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(Primetime Comedy) The funny and endearing stories of a group of people on their way to becoming what they’ve always dreamed and dealing with what fate deals them.
(Primetime Comedy) An idealistic young man joins the callous security guard crew of Los Angeles Spaceport’s terminal 3 - the chaotic hub for travelers coming from and going to the fucked up side of the galaxy.
(Children and Tweens) Stratton, the cat & his sidekick Jumpin’ Jack, take on life’s challenging adventures. With their escape artistry, vivid imaginations & the help of some unusual characters, their mischievous antics brings lots of trouble, & fun with each new adventure.
(Drama) One Story. Decades Apart.
(Drama) Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's famous detective and doctor recast as 21st century women. The duo faces horrendously terrifying villains, some within the criminal justice system itself.
(Primetime Comedy) Still determined to pursue his writing career, working engineer Paul Patterson takes on a magazine internship on the side. In between his two jobs, he navigates his way to the varying workplace cultures without losing sight of who he really is.
(Children and Tweens) The girls fix the town by making a cake but breaking all curses means that Chuck is back and nobody is safe. Chuck breaks in and evenues Mama P is shocked and when Chuck is around bad can happen. Chuck tries to take the book away from Kelly and her friends .
(Drama) Tom Galaxy is a private detective to the stars and a detective noir story straight out of the 50s, the 2050s that is! Set in the future Tom Galaxy follows Tom and his assistant Trixie as they work cases involving 2050 Hollywood stars.
(Children and Tweens) Four teens with self-esteem issues develop super powers after being exposed to a chemical spill. They band together to solve crimes in their small town.
(Primetime Comedy) A Gen Xer, Brandon, and his family fall upon hard times and move in with his self-made, rough around the edges father.
(Drama) Ray Melvin is a serial rapist who's never been caught. His latest victim reminds the recently transferred Sgt. Susan Ramirez of her sister's disappearance 25 years ago. Unbeknownst to Ramirez, she now works for her sister's killer, Captain Ray Melvin, at her new precinct.
(Drama) A big city journalist takes a job at a small town paper with the hidden agenda of investigating a missing girl.
(Drama) After Boon Bridges and his old crew Reggie Bookman, Ericka Stiles and Stoney Popadox was release from military and federal probation under supervision of General Duane Hobbs, the four of them reunite after a tragic event.
(Primetime Comedy) This behind-the-scenes-of-a-TV-comedy-show sounds like it's a rip-off of '30 Rock'. It's not; it's a rip-off of 'The Larry Sanders Show'.
(Primetime Comedy) The firm, a motley crew of lawyers, seem to struggle to maintain sanity while trying to stay in the black.
(Primetime Comedy) After quitting her job at a high-profile law firm and becoming an accidental viral sensation, Heather Daniels looks to embrace the chaos of her uncertain future with her gay roommate, eccentric best friend, charming new boss and submissive ex-boyfriend by her side.
(Drama) In the 1500s, an English vessel finds the Fountain of Youth. Modern day they are now an inner circle that controls the world, her economies, and people. The series follows an old CEO who joins their immortal cause, while two detectives attempt to bring the truth to light.
(Primetime Comedy) A character list for episode one and brief synopsis of the show's direction.
(Drama) African girl who seeks representation from USA Acting Agencies. After sending hundreds of applications to agencies she later receive acceptance from Dream Agency. She Moves to LA She finds out that the Agent she join is Trained assassins agent!She has to plot an escape
(Drama) BIA has lost all memories, all leads takes her to DURHAM college, she gets memories, but not what she anticipated as the memories shows, love from the 1800's who has died, now alive, and the school elites trying to take her down, and stalker that never leaves her side
(Children and Tweens) A quirky inventor. A magical machine. A world of adventure. When four friends stumble upon Doc Travelot and Scrapmac in a hidden warehouse, it is the start of a great adventure. Invited to become 'Sky Raiders', they embark on a globe hopping journey of fun and exploration.
(Drama) Check out the J.D. Robb "In Death" books, i.e., Brotherhood in Death, Betrayal in Death, etc.
(Primetime Comedy) A young author searching for the truth in her new lead character finds more than she bargained for when a simple idea to live out her characters life turns all too real. With some "magic weed" and a weird old man guiding her what could possibly go wrong?
(Primetime Comedy) Everyone is trying to be someone. However, for this group of lost college graduates, the biggest concern is not being someone, but how to successfully live in LA being no one.
(Drama) To keep their marriage interesting, a private detective and her bartender husband take on the sort of bizarre cases you only find in small town New Hampshire.
(Drama) A disbarred attorney turned stay-at-home dad signs up to drive for an Uber-like company to make some quick cash, but after meeting a beautiful young escort decides to use the family minivan to drive for her agency instead.
(Drama) Teenage girl discovers that she has super abilities.
(Drama) This is a law tv series which will focus on civil disputes between two parties. Each episode will focus on a new case that the law firm are approached to win for.
(Drama) The blood-soaked battle for supremacy of the Mexican drug trade among various Mexican and international cartels.
(Primetime Comedy) Sam must journey across the abandoned US southwest, while being mentored by an alcoholic alien hermit in an RV. They must round up others, while being hunted by a psychotic alien assassin, & build a portal before a mining co. destroys the Earth with runaway asteroids.