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(Primetime Comedy) Three 20-somethings take life by the horns, while trying to satisfy personal and professional relationships in the work place through the bond of diversified friendships.
(Primetime Comedy) The Wright children must come together after their mother returns home from a three-week cruise with a new, younger husband.
(Primetime Comedy) Software engineer Jim McAvoy is trying to understand women through his life experiences of being married to a pretty lawyer named Amy. Frequently retreating into his own fantasies the audience goes on a thoroughly entertaining journey of hilarity in this 22 minute series.
(Primetime Comedy) The People At 16B is a sitcom about unevenly-yoked housemates and their troubles
(Primetime Comedy) A "highly underrated" indie duo band tries forming a full ensemble with help (and pity) from some "more experienced" musicians in hopes for a second chance in the local music scene.
(Primetime Comedy) College...the best years of your life you can't remember. Prepare to relive your college years through the eyes of five eager new freshmen as they run the gauntlet of college milestones, from the unnecessary lectures of Orientation Week to bittersweet graduation day.
(Primetime Comedy) An aspiring music producer living in Los Angeles juggles his girlfriend and day job with a weekend residency at a Vegas casino trying to change its image.
(Primetime Comedy) That’s the story of Zombie, a narcoleptic fly in his thirties and his roommates.
(Primetime Comedy) A young Indian pair decide to fake their wedding to hide their double-lives from their cultured family. Things get complicated when one start catching feelings for the other.
(Primetime Comedy) It's 1951, the wild free-wheeling days of early TV -- and Wisconsin farm boy Stuart Greenquist comes to Hollywood to write for the popular SciFi TV show "Star Patrol."
(Primetime Comedy) Jenna, who runs the unsuccessful Shakespeare Remix Theater Company, enlists a troubled reality star to try and expand their dwindling audience.
(Primetime Comedy) Ryan Jacobs is giving his first shot at journalism, when his editor-in-chief assigns him to do a story about a small town's feuding rivalry between it's softball teams. Ryan thinks this is career death, until he interviews the teams first hand and sees how surreal they are.
(Primetime Comedy) Gina deals with her schizophrenic and nympho behavior while she tries to win a class action lawsuit against her computer tech company that forced her and her colleagues to the Dark Web Nanny department - A department where they must view disturbing material.
(Primetime Comedy) See how the 1% live! The Huffington's family is run like a cut-throat corporation. Family Dinners are like board meetings and game nights are a blood bath.
(Primetime Comedy) So the beating of a butterflies wings can cause a hurricane on the other side of the world? Messing with the timeline can be equally fraught with peril. But trying to put history on its proper course and have two people kiss couldn't mean the end of the world? Could it?
(Primetime Comedy) An LA family with serious boundary issues have their past and future unravel when a dramatic admission causes everyone's secrets to spill out.
(Primetime Comedy) 3 recent college graduates realize that their various art degrees are useless in the real world and decide to go back to school for useful degrees.
(Primetime Comedy) A smart-mouthed charmer who flamed out in life returns to the place where he was once the king – high school – but isn’t quite prepared for his new role as, gulp… a substitute teacher.
(Primetime Comedy) Colin Michael’s was clueless that after his wife, Alley won a Ten Million dollar lottery; they agreed that she could take a one week trip to Europe. Five years later he’s still waiting on her return.
(Primetime Comedy) Two siblings who hate each other, Danni and Mikey, receive a court order mandating that they spend eight hours a week together under the supervision of their eccentric counselor, Maury, who makes them partake in unconventional and oftentimes illegal rehabilitative exercises.
(Primetime Comedy) Jim and Amy are recently married and trying to make their own way in Seattle WA.
(Primetime Comedy) An Animated Affectionate Parody of Science Fiction shows about the Enlisted Crewmembers of the Starship Discovery, who do all of the work and get none of the credit. Among them, the Special Maintenance Unit always gets the important assignments no one else will do.
(Primetime Comedy) When the Jeffersonian’s mentally ill Director disappears, the Jeffersonian Institution must battle death, congressional budget cuts, and the mystery of the Institution’s underbelly.
(Primetime Comedy) The show follows the characters that perform in a travelling circus. The small troupe are an extended family, and each set of relationships and individual characters are revealed in 'fly-on-the-wall' style scenes. Character motives and back-stories are revealed throughout.
(Primetime Comedy) James Jaspers starts his new job at The Fountain of Youth Retirement Community as a member of the waitstaff and must deal with residents as well as his eclectic group of co-workers
(Primetime Comedy) The show is about the adventures of a young lady called RoseofSharon and her various adventures at home, at work, her relationships with family, friends and also money.
(Primetime Comedy) It's been a year since the end of the zombie apocalypse and survivors are having a hard time returning to the way of life that they were used to.
(Primetime Comedy) The Land of Agenitalia may only seem like a mishmash of fantasy tropes but it is surprisingly similar to our own world. A shy orcish boy won an amazing opportunity to be the squire of a once prestigious knight whose status is challenged by a new knight on the come up.
(Primetime Comedy) In 2034 a vortex opens on Earth, creating a pathway for monsters to wreak havoc. In the midst of all this chaos we follow an oddball team of four exceptionally muscular anti-heroes known as "Swoll Patrol" as they do their best to defend earth against Evil (Jesus' Brother).
(Primetime Comedy) An outlandish postmaster in charge of a small town post office and it's three neurotic employees get caught up in everyday shenanigans and hilarious encounters with the townsfolk.