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(Primetime Comedy) The war on obscenity rages on as undercover FBI agents go deep into the '70s mafia-dominated adult film industry. Only one thing is certain: The Valley will never be the same. Winner: 1st Place 1-hr TV Pilot Fresh Voices 2014 Winner: Best Dialogue, Fresh Voices 2014
(Primetime Comedy) 7 people want to get to the moon before america does they go through a wormhole and end up in JOSHVERSE they must battle to get back to earth
(Primetime Comedy) Based on a true story. Sort of. The Saunders are a one-of-a-kind family moving from So-Cal to the mid-west. 6 out of 8 kids are adopted, most are teenagers, and they're all a recipe for destruction. Kansas is soon going to find out that culture shock can work both ways.
(Primetime Comedy) A young gay dancer, Jose, frustrated with his failed career and tragic love life moves to Ohio to start fresh and get away from boys and the industry. He quickly realizes his "slut" attitude transcends state boundaries and learns who he is in suburbia.
(Primetime Comedy) Craig, the lowly sports editor at a medium-size town newspaper must wrangle his unruly and unorthodox beat reporter/best friend, Josh, while also dealing with his overbearing boss and loving wife. Similar shows: The League, It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia.
(Primetime Comedy) Intrepid, no-nonsense reporter Nora Trenholm is forced to relocate to her rinky-dink hometown newspaper, where she butts heads with her conspiracy theorist editor and oddball colleagues as she vows to get the to the bottom of every story, no matter how non-existent.
(Primetime Comedy) A rookie police constable (Lamb) is relocated to a weird village. Where the police force (Smutt) deals with even weirder crimes.
(Primetime Comedy) It's about nothing. Everyone is doing something. I choose to do nothing but funny. No specific story, no lead ups to anything , just funny.
(Primetime Comedy) The Directors is a secret organization of people with super-human powers who travel through time to protect the world from Company X. Company X, another secret organization, works to change history and affect the future to further their own diabolical objectives.
(Primetime Comedy) Dr. Cindy Quigley is a wacky abortionist who can't get pregnant herself. But, she sure does TRY.
(Primetime Comedy) A prequel to Revenge of the Nerds from the creators Steve Zacharias and Jeff Buhai.
(Primetime Comedy) Juco is a documentary style show about a business course at a junior college. The camera man, Dylan, is a mass media student who has friends in the course and requested that his second semester project be about the course and all the students involved.
(Primetime Comedy) Two best friends are in the logistics business together. Joey is off the wall and reckless, but wants to change and the Sam helps him stay grounded, so he can build a business. Wild and funny situations happen during the course of their days and nights.
(Primetime Comedy) A tech millionaire losses all his money and is forced to create wild and innovative apps to get back on top.
(Primetime Comedy) Like every other family, The Victors seem to be a perfect fit, but everything is not always what it seems.
(Primetime Comedy) ALAN, PHIL and BECKY grew up nerdy in the '90s, at a time when "Comic Con" was exclusively for geeks and weirdos. But now they find themselves in a world where being a nerd is cool and if they want to find the right one they're going to have to leave their comfort zone.
(Primetime Comedy) A huge misunderstanding causes two polar opposite teenage boys from different worlds to become friends and neighbors in a Miami apartment. Together they navigate the trials and tribulations of adolescence with the support of their quirky friends and family.
(Primetime Comedy) The series is about Coopers, a family of four who wish to take a vaction every year to a country but this year vacation turns wild and dangerous. The Safari is fun, adventurous, and emotional drama of the Coopers
(Primetime Comedy) This show follows Josh an employees at a company in the mid 90's that rents Hot tubs by the hour and the crazy antics all the employees get into.
(Primetime Comedy) Jack Bells: Professional Debt Collector is a surreal neo-noir comedy in which a freelance debt collector physically hunts down debtors.
(Primetime Comedy) Seven neighbors who mainly despise each other live in a large apartment complex in University Oaks, Houston, Texas and sharing each others adventures, wisdom, gossip, trash talk, life struggles and relationships.
(Primetime Comedy) Welcome to Miscellaneous Division, the most insignificant corner of the clandestine organization T.U.N.N.E.L. When a mysterious woman--Zoe--is hired, this Department of Misfits get their world tossed upside down as their place at the bottom of the totem pole is challenged.
(Primetime Comedy) Shelby, a very shy girl from the country moves to the city to live with her grandmother so she can go to the local community college. Shelby meets Jay, the boy next door, Shelby really likes him and he likes her but he's not about to let anyone know he does.
(Primetime Comedy) Three friends move into a loft together as they take on the world with the optimism it deserves - well at least they think so.
(Primetime Comedy) A 22 minute comedy adult animation. Simon has arrived in LA to make his mark as an actor. When things don't go according to plan, he is forced to live with three quirky roommates and work as a costumed character on the Walk of Fame.
(Primetime Comedy) Three sophomoric friends from the midwest move to Los Angeles in hopes of becoming writers, but quickly become distracted away from their long term goals with short term problems.
(Primetime Comedy) In an ER in the sleaziest spaceport in the galaxy, a team of medical professionals struggle to keep their sanity while treating a host of ailments that are out of this world.
(Primetime Comedy) London serves as the backdrop to this farcical sitcom about friendship between two couples - Luke and Mona, a mixed race twentysomething couple, and Michael and Spencer, a fortysomething gay couple.
(Primetime Comedy) The show is about the staff of a government funded job agency and the diverse range of unemployed people that they have to deal with. It is highly irreverent and politically incorrect but always has a happy ending.
(Primetime Comedy) How does a supermodel with no skills earn a living after she's forced into retirement at age 21? 30 minute adult comedy series.