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(Primetime Comedy) A bi-racial family move into Avon Connecticut Estates and bring the hood with them.
(Primetime Comedy) Hindenburg used to deal cards to drunken degenerate gamblers in Atlantic City. Now he's dealing to drunken farmers and oil men in Oklahoma. Yankee go home, indeed.
(Primetime Comedy) When two very different college students take charge of an outrageous campus newspaper, they find that managing it's staff and controversies is far from the joke they thought it would be.
(Primetime Comedy) Unforgettable Eloise returns to her job anchoring a morning news and talk show overseen by her (recently caught) cheating husband.
(Primetime Comedy) This a story about a self centered socialite from New Jersey Joey Rossi, that has a reputation of being a heart breaker. Until he meets the girl of his dreams and marries her. Only problem he needs help from his friends and family on how to stay married.
(Primetime Comedy) Corbin Baum is Hollywood's most sought after costume designer...Hollywood Boulevard, that is. The costumed street performers owe their success to him--and 10% of their tips. Off the Boulevard, Corbin is a lonely hoarder and in desperate need of a life make-over.
(Primetime Comedy) A seemingly normal programmer named Daniel has neurotic tendencies that create uncomfortable situations all the while attempting to make that killer mobile app to make it big on the side but always failing.
(Primetime Comedy) After finding narcotics in an abandoned house, a recently released convict and his misfit friends decide to become drug dealers . Using the money he found, Leroy and his group tries to start a drug empire. However, his group has to deal with some angry gangsters first.
(Primetime Comedy) The story revolves around a group of four young men in a sober house. Danny is the manager, keeping the house afloat despite his lazy habits. Garrett, Mike and Eddie all try to stay out of trouble - but being sober isn't easy, even if there are some laughs along the way.
(Primetime Comedy) A stoner lands a job driving ice cream trucks, only to find his boss is a retired Long Island mobster (who has moved his crew from criminal life to legitimate employment as frozen food vendors) and his competition are now fierce and violent Pakistani gangster-ice cream men
(Primetime Comedy) Speak is the story of Damon McIntyre, a former YouTube star and rising motivational speaker, dealing with the pitfalls of unearned success, a loveless marriage, a gambling-addicted manager, and a shady past threatening to unravel the entire thing.
(Primetime Comedy) Newlywed JD Taylor is an ambiguous, wisecracking paparazzi photographer, quilted into taking in his ex-wife, Samantha and their two peppery teenagers, London and Madison only days after his marriage to his new insecure and controlling bride Danny.
(Primetime Comedy) From trash to class, Eugene Greene, and his dysfunctional family win the lottery and move to an upper-class neighborhood. With the move, they encounter bullying, snobby parents, and inquisitive neighbors. The Greene's must change their trashy ways to be excepted.
(Primetime Comedy) Four flatmates trying to cope with modern day life while coming to terms with their sexualities.
(Primetime Comedy) Venture Falls is a work place comedy with heart. We follow Percy a young man trying to find out where he belongs. Not only in the world but in a run down theme park. This work place drama comedy addresses why endure the rat race of life and bumps in the road we all face.
(Primetime Comedy) It’s the 1980s, and Bob Willard is a proud hippy-garbage man who is constantly being criticized because of his profession—but most of his critics love to reap the benefits.
(Primetime Comedy) Take a peak behind closed doors of the infamous "Sanctuary Clouds" rehab center. Celebrity patients and their relationship with the "not so sober"staff. Where is the line between tolerance and dependency?
(Primetime Comedy) "Can't Go Wrong" centers around four friends struggling through the hardships of growing up, meanwhile finding themselves in absurd quagmires. These quandaries are either caused by themselves or dumped upon them by misfortune. The series follows them as they mature.
(Primetime Comedy) A cagy agent convinces his nephew to co-produce a BBC travel documentary with his mistress for free.
(Primetime Comedy) After a woman takes in three wayward time travelers she is desperate to get them home so her life can go back to normal.
(Primetime Comedy) This show is about a group of young New York firefighters, assigned to reopen an old firehouse in Queens. The guys try their hardest, but always manage to lose focus, spiraling away from their duties into the many distractions of their less than typical lives.