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(Drama) An American Town in the Pacific Northwest with a dark past, where everyone has the same dreams. THE VAMPIRE DIARIES meets SUPERNATURAL.
(Drama) Platinum questions conventional wisdom of monogamy and society’s sexual morality. We follow Ethan and his dangerous new girlfriend Kaysi, as they become pornstars in LA. He and Kaysi discover a volatile new world where emotions can kill and boundaries aren't profitable.
(Drama) When a mysterious stranger recruits her to kill a powerful tyrant, a young demigod is drawn into the conflict between man and god, and must decide where her allegiance lies; while at the same time struggling against the monster within.
(Drama) The first episode of serial drama. Cape Byron is a fictional coastal town. The show revolves around a group of people who have moved to this town to start a new life. Eventually they learn not only can they not escape their past, but they are bound by their mistakes.
(Drama) Based in Tolkien's Middle Earth. The dwarf Balin seeks to reclaim the dwarf home of Moria. After a fight with orcs and a Balrog they are able to reclaim their home. Only to have the orcs return soon after. Brothers and friends perish, fighting till their dying breath.
(Drama) When a family's past comes back to the surface, two brothers battle each other in a fight that could decide the fate of the world.
(Drama) Set as is in 2015, world racing champion "Max Mercury" is kidnapped and enters a twisted Gothic world known as the "Badlands". Ruled by a clan of Orcs and Goblins. Max and other famous racers are then soon forced to race- to the death.
(Drama) A teenage boy's dark dreams seem to connect him with a strange but beautiful girl when he moves to a small town that holds secrets about his family's past.
(Drama) An international terrorist escapes from jail to rise a worldwide revolution, but a mysterious memory loss makes impossible for her to retrieve some necessary information that, if coming to the light, could destroy the world as we know it...
(Drama) A crippled Boer War soldier is rejuvenated with superhuman powers. A shell-shocked WWII Spitfire pilot is hurled 80 years into the future. Both men are unwilling heroes forced to fight a powerful, evil god-like alien entity & save the world from obliteration.
(Drama) The year is 2077. Or is it? Maybe its 2045. I can't be sure anymore. I have to question reality, because i wasn't born into it. I Despise what we as humans have became. Leeches, But That's all going to change. You didn't die in vain . . .
(Drama) The show revolves around a young wannabe screenwriter who is murdered then wakes up in Los Angeles in the body of one of the characters he created. Over the course of the series he shifts between his various creations and attempts to figure out what happened to him.
(Drama) A homophobic man embarks on a journey of self-discovery only to find himself falling in love with another man.
(Drama) Jack Pagan awoke in a hospital after suffering a head injury that left him dead for over 67 minutes. His memories were destroyed but his flirt with death left him a special gift... he can see the shadowy creatures that come to collect our souls and take us to DEAD side.
(Drama) A Canadian man fleeing from the Mounties finds himself in a not-so-typical American suburb. He quickly learns that his new neighbors lead lives darker than the one he's trying to leave behind.
(Drama) A new president's resolve is tested when hostilities between the U.S. and North Korea begin to reveal cracks in her own administration.
(Drama) Humans are at war with a new creature from the sea. Hyrans( Hydro humans) are killing humans at record numbers with ever intention of putting us on the endangered species list. A Hydran befriends a human and each races fate is changed.
(Drama) Two detectives are charged with finding a serial killer of gay men. One of these detectives is an openly gay office and a former Marine. The other officer at times has difficulties with identifying with the gay detective.
(Drama) Savior Mae, an Ethed living in a segregated futuristic utopia, sways between equality and dominance, in a world where beauty is despised.
(Drama) F O R W A R D is a cable prime-time hourlong sci-fi drama, where thenatural and supernatural meet, through human and alien forces. F O R W A R D is the malestrom of human DNA and evolution, with a touch of alien forces at work and government intrigue at play.
(Drama) In 2060, mankind has near colonized Mars, where elections have begun, leaving life on Earth close to isolation. The protagonist, Cynthia, a lesbian artist back in Earth, amidst a fictional city full of crime groups, gets involved with them, and learns that she can disappear.
(Drama) A woman decides to feed her serial killer hunger pain on the rough streets of Chicago. Ardor has a hunger inside of her for thugs and corrupt individuals. Using her womanly charm and her skills Ardor finds out disposing of a body is easy with enough hungry cats.
(Drama) A boy endeavors an epic quest to save his brother from the control of the dragon spirit, Laazar. Pitted against dangers with creatures such as banshee, giants, witches and more, the world continues to fall into turmoil as his brother drastically slips away from his reach.
(Drama) A scientist creates a portal which can take you to your best dream, but there was a mistake - instead, the portal opens up to everyone's worst nightmare and lets them all loose. Follow three groups of people, all trying to figure out what is happening and how to fix it.
(Drama) When dietary supplements eradicate the need to sleep, wealthy citizens pay the poor for their dreams. But the 24-hour system and the society it supports is threatened by a dream that should have never been had.
(Drama) Mozek is a planet created in Trevor's brain. The Forbidden Knowledge is just that. With all odds against Trevor, it is up to his guardian angel to set things right with the world. Once Trevor learns of the Forbidden Knowledge, a paradox in the universe is created.
(Drama) A climate scientist realises that it is deeds and not theories that are going to save the world.
(Drama) In early 2000's in Istanbul, Turkey, young prostitute Oana, can't handle her tough life of being a sex doll, she is committing a murder of her customers. Feeling satisfaction after that, she wants to continue. At the same time, two detectives are trying to stop her.
(Drama) Think Dexter, if he was a 12-year-old girl who ran a criminal empire out of a luxury hotel. Molly is seemingly rescued from a drug den but in reality she was the brains behind the operation. Playing the role of an innocent, she is actually a ruthless psychopath.
(Drama) Michael was created for the sole purpose of birthing worlds from his own matrix coding, solving problems in the worlds that he creates, then passing all the fruits of his labor to Destiny, the ultra-tech company bent on saving the earth at any cost necessary.