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(Primetime Comedy) This show is about a young man, Joe, on the brink of graduating college with the plan to move out of his parents house. The house is so overwhelming with his mom & dad, stepfather, brother, sister, 3 dogs & grandfather all under one roof.
(Primetime Comedy) The story evolves around a group of people which are trying to stop the downfall of civilization. They have found out, based on statistic probability and social analysis, that if some events are not stopped the civilization would collapse and the world would fall into chaos.
(Primetime Comedy) In this sci-fi, drama, and comedic tale set in the sleepy little town of Stacy, Pennsylvania, a girl arrives with supernatural powers. Three boys must attempt to destroy her for the sake of all humanity. (The Goonies meets The X-Files)
(Primetime Comedy) A super young womanizing, charismatic, wealthy, stock brokerage firm owner turns failed actors into ruthless phone salesman and conmen. It makes the wolf of Wall. Street & Boiler Room look like child's play! Based on a true story.
(Drama) A horror series about a brother and sister growing up in '90s England. They live on 'Convent Crescent', a haunted street built on the site of a medieval convent with a sinister history.
(Drama) A recently divorced 40-something novelist gets the chance to re-explore bachelorhood via his tenured teaching position at an esteemed East Coast graduate creative writing program.
(Primetime Comedy) The story of 3 guys Eric, Pat and Phil who all live together. They keep forgetting where they put everything from their weed to their money.
(Drama) The USA has splintered into corporate-controlled fiefdoms. Bridge is an amoral fixer in the future Los Angeles owned by Chronosoft, Inc. He will discover a conspiracy that has dismantled the government, giving complete control to corporations. Based on my series of novels.
(Drama) A professor must protect his crippled great-great-granddaughter, and his female neighbor, a black former English teacher from an evil corporation that has taken an interest in the professor's incinerator invention, which they want for the genocide of the homeless.
(Primetime Comedy) FINE DINING showcases a five-star restaurant located in Beverly Hills. It’s the trendiest and classiest restaurant in town. The overall experience is absolutely memorable…at least that's how it looks from the outside. A closer look inside tells a whole different story!
(Primetime Comedy) Two swinging, mid-life couples find that seven years of living together and co-owning a struggling swingers’ club has driven their relationship into a rut. They resort to an series of schemes to rescue the club with its colorful characters and their own bohemian lifestyle.
(Drama) A League of Legends challenger team live and train together as the they battle their way into the pros.
(Children and Tweens) The Yogi Cat knows that non-attachment is the only path to enlightenment, but dogs have so much to learn! The Yogi Cat chooses one dog for each episode and with his misguided efforts, creates the first reality cartoon aimed at saving the canine world, 1 dog at a time.
(Children and Tweens) Troy's love for robotics changes his life forever, when one day he finds himself in the middle of a robotic experiment. He gets shot with a ray that gives him special powers. Troy must use these powers to keep the people of Greenstone City safe from the evil Dr. Phantom
(Primetime Comedy) This is an adult comedy. It follows the adventures and misadventures, sporting, criminal and romantic, of Western legend Bat Masterson in New York City where he actually spent the later years of his remarkable life as a reporter for the New York Morning Telegraph.
(Primetime Comedy) Two funny sisters, Brooke and Florence Daniels. One on the brink of reality-TV fame and fortune, while the other, a talented designer, struggles with the reality of unemployment and lack of love life. Two contrasting paths, yet they remain thick as thieves. But for how long?
(Drama) The show focuses on a family of Neo-Nazis in the fictional county of Vedusca in California. The patriarch Tom Llars is faced with losing his power in the area after his daughter Maya is sent to a Jewish psychiatrist and is subsequently raped by two skinheads
(Primetime Comedy) Under the tutelage of their aging, alcoholic leader, Georgia Peachfish, a ragtag troupe of New Orleans burlesque dancers, known as "Georgia's Gorgeous Peachfish," aims for fame, but their plans are consistently derailed by their laziness and moral bankruptcy.
(Drama) An airline pilot and bigamist finds navigating his complicated life as difficult as navigating the skies.
(Drama) This show is about these two kids who are kidnapped by one of the boys mother's who left the family.
(Children and Tweens) The life and times of two comical house cats and the world through their eyes.
(Primetime Comedy) This show is about a group of young New York firefighters, assigned to reopen an old firehouse in Queens. The guys try their hardest, but always manage to lose focus, spiraling away from their duties into the many distractions of their less than typical lives.
(Primetime Comedy) A recently separated couple, in their 30's have found themselves unemployed during the height of the recession in 2004. Mike, a cameraman, and Vivian, a reporter, delve into the world of underground pornography to keep their lives afloat.
(Primetime Comedy) Aaron Goldberg wants nothing more than to be the agent of his own life, so he moves out of his childhood home. But when his mom decides to buy his apartment building to be closer to him, Aaron must evaluate their relationship and what it means to be "Aaron Goldberg."
(Preschool) In the digital age, Jimi Wifi receives a visit from Father Time and the Train of Time to learn, and teach young children, all about how things worked before the digital age. . .
(Drama) A one hour drama about the tainted lives of the core characters in the fictional town of Stoddard Grove. The Stoddard's and the beautiful spitfire Addison Claire.
(Primetime Comedy) Set in New York at the most expensive and prestigious private university, Pearlridge follows the scandalous events of the most wealthy and privileged students at the only university required to wear uniforms. Those are certainly the only things that will remain clean.
(Primetime Comedy) i&bklyn&u is a romantic comedy set in Prospect Park, Brooklyn, where a young 30-something couple deal with the problems and situations of everyday life as they experience their first year living together.
(Primetime Comedy) A single mother struggles to balance her chaotic home life with two teenagers and a grandparent with her crazier work life running an office for an off-the-wall pediatrician.
(Primetime Comedy) A TAXIesh type of comedy series revolving around the bus depot and the workers (characters). Some normal, most have issues of major/minor proportion.