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(Children and Tweens) After witnessing his parent’s public humiliation by an evil prankster, mild-mannered fourth grader Wayne Clark vows to use the power of prank for good as "Prank Boy," fighting a never ending battle for Truth, Justice, and the Hilarious Way!
(Drama) This show is about a woman who wants to bring up her daughter lonely. But, unfortunately she has to survive more and more challanges. How will all her problems and life end?
(Drama) A young geneticist secretly blends his mother’s DNA with that of a jaguar’s and develops a transgenic fusion formula that transforms her into a super powerful half-woman, half-jaguar chimera.
(Drama) A story takes place in 18th Century Europe. A young and extremely talented singer Consuelo is trying to become an opera prima and has to deal with social inequality, her lover's betrayal, sexual assaults and trying to be an independent woman in a biased patriarchal world.
(Drama) A detective that investigates domestic violence cases becomes a domestic violence victim.
(Drama) Presentations of the most famous trials in history.
(Primetime Comedy) A young medical marijuana shop owner Rachel Jennings who deals with everyday life experiences.
(Drama) A returning Viet Nam marine discovers the hypocrisy and injustice of America.


(Primetime Comedy) A guy who is granted forgiveness and a free pass from the Virgin Mary to fuck up nasty people while trying to be accepted back into his big jersey italian catholic family. A degenerate gambler detective is always just a heartbeat away from catching him.
(Children and Tweens) John Von Richthofen (aka The Professor) is a Majestic-12 scientist working at Area 51 on a captured UFO. He finds there is a time machine aboard. He takes he UFO for a flight and gets flung into the future where he lives his comic advenures.
(Primetime Comedy) Join a fishing yacht of the USS Starfish with its eclectic crew and tourists. They sail off Florida one day, get caught in a hurricane, and get sucked in a whirlpool. Instead of drowning, they are marooned on the Island of Atlantis, or some other mythic island.
(Primetime Comedy) Sarah Shafter, a thirty-something acting teacher at the New York High School for the Fine Arts, is obsessed with imagining the worst-case scenario. When the unexpected happens, she vows to see the bright side of even the most trivial problems. 2014 People's Pilot Finalist.
(Drama) Former college quarterback, Ethan Morris and his team of misfits go on convert missions to fix professional football games so they can beat Vegas, but once a mob boss and casino owner catch wind of this, Ethan realizes the odds are against him.
(Primetime Comedy) A bunch of friends in dumb situations. Correction in the starting titles, I accidentally put NY instead of NJ.
(Primetime Comedy) This story is about an legendary O.G(Original Gangster) P.P (Player/Pimp) named Willie Woo Woo,who is about took take a journey that his life will no longer be the same. The Lord has some plans in mind for him.
(Primetime Comedy) A sharp witted sarcastic comedy set in an airport purgatory populated by a range of colorful characters and conflicts.
(Drama) Henry's discovery of an alternate reality, where he breaks the wall between the two realities when he undergoes cerebral hypoxia. This other reality, however, suffers from an epidemic that animalizes man.
(Preschool) Casey, the stuffed pup, and his friends are excited when a new toy is added to their child’s playroom. Although it appears to be just a simple red music box, when wound, it becomes a magical portal to places that explore the genres, concepts, and connectivity of music.
(Primetime Comedy) It's WKRP meets Used Cars as two twin brothers with rival radio stations compete against one another in an attempt to put the other out of business while doing anything for ratings
(Drama) The Cold War exploits of CIA's Domestic Operations Division and its Special Operations Team, nicknamed "mandarins."
(Drama) A group of heroes (deceivers, imposters and secret mongers) hunting for doors all over the world, which are portals in fact and very dangerous. The have to destroy them, find the maker of the doors and try to end a conspiracy, which is a threat for the whole world.
(Drama) The failures of the past are coming back to haunt those in the present; old wars, old grudges, old wounds, all half-finished and half-healed, have been festering. The barbarian hordes, driven backwards but not defeated, have returned. They are not ready for the wars to come.
(Primetime Comedy) Group of friends realize there's thin line between love and friendship as they deal with their everyday problems.
(Primetime Comedy) A goofy and dysfunctional group of LA Lifeguard Cops stumble through various plots in order to protect the beach.
(Drama) A Martial arts Dramedy/Action that explores the "7 Great Warrior Bloodlines" of human history. We take real characters in history and place them in a Martial Arts Universe (similar to a Marvel Universe) where they battle out forces of evil.
(Primetime Comedy) ZANG!, is a live action and animated sketch comedy show, with the same anticipated demographic of Adult Swim's "Family Guy" and "Robot Chicken". ZANG! is a semi-conscious, "Robot Chicken" meets "The Eric Andre Show".
(Primetime Comedy) Twenty-something slacker Josh and the 60-year-old eccentric mother of the girl he likes are tricked into becoming roommates together and decide to try to make it work.
(Drama) Story of a young single mother raising mentally challenged children in a city ruled poverty, drug dealers and gang members. Based on my life
(Children and Tweens) Competition between two teachers in the school to make the most beautiful doll in the school festival .. And win the energy of love on the energy of envy
(Drama) After a grisly murder case introduces Portland Homicide Detective Sophia Clement to the horrors of the Undead, she must make an uneasy alliance with a mysterious immortal hunter, Joe, to stop a primordial evil from annihilating human civilization as we know it.