy, a very apprehensive Edward Jones "EJ" tackles adulthood one step at a time, as he attends the local college and works as a lifeguard.
(Primetime Comedy) The show will parallel the format of SNL with comedic character sketches featuring regular cast members and celebrity guests. The show will include a news segment and commerical spoofs. Poorer ratings and social media critique of SNL support a fresh take on a hit show idea.
(Primetime Comedy) A psychologist damaged by the death of his wife moves to a small town with his teenage daughter to start over, taking over the practice of his mentor. When strange things start occurring, he suspects the inner demons of his patients might be emerging into reality.
(Primetime Comedy) What happens when "bad Robert Downey Jr." is placed in a dopey kids tv show? … You get "Gilbert", a half hour comedy about a train-wreck actor surrounded by eager, frenzied children.


(Primetime Comedy) A guy who is granted forgiveness and a free pass from the Virgin Mary to fuck up nasty people while trying to be accepted back into his big jersey italian catholic family. A degenerate gambler detective is always just a heartbeat away from catching him.
(Primetime Comedy) This is an idea for a series passed at a school, which addresses the theme of bullyng between students, and this school is focused on a young, Darius who lives a drama every day is chased by a group of colleagues, that the attack of the funny ways and then enters the comedy.
(Primetime Comedy) A comedy about a rogue (MONTY) who falls for his new neighbor (SANDRA). Her father (RON)is a policeman who hates MONTY on sight and wants to protect SANDRA by jailing MONTY. Other odd characters move the story along. Set in London but adaptable anywhere.
(Primetime Comedy) A young man from a loving working-class family in Sheffield reaches the age when he can manifest his Duman side. (A friendly demon.)
(Primetime Comedy) Doze adolescentes vivendo diferentes dramas da adolescência.
(Primetime Comedy) A thirty year old single father struggles with the every day conflicts of managing a retail store.
(Primetime Comedy) The show is about Tom, a man who's at a loose end. He's taken early retirement to try and do something more interesting with his life. But Tom is lacking any discernible talents, and lives in a world of high achievers.
(Primetime Comedy) A disenfranchised corporate climber buys an alarm clock possessed with the soul of a recently deceased, world famous self-help guru and begins to take advice from it on how to improve his daily life. In return he agrees to help the guru return his soul to his body.
(Primetime Comedy) Dr. Ernie, a lovable curmudgeon, has to put aside his disbelief in anything but science in order to debunk the paranormal.
(Primetime Comedy) John Mckensie believes in aliens, he even has a few alien heads and weapons. Now he just has to convince the world that we are under attack and get his wife back from them.
(Primetime Comedy) Armed with Crocs and a fanny pack, a goodhearted uneducated useless criminal uses his street smart and mafia connections to solve crimes the police has no interest nor bureaucracy abilities to investigate.
(Primetime Comedy) This series examines the 200 worst films of all time, that all coincidentally happen to be written and directed by one man, St. James St. James.