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(Drama) Betrayed by his longtime partner, Malcolm Black is forced to flee Miami. He becomes the ruthless leader of a drug cartel and plots revenge on his former associate. Years later, his return to the United States strikes down the existing drug syndicate along with his partner.
(Primetime Comedy) Set in Vancouver, Washington, the show is based on my father's childhood. It follows the lives of the Larson Family and their experiences of life in the 80s.
(Drama) the 2 year saga from the time of the original Watergate break-in, June 1972 through the entire machinations of the "White House horrors" culminating in Nixon's resignation, August 1974.
(Primetime Comedy) A bounty hunter who tires of chasing rednecks in the wilds of Georgia, relocates to Las Vegas for more action, adventure, and excitment.
(Primetime Comedy) Five personal trainers at a top performing gym work on getting their clients and personal lives into shape.
(Drama) The story talks about Michael, the angel who, after the secondrevolution in the Heaven goes to the earth for searching the God's reincarnation. There are a lot of enemies against him.
(Drama) The events that portray positive and negative effects on life lead to the loss of stability.
(Drama) UCLA senior Sarah Hoffman must decide whether “to suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune or to take arms against a sea of troubles.”
(Primetime Comedy) The story tells of a man who was hypnotized. And who can not return to health
(Drama) Four recent high school graduates navigate relationships while seeking their path in life. They stumble upon an abandoned café and are intrigued by its potential. Despite the risk, they turn it into the neighborhood hotspot, attracting the owner’s attention.
(Drama) 2 girls, 1 guy working through the normal quarter-life angst while trying desperately to move up the Corporate Ladder. Unfortunately, they prove that sometimes "anything goes" can go a bit too far.
(Primetime Comedy) In this Workplace Comedy an Executive Producer must lead his motley crew of the last place reality show "Household Holdouts" out of the bottom of the ratings or face cancellation.
(Primetime Comedy) A group of strangers, in varying stages of their twenties, decide to take a road trip with no destination. They agreed to just go with the flow of things and see where they end up.
(Drama) The teen daughter of a Puerto Rican enlisted man in the U.S. Army faces prejudice and finds love at Ft. Knox in the fall of 1964 right after the passage of the Civil Rights Act.
(Primetime Comedy) After inviting a coworker over to "Netflix and Chill" Eleanor learns that this phrase does not mean "watch Netflix and chill." Frustrated with being unable to keep up with rapid social and technological changes she convinces her friends to join her on a technology fast.
(Drama) A pair of students from Harvard's Medical Physics Faculty design a software which can be connected to coma patients in order to retrieve their long and mid – term memories. But they´ll realize that many of the patient´s comas may have not been by accident at all...
(Primetime Comedy) Story of 3 close friends Chris, Max and Jack. They met at the high school and becomes bffs. The story is them starting to same university, Chris and Jack realising they are gay at university and coming out. The trio are sharing a luxury house mostly paid by Chris's parents.
(Preschool) “Ms. G Clef” is a half hour animated series that introduces kids to global cultures and helps them explore multiculturalism through music. The target audience for this series is children ages 2-5.
(Primetime Comedy) Elroy Anderson, 1980-2015, is pulled from cryogenic sleep in 30 000 AD and shanghaied into a company of space pirates trading in ancient memories at the highest price. They sail across space and time for fame, fortune, and an answer to the mystery of their very existence.
(Drama) 'Freedom Summer' of 1964 when college students joined civil rights groups in the deep South to register black voters; the story follows the 3 boys (James Chaney, Andrew Goodman, Michael Schwerner); these are the 3 boys who were kidnapped and murdered by the KKK
(Children and Tweens) One contestant attending middle school from each state compete to win a full scholarship, prize money for the school programs they attend with 50% going to school programs and 50 % going to scholarship programs.
(Preschool) Anna, a 5 year old girl who goes on secret adventures with her Grandmother while her parents are at work. Grandmother takes her to different cities and countries, exploring and learning about new cultures, food, languages and traditions.
(Primetime Comedy) THUMANS is a hysterical satire of: cell phone addiction; politicians on both sides of the aisle; and other current issues. It is set in a twisting science fiction adventure with an unlikely hero and a wild finish.
(Children and Tweens) Javinauya is a jymaucapus which is an oversized yellow and orange cat with a flat furry tail and a rediculous nature, and kyrichi is a young female lemur who is taken care of by him
(Primetime Comedy) A couple tries to sustain a relationship despite hanging around a few weird characters.
(Primetime Comedy) Vincey, a birthday party clown living in South Boston and working wherever he can get hired, struggles with making enough money to stay drunk. Throughout the neighborhood he has irritated everybody, but due to their tight, strict upbringing, put up with him and his antics.
(Primetime Comedy) About two men, Tom and Arnold, who are constantly betting, Arnold is always losing. They both work at the Humongous Ostrich, a grocery store. They both like the same girl, Bessie, who Tom is dating. Arnold is tired of losing and bets big this time.
(Drama) On Michigan’s isolated Upper Peninsula, Catherine “Cat" Hart is a respected judge. Her husband is noted psychiatrist Robert Hart. When the police arrest Robert for sexual assault and other crimes, Cat is convinced the allegations are false, even as the evidence mounts.
(Preschool) Jackson Myside and his wacky pet bluebird Chip scan the galaxy for children in need. By way of the magic telescope they are transported to Planet Cool; where things come easy as pie!
(Drama) This is a modern retelling of the story of Adam and Eve's six children and the Serpent. Seth, the youngest of the children was lost at birth and adopted by a retired fisherman. Seth along with his childhood friend must use his special ability to help stop Dr. Serpentine.