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(Primetime Comedy) Feeding Grandpa is about the insatiable greed of a deranged family headed by an eccentric old man whose remarkable fortuity has left him with millions of dollars and an appetite for spending. A power struggle over the family fortune is the central theme of this dark comedy.
(Primetime Comedy) A married doctor couple create a hospice care environment that rock stars would be jealous of. When you get diagnosed with a terminal disease, you go there to LIVE, right before you die.
(Primetime Comedy) SQUIRRELS EDGE is a rundown rooming house on the outskirts of New Jersey. The residents know that this is their last chance to salvage some civility in their lives. One slip-up, one missed paycheck and they will fall through the cracks to homelessness.
(Primetime Comedy) A diabolical talk show host, Nora Benoit, manipulates her guests in order to boost ratings, all while invoking fear in her staff and hatred in her viewers.
(Primetime Comedy) A NYC supper club. Each week the show will present a Broadway vocalist or cast to perform at this Broadway family's club. "Cheers" meets Broadway.
(Primetime Comedy) Young people from different backgrounds sign up for the military. But first they must learn to put aside their differences and survive boot camp before making it into the military. Those who survive boot camp realize that serving in the military is no just another job.
(Primetime Comedy) When CEO Joe Jones is indicted for insider trading, he and his affluent family must cut back on their finances while dealing with media scrutiny, nagging in-laws, disgruntled former employees, backstabbing housewives, keeping up their luxurious lifestyle, and real parenting
(Primetime Comedy) In this spin-off of A Different World, it tells the story of Dwayne, Whitley, Ron and Kimberly's grandchildren when they attend fictional Hillman High School in Washington, D.C. Each story is told in Jermaine's perspective, as the episode is told in reverse.
(Primetime Comedy) A group of middle-aged friends in Southern California hang out in a small dirty house, trying to come up with new ideas every night of how to get girls naked.
(Primetime Comedy) Inspired by "The Brave Little Toaster" - An up-scale couch is thrown out and adopted by a crude classless family that lives on the south side of town. The other furniture is of no help at all, while he tries to adjust to life (and near-death encounters) in his new house.
(Primetime Comedy) When a sweet, naïve, teenager decides to pledge for a Fraternity, in order to increase his popularity, he soon discovers that he will be faced with challenges when he goes up against the cruel, cold hearted Frat House President who is out to ruin his college life.
(Primetime Comedy) Five kids take care of their school's hallways against slackers and people running too fast. Also, they protect Earth and the universe for intergalactic threats.
(Primetime Comedy) Two women who just turned 40 and have been best friends since they were 8 decide to become roommates and move from California's central valley to Pismo Beach. They open a store together and attempt to live healthier and enjoy new adventures with what the beach has to offer.
(Primetime Comedy) This show follows two friends Sam and Zack as they try to fall into the fitness industry. Here's a link to a pilot we shot https://vimeo.com/236345819#at=0 password is "phil"
(Primetime Comedy) Jack is a city boy, who is smart, and wants to live a great life, but he can't because he is friends with possibly the dumbest person in their town. Billy is a dumb hillbilly who dropped out of school after fourth grade. Billy is always getting them into trouble.
(Primetime Comedy) A once famous, and totally apolitical actor enters a high-stakes political race for the sole purpose of reigniting his career. But when it becomes clear that he could actually win this all-important contest, things get complicated. “Entourage” meets “The West Wing.”
(Primetime Comedy) Five hapless underdogs, struggle to place a host outlandish job seekers, at a small dysfunctional temp agency.
(Primetime Comedy) Successful Tom comes home with his new girlfriend to see that his lazy brother Jimmy Raye is still living with mom at 31 trying to be a rapper. Until Tom loses everything and has to move back into the room that he and Jimmy Raye grew up in.
(Primetime Comedy) The dramaedy surrounds a prominent celebrity name Hivana whose life takes a drastic change after she receives unsuspecting news from her NFL player boyfriend. The news not only jeopardizes her thriving career and livelihood but also her love life.
(Primetime Comedy) What happens when the town stoners have to help out the town heroes?
(Primetime Comedy) Mandi,a career Psychologist single, spends her time helping others with the same issues that she currently has like dateless nights, being over worked and over weight. Her group of friends are a model-like best friend, a chef and a 20 yr old college athlete.Not the typical.
(Primetime Comedy) The Interview concerns a recently jobless social misfit, who is thrust into C-List celebrity after a bizarre accident. Helping her navigate her way through her new found fame are her disabled and incredibly patient best friend and her good hearted, but power hungry ex boss.
(Primetime Comedy) The series follows a naive rich kid from the East Coast who finds himself the investor of a struggling porn company in the late 90s during the boom of the world wide web and the introduction of DVDs. You'll never look at porn (the same) again. Entourage meets Almost Famous.
(Primetime Comedy) Set post-WW2, three siblings are forced to take on responsibilities of their household, after their mother dies and their father abandons them for his new love.
(Primetime Comedy) An eccentric young man tries to prove to his best friend, a shy female songwriter, that her two girl friends need to be kicked to the curb.
(Primetime Comedy) "Cheers" in a golf pro shop.
(Primetime Comedy) Sauced follows best friends Michael and Doug, as well as newcomer Stewart as they navigate life working in a restaurant. The struggle is very real and hilarity will ensue.
(Primetime Comedy) A journalist and his crew travel to a foreign planet, composed of only animals, and document the entire experience from the perspective of the cat police department.
(Primetime Comedy) A recent law-school grad, who is a major screw-up, takes a $14 per hour telemarketing gig, where he falls hard for the woman of his dreams. The problem? She doesn't date other telemarketers.
(Primetime Comedy) This is the comedic story of a college aged youth, Kevin Foster, who has built his life on love of nature, and helping others. He is faced with the camp having its funding cut and must convince the investors to rethink their choice by end of the summer using unorthodox ways.