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(Drama) Brenda- 16, adopted at birth girl by a family of wealth & prestige. Wealth cannot buy her TRUE happiness. Her life spirals out of control, into prostitution. She struggles with life-longing to meet her birth mother, perhaps she's the key to Brenda's TRUE happiness.
(Primetime Comedy) The outstanding hilariously ordinary life of twenty something couple Greg and Jan.
(Primetime Comedy) Set in an 8-bit city (Pixelhill), Bit Bar is focused on the pub 'The Laughing Dog', the family that runs it and its eclectic regulars.
(Primetime Comedy) REPORTER DICK is a comedy series that follows the escapades of Richard Keith Stanley, a 30-something Black news anchor who is out of touch with others, and how he continually gets into trouble because of this.
(Drama) the good, the bad, the dead, and the surviving. we follow the dire reactions of three corrupt cops on their crusade to avenge the murder of a cop, on streets completely metamorphosed by the rise of a brute force gang.


(Primetime Comedy) A fledgling hotel restaurant and it's insufferable staff attempt to recover from ultimate PR snafu: a patron choking to death during their dinner service.
(Drama) One girl knows the truth, in a past she has forgotten. In a world where she needs the answers to survive. Will Sawyer be willing to uncover the towns secrets, even if it leads to something more sinister
(Drama) It is set ten years into the future when London is beset by problems with flooding and population decline. It centres around Jack Hopper a recovering drug addict who, after having a road traffic accident begins taking a prescription drug which eventually splits him in two.
(Drama) Painful memories become echoes of tragedies that we as people experience, together and alone. In our past, present and future.
(Drama) This show is about a TV show in the making: actors playing roles in a TV drama. Viewers see the series, the difference between the Reel World and the Real World of these actors and how the lines blur.
(Drama) It's a Crime based concept where in AP police create a new concept of Operative either individual or group called DEGA-HAWK'S EYE,
(Primetime Comedy) Jake Saxton while staying at his parents home after a car accident becomes addicted to the home improvement show Ms. Fix It and it's star Mekala Lawrence.
(Primetime Comedy) An adventure drama with elements of comedy. Rift focuses on a team of scientists and explorers who in wake of the discovery of a rift in time and space use it to bring extinct creatures back to the present day.
(Drama) The high school student council does a lot for the school: dances, pep rallies, alcohol sales, gambling, extortion... At Lakeview High, you can always go to the Student Council President for help... But she might ask for something in return. Gossip Girl meets Goodfellas.
(Children and Tweens) 21 year old (man child) Beasley dies and is reincarnated as a box. Learns how to be a box in box school on the planet Square by his box guide Jerome. Returns back to earth to take his friend Jonesey to different planets for adventure and fun.
(Drama) Nigerian billionaire oil-tycoon and part-time arms and diamond dealer, Maran ‘Mantis’ Kenji-Ali plays the game to keep money, family and enemies in line.
(Drama) Fifteen years after a hybridized pandemic decimates earths population, a desperate father risks crossing a devastated country of lurking savages and grotesque creatures in hopes of saving his kidnapped daughter.
(Drama) The trials and tribulations of a small-ish town trying to both grow and stay the same.
(Drama) Behind a wall corpses, a teenage girl and young man struggle to understand a world where the sun never sets, tongueless savages rule, and a girl hangs from a noose but never dies.
(Drama) A story of how mental health can affect a person seemly out of know where and at first not understanding it. It starts with the lead being made redundant and the slow decline if his mental health with one thing after another knocking him down.
(Primetime Comedy) Waitresses in their bikinis, a sex-starved bartender, and jealous teenage lifeguards are Kevin’s only helpers in showing Chef Chris that he deserves to come back for another season as the pool manager. Each episode represents one day at the grill.
(Primetime Comedy) E' la storia di uno scrittore e l'incidente ad una fabbrica che con il rilascio di alcuni gas letali più della metà dei cittadini sono morti. Chi non muore subito si trasforma in una macchina letale con una forza spaventosa e con la sola voglia di uccidere.
(Primetime Comedy) 'Dumber by Default' is a 22 minute comedy that depicts the lives of three hopeless morons who struggle to pay rent on their shared one-bedroom apartment through a series shameful employment opportunities, shady entrepreneurial attempts, and unfruitful get-rich-quick schemes.
(Primetime Comedy) A show where I would be doing interviews with celebrities while at a particular theme or amusement park. I would ask them questions while riding roller coasters, hopefully getting a good answer with some awesome facial ridiculousity to boot. Test their daring and dexterity.
(Preschool) Cantaloupe Boy is a "guide to life" animated series for preschoolers with its main focus on what they need to know in our world to thrive, be safe, learn and laugh through audience interaction, music and themes that promote self-worth, and the beauty in all diversity.
(Primetime Comedy) Stan, unhappy with his social status, suddenly becomes inadvertently involved with the most popular actress in the world.
(Drama) A college professor with the ability to locate people by touching their personal items becomes a sometimes unwilling part of the San Francisco police department and the FBI. He also catches the interest of more sinister forces, looking to use him as well.
(Primetime Comedy) Four friends decide to start a band to give their lives meaning as they approach their mid-twenties. In their excitement they hastily arrange their first gig at the local battle-of-the-bands night six weeks away. Only problem? None of them know how to play.
(Drama) A Game of Thrones on wheels There are six teams vying for the regional championship and a seat at the national Flat Track Tournament. The ladies of the Master Roller Flat Track derby association, skate hard, love hard, fight hard and at least one is a murderer.
(Drama) Eight Detroit teens juggle high school and performing as local cross-genre band American Ghost while solving mysteries. Features original music performed by the cast.