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(Drama) The baseball team at South Lake High School has never won a championship. Mitch takes over as the new coach, to try to turn things around.
(Primetime Comedy) Beautiful Freedom focuses on the Carpenter family. Alongside its comedic, family friendly tone, the series will display the ability of each family member to educate, as well as learn from, those around them.
(Primetime Comedy) SPACE BAR is an animated comedy series about a recently-graduated, out-of-work, bartender who unknowingly gets recruited (and abducted) to work for a dive bar in outer space. It's like a Star Wars bar scene, animated and punched-up, with the spotlight on staff and regulars.
(Drama) Rachel, a recent college graduate, attends an interview with the Secret Service but quickly finds herself in a devastating turn of events when she is forced into an underground political sex ring commanded by the President of the United States.
(Primetime Comedy) Director Terry Davis has been kicking around in the film industry for over a decade; although unsuccessfully. 'Last Looks' chronicles Terry's days as Director on his first feature length film "The White Spade".
(Primetime Comedy) After the Harry Potter cinematic series finishes, Michael Gambon is struggling to find work. So, to occupy the time, he decides to film a documentary of his life and the mischief he gets up to.
(Primetime Comedy) Provided the rent is paid and liberties aren't taken this houseshare will work out just fine. In theory.
(Primetime Comedy) The show focuses on the lives of two half brothers who run their uncles record store.
(Primetime Comedy) Grandpa Ganja runs a medical pot dispensary in L.A. and encounters a wide assortment of clients who are all stoners and vastly entertaining in that each is an archetype of some sort of zaniness.
(Drama) Set against the suffocating backdrop of America in the 1950's, Five Women gather every Wednesday afternoon for Bible Study. But the Bible is the least of their priorities. "For The Bible Tells Me So" takes a deep look at women's issues, before they were "issues".
(Primetime Comedy) The war on obscenity rages on as undercover FBI agents go deep into the '70s mafia-dominated adult film industry. Only one thing is certain: The Valley will never be the same. Winner: 1st Place 1-hr TV Pilot Fresh Voices 2014 Winner: Best Dialogue, Fresh Voices 2014
(Primetime Comedy) Based on a true story. Sort of. The Saunders are a one-of-a-kind family moving from So-Cal to the mid-west. 6 out of 8 kids are adopted, most are teenagers, and they're all a recipe for destruction. Kansas is soon going to find out that culture shock can work both ways.
(Primetime Comedy) Craig, the lowly sports editor at a medium-size town newspaper must wrangle his unruly and unorthodox beat reporter/best friend, Josh, while also dealing with his overbearing boss and loving wife. Similar shows: The League, It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia.
(Drama) It's 1984… a Brit singing detective deep in debt fakes his death and re-emerges as a lounge singer in Arizona. Each week he's in a different U.S. music city… singing their songs… solving their crimes… with a bounty hunter and the London mafia hot on his heels.
(Primetime Comedy) Intrepid, no-nonsense reporter Nora Trenholm is forced to relocate to her rinky-dink hometown newspaper, where she butts heads with her conspiracy theorist editor and oddball colleagues as she vows to get the to the bottom of every story, no matter how non-existent.
(Drama) An impending planetary doomsday prompts the government of Varsle to evacuate its entire populous into space cruisers. However, an unexpected turn of events causes one of the many cruisers to spiral out of control, leaving some of its crew stranded back on the planet.
(Drama) For Vic, Christina is a young PR in Hollywood. They share life and the battle for a nice life style. For her client when the hotel door closes behind her back, Christina becomes Sophie, a high class escort.
(Primetime Comedy) A rookie police constable (Lamb) is relocated to a weird village. Where the police force (Smutt) deals with even weirder crimes.
(Drama) The Power of Dreams centers on 18 year old Alegra Cruise, she is a Catholic girl from Decatur, Alabama who has an extraordinary dream the night before she starts at North Alabama University and upon arriving a student announces she incident in the dream has come true.
(Children and Tweens) Two “Happy Wappy World” animatronic puppets are fired for inappropriate behavior and must survive in the real world outside the park gates.
(Primetime Comedy) It's about nothing. Everyone is doing something. I choose to do nothing but funny. No specific story, no lead ups to anything , just funny.
(Preschool) Rocky and is group of daring friends encounter on a bunch of mysterious and daring quests.
(Primetime Comedy) The Directors is a secret organization of people with super-human powers who travel through time to protect the world from Company X. Company X, another secret organization, works to change history and affect the future to further their own diabolical objectives.
(Children and Tweens) Cindy a normal girl who wants to escape growing up and her overbearing mother so she crawls into the dryer to hide in her own imagination and finds a whole world of Monsters that teach her responsibility and social skills.
(Primetime Comedy) Dr. Cindy Quigley is a wacky abortionist who can't get pregnant herself. But, she sure does TRY.
(Primetime Comedy) A prequel to Revenge of the Nerds from the creators Steve Zacharias and Jeff Buhai.
(Primetime Comedy) The Teachers’ Lounge picks up where the wonderful situation comedy of the 70s and 90s left off, filling a void in the viewers’ lives to see the stupidity in others’ lives, especially those whom we expect to be “better” at maintaining sanity while with our kids.
(Drama) The growing pains of a young woman who struggles to manage the single life, friendships and work while satisfying her murder-loving alter ego.
(Primetime Comedy) Two best friends are in the logistics business together. Joey is off the wall and reckless, but wants to change and the Sam helps him stay grounded, so he can build a business. Wild and funny situations happen during the course of their days and nights.
(Primetime Comedy) A tech millionaire losses all his money and is forced to create wild and innovative apps to get back on top.