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(Primetime Comedy) The show is about to guys who try and live life to the fullest, but encounter misadventures along the way.
(Children and Tweens) A girl searches for her brother in the land of the dead.
(Drama) A young hipster d.j. tries his best to be top dog, but his mother, Elena a stripper by profession has accidentally changed his ultimate goal. Dose isn't concerned because he knows techno music and his friends are the best support to keeping it real.
(Primetime Comedy) FEAST OF FOOLS is a vibrant comedy, a bit of shared madness, a kind of delirium in the tradition of Bewitched and the Adams Family.
(Primetime Comedy) Two roommates are constantly coming up with hair brain schemes to make their lives more enjoyable.
(Drama) It is based on a tragic story of a teenage Somali boy,Khadar Abudullahi, who was caught in a predicament which faces most teenagers in diaspora, today.
(Primetime Comedy) A comedy about a rogue (MONTY) who falls for his new neighbor (SANDRA). Her father (RON)is a policeman who hates MONTY on sight and wants to protect SANDRA by jailing MONTY. Other odd characters move the story along. Set in London but adaptable anywhere.
(Drama) 2018, Donald Trump has won the election. Within months placement centers have been erected for illegals to work extreme hours with minimal pay producing goods contracted by American Protection Group. APG creates 2 men groups known as Founding Fathers to track illegals.
(Drama) A preist and a cop hunt down serial killers who they believe are possessed by demons.
(Primetime Comedy) A failing stud, a deluded idiot, a promiscuous girl, a posh ponce, and a drunk throw their Uni house into chaos with their misadventures and misfortune.
(Primetime Comedy) The show is pertaining to your Christian and non Christian believer's that are in relationships & how sometimes they are in the same situation and shouldn't.
(Primetime Comedy) A woman gives up the single life to marry the man of her dreams - who happens to be divorced - and quickly realizes that his ex-wife and two grown kids come as a package deal.
(Primetime Comedy) A twenty-something lifeguard starts her new summer job at a community pool, surrounded by idiots. Best described as Baywatch's drunk younger sister, who may not be as hot but she's funny as hell.
(Primetime Comedy) Single Mom going back into teaching after being home for 6 years. People at the school don't think she is tough enough to last the year.
(Primetime Comedy) This series is about how name, characters in a coffee shop, who live daily with the most caricatured features, where the discussions are the dish of the day, in a café where quirky characters if perhaps for a strange kind of way live
(Primetime Comedy) Halls Deep is a half hour television comedy that follows two men, Arthur Derby and Jackson Wright, as they make dramatic life transitions—shifting from the adult film industry to careers in high school academia. Arthur as an English teacher; Jackson as a janitor.
(Drama) An author investigates a decades-old case that unravels a trove of secrets and depravities set in motion by the elders of a powerful family and reviled by the generation pledged to destroy it.
(Children and Tweens) After the tragic death of his parents, Cody Jenkins, an average “American as apple pie” 10-year-old, is sent to live with his mother’s estranged sister and her family who live in a supernaturally spooky castle in the North of Scotland.
(Drama) there is no evil in this world all have one God and he have two character both evil and holy side like he start war in same place to pray for me to stop it one person which is know everything in detail about God and God is afraid him b/c God think he is God also
(Drama) The show is about a former police officer working to forget a dramatic past as she is appointed warden of a prison facility LASTVIEW by an District Attorney running for governor struggling to recover from a flawed past. Mystery, suspense, and, impressively touching.
(Primetime Comedy) In a future not unlike our own, a mad, megalomaniac billionaire seeks to enslave the world, starting with our peaceful neighbor to the north, Canada. All that stands in his way are a lone group of heroes, led by a young prodigy warrior and his elder master.
(Drama) A series of horror anthology stories based on taking old myths and legends, and adding a spin on them. The stories follow children - young adult - adult characters, who find themselves in scary situations; usually involving monsters and other supernatural elements.
(Primetime Comedy) Las Garnachas: "The Beverly Hillbillies" meets "Keeping up with the Kardashians" meets "Modern Family," with a tequila shot thrown in.
(Primetime Comedy) A young man from a loving working-class family in Sheffield reaches the age when he can manifest his Duman side. (A friendly demon.)
(Primetime Comedy) An unbiased look at teenage sexuality in the narrative format.
(Primetime Comedy) Survival should be everyone's main concern amidst the apocalypse. If only these hopelessly romantic survivors had their priorities straight.
(Primetime Comedy) A woman breaks up with a man, only to have him move into her parent's house.
(Children and Tweens) This is a TV series based on the franchise, Star Wars. Here we visit the alien world, Dagoba and explore the life and world of Jedi Master Yoda.
(Drama) An ex-con who earned his law degree behind bars battles the system that he feels failed him.
(Drama) bank robber turned lawyer