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(Drama) A woman's desire to rule over the world; she conspires against her own family and kingdom; she gains power but fails to handle it.
(Drama) With little dry land left, navies of former world powers scour the ocean for nuclear bombs hidden underwater around the world. Our characters try finding the bombs first to make a profit in a world of futuristic pirates and tyrants, while dealing with their own shortcomings.
(Drama) Mozek is a planet created in Trevor's brain. The Forbidden Knowledge is just that. With all odds against Trevor, it is up to his guardian angel to set things right with the world. Once Trevor learns of the Forbidden Knowledge, a paradox in the universe is created.
(Drama) A rich family.Daughter alone at home. Thieves enters.Girl suffered from dementia
(Drama) Our lives are not our own. We are connected to one another, our destinies intertwined, caught in an inescapable network of mutuality. Whatever affects one directly affects another indirectly. Illustrating the simplest profound truth; in our loss, is someone’s gain.
(Drama) Its about 4 friends from distinct background and their journey of togetherness. The journey form boys to men and the different complications with change. The journey back from men to boys and the realization of true importance of friendship & love.
(Drama) A little Palestinian girl( born a genius) grows up being told that America and Israel is responsible for the death of her parents on the Gaza Strip.
(Drama) A secret agent is murdered while on a mission. The organization he works for, uses an experimental formula to bring him back from the dead but unbeknownst to him, it wears off in 72 hours. He with his partner must complete the mission and find out who murdered him and why.
(Drama) When dietary supplements eradicate the need to sleep, wealthy citizens pay the poor for their dreams. But the 24-hour system and the society it supports is threatened by a dream that should have never been had.
(Drama) Climate change has caused each country to enforce population reduction policies. Those voted into bubble communities through social media campaigns are chosen to form a new society, while outsiders must fend for themselves, or fight their way in.
(Drama) The show is about four kids who team up together to protect the youth, ultimately saving the world.
(Drama) Alex Perry is a family man who happens to work for a very powerful gangster. After things go wrong, his boss and family are killed. Alex then takes his own life and is brought back by the Devil. Alex now must get revenge in order to see his family again.
(Drama) Golden Gate is a dramatic series about men and women from the highest societies and the lowest underbellies fighting with and against one another for the “American Dream” during the San Francisco gold rush.
(Drama) Meet the young lady that will change Heaven forever. Then meet the champion that will fight all of Hell to save her, for she is his wife and greatest love.
(Drama) Show about girl is a real story
(Drama) This series follows Lisa Goodwin as she hunts down the serial killer that murdered her sister. As she hunts him, she finds there is more than she expected waiting for her.
(Drama) A woman who's soul is as fierce as the flaming hammers she wields, given to her by the Sun Goddess. With the help of her friends, she sets out to free her nation from an age of oppression, where all who use fire magic, are sentenced to life in prison.
(Drama) It's about a young man name Christopher, a drug lord who is taking over Johannesburg, things get difficult when everyone close to him is used as leverage by law enforcement and his enemies.
(Drama) It's about Jon Palmer a British thief. He travels from museum to museum and steals artifacts and old treasures. One day he meets coincidentally with Talia Eisen in Istanbul. She is an independent strong woman and an adventurer. Talia is looking for Barbarossa's lost diary.
(Drama) é um livro de um jovem que nasceu com deficiência cerebral e um dia ele se vê em meio a um apocalipse zumbi tudo que ele queria pode se tornar realidade pois conhecer outros lugares é o que ele mais deseja mais ele vai descobrir que a vida pode ser lindamente trágica
(Drama) Two friends strapped for money get pulled into the criminal world by a murder, threatened with exposing photos of them during the act - will they stick with their new-found life of killing for the "greater good" or will they succumb to the law?
(Drama) Jack has recently come out as transgender.Him and two best friends got accepted into East Bridge school of the arts.Along with dealing with the everyday high school problems jack is also dealing with losing people close to him and everything else that goes with transition.
(Drama) A man returns for his small town, only to found that corruption has bring the whole city to a chaos.
(Drama) a monster who kills people and set free into a small town in the 1940's by accident and has to bestopped while the service hides secrets about the monster.
(Drama) An exploration of what life is like if roles were reversed.
(Drama) Scavenger’s Trail about two brothers who’s lives are turned upside down with their grandfather’s death bed confession that they belong to a family of covert spies and they now need to expose those behind a dangerous cover up.
(Drama) After 40 years, two old college roommates reconnect in Santa Fe, NM, as they desperately attempt to protect a young Cochiti Pueblo genius student under attack by persons and motives unknown.
(Drama) A housing project for young girls with addiction dependency problems is rocked by the sudden disappearance of one of its residents.
(Drama) Even God doesn't play dice with the Universe. These guys do.
(Drama) Nero a grim reaper travels the world to haunted locations to stop malicious phantoms that steal the life force of the living to create a world of their own to rule and finish what they started before they died. Teaming with Barbatos and Bell he will fight to stop these evils