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(Drama) In order to avoid political backlash and possibly war, the US Government hires the most trusted and skilled private military contractors in the world. If things go wrong, the US will disown them. They can deploy anywhere, at anytime. They are known only as “The Firm.”
(Drama) In late 21st century San Francisco, a hostage negotiator works to counter threats from conscious machines — rogue AIs, malfunctioning robots, psychotic automated utility systems, sentient malware, and more .
(Drama) CHELSEA is an up-and-coming advertising whiz whose Ephedrine addiction gets her through days at the office & nights in a mix of bars, clubs, & strangers’ beds. Accidental Mom is the story of how this 30-year-old becomes a mother to the child she never thought she'd have.
(Drama) Still coping with the loss of her mother, a college freshman’s life gets turned upside-down when she learns the family secret of her witch heritage, and soon uses her gifts to assist with her detective father’s cases.
(Drama) A time-traveling god. A giant and a dwarf #best friends forever. An alcoholic firefighter. Mysterious deaths tether these unlikely beings together as they attempt to stop the end of the world.
(Drama) A socially awkward teen starts high school and she is proof that fitting in is harder, than it looks.
(Drama) Hollywood House is an arced reality competition show set in the Los Angeles where amateur filmmakers including Writers, Actors, and Directors living under one-roof team up in a group of Three and compete against each other at a chance to a Cash Prize & showcase their talent.
(Drama) Rik and El are among the few people who can use magic in a world that hasn't seen magic in generations. However, problems larger than them are stirring and they must both decide what their place is in the world. Their fate affects all different lands and cultures around.
(Drama) This is a series about change, and the future, and follows the Palmer family as they come into conflict with threats in the corporate world, and in the underworld.
(Drama) It is set ten years into the future when London is beset by problems with flooding and population decline. It centres around Jack Hopper a recovering drug addict who, after having a road traffic accident begins taking a prescription drug which eventually splits him in two.
(Drama) The show centers around a family in mafia business in New Jersey. Markus Miller runs a group that features his best friend as his right hand man and his nephew works for him. Along the way love, war, rage, and death come across the lives of those involved in Corruption.
(Drama) After waking up in the middle of nowhere, a man soon realizes he has been gifted with special abilities to stop a group of time traveling criminals with a few other unlikely heroes.
(Drama) Five kids (a pimp, a prostitute, a junkie, a gang member, and an aspiring musician) in their mid-twenties navigate the seedy underworld of Minneapolis circa 2003.
(Drama) awkward struggling college freshman counts down the days til his death
(Drama) Treatment for the Pilot submitted.
(Drama) A black minister and his wife that co-host a daily religious program with their white friends and they have a daughter and she's dating their white friend's t.v. journalist son. The white friends have a daughter that aspires tobe a pop star.
(Drama) A group of students of color are on an affirmative action scholarship to a liberal arts college in Vermont. They struggle with the ideas of multiculturalism; race; class; politics; culture; and higher education.
(Drama) A teenage boy gets a job on a Hollywood film studio back lot, he discretely takes advantage of his surroundings to impress a girl.
(Drama) Granma who lost sense of her life, due to loneliness and numerous illnesses decide to commit a suicide , but after a suicide failed , she is getting alone with the "Death", starting drinking alcohol,and hanging out with hipsters, felt in love,new life or last chance ?
(Drama) A ner-do-well father and his modern daughter vie for ownership of a very rare guitar, a 1970's Gibson black Dove.
(Drama) An exiled son seeks atonement for the death of his mother through stopping a radical tyrant from taking over the world.
(Drama) A young woman having endured more than her fair share of suffering, discovers an inner strength that brings reckoning to the wicked. But to develop her powers, she must continue to suffer. In the vein of a female-centric Constantine.
(Drama) A by the book college football coach that comes from a family with a winning tradition has reached his breaking point. Coach Jansen deals with an array of personalities from his team and coaching staff to win while dealing murder and his star player sleeping with his wife.
(Drama) They can't reach him, he's innocent and loved by many. The law thinks he's reckless lost everything but gaining it .back
(Drama) We slip away define the context of the actions we do good and bad.
(Drama) Life is a balancing act between home and work. Out of Office explores the fun, yet competitive nature of being a sales person, as well as the difficulty of holding onto and finding love.
(Drama) An Emergency Room doctor named Devony Cardwell is a drug addict. She lives on drugs and that has caused her morals to go arrive. She loves her job and her wife but there are some things that cannot be changed about an addict. The more she develops, the bigger her ego gets.
(Drama) After the mysterios murder of a woman in a wealthy neighborhood, tension among the families grow, as some of them use the killer to get rid fo someone, while others want the credit for being the killer. It's here when we see what money does to people.
(Drama) Four friends plan and embark on a two-and-a-half week road trip from New Jersey to California.
(Drama) A BUSY TALENT AGENCY IN HOLLYWOOD. Power plays, scandals and intrigue. The stars and the cut throat agents. Blackmail, bribery. Drugs and sex and cold hard cash. MAD MEN meets GAME OF THRONES meets...HOLLYWOOD!