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(Drama) (Intended for Adult Animation) After the brutal murder of her father a young girl becomes an adult crime-fighting vigilante. *Writers Guild West Registration #1817897
(Drama) Adam and Eve, of the creation story, never died. They live among us as punishment for their sins in the Garden of Eden. With no memory of their past they are brought together to investigate the supernatural/paranormal while discovering the truth of who they really are.


(Drama) fly
(Drama) One modern American family contends with addiction, betrayal, car crashes, doom, existence, Fate, and God. Both operatic and realistically nuanced in vision, Drowning House stirs audiences to life and marks a new age in cinematic storytelling.
(Drama) 14-year-old Jake and his mother move to a new town. Jake begins attending a new school, where he is constantly bullied by two boys. Too embarrassed to tell his mother, Jake and his mother's relationship begins suffering for reasons she can't understand.
(Drama) A yoga teacher in post 9/11 America to struggles to achieve his dream of owning his own yoga studio. He has talent for teaching and is charismatic but has a dark past and and a lack of cash. He will risk his love, faith and freedom and stirs up some strange karma.
(Drama) Call It Even is a drama series about the hypothetical scenario of African Americans being paid the historical reparations that were promised to former slaves after the Civil War US Govt passes a bill and Americans of African descent are paid 100,000 and all hell breaks loose
(Drama) A crippled Boer War soldier is rejuvenated with superhuman powers. A shell-shocked WWII Spitfire pilot is hurled 80 years into the future. Both men are unwilling heroes forced to fight a powerful, evil god-like alien entity & save the world from obliteration.
(Drama) Platinum questions conventional wisdom of monogamy and society’s sexual morality. We follow Ethan and his dangerous new girlfriend Kaysi, as they become pornstars in LA. He and Kaysi discover a volatile new world where emotions can kill and boundaries aren't profitable.
(Drama) Think of the series 'Lost' taking place on a mysterious, gargantuan alien craft that appears to have been built to accommodate human life with familiar interior architectures and decor. Astronauts become stuck aboard the vessel and they quickly learn they are not alone.
(Drama) Excaped convict outsmarts the authorities time and time again. He vows to take down those who put him in prison in the first place. He takes them out one by one.
(Drama) A racist cop is forced to face some brutal truths about her traumatic past when she returns to the community she blames for her father's death.
(Drama) French, Irish, English, and Scot bring racial and religious prejudices with them to the lawless chaos of 1830s Bytown. Thomas McKay, a man with no power but pragmatism, must use his wits to maintain the power balance between factions and make Bytown a home for his family.
(Drama) The story of a social sciences student that will become the main religious figure in western civilization, merging all religions into one.
(Drama) A former TV child star dreams of getting a big break in the film industry. But, her All-American TV persona, wild child rep, and personal life are obstacles of her getting serious roles. So, Sutton relies on her friends and agent to get through the hardships of Hollywood.
(Drama) A fantasy epic about a human kingdom (Caldor) at war with a goblin kingdom. A renegade Knight, magician and druid aid a goblin to escape the kingdom. The king struggles with political rivals and a rebel group that seek to overthrow him. Dark forces are manipulating events.
(Drama) A group of friends running a memory replay company dive into the mind of a politician and uncover a secret.
(Drama) when a group of people who may or may not have witnessed one of there friends abducted by something of unknown origins . They try to help him piece back the memories but that's when strange things start to occur around town.
(Drama) Calvin is a middle school nerd who is in love with a beautiful girl named Maddie. He confesses a song completely about her. When he shares it Maddie shared it to the whole school, now everyone is laughing and he meets an new friend Penny.
(Drama) Combine the dark dreariness of The Killing with a basketball Friday Night Lights, revisited. Think Hoosiers and the shattered dreams, teammates and unforgiving segment of a community that still cannot believe the final shot bounced away.
(Drama) The language is harsh, the conflicts violent, the desire and despair visceral — and so are the songs. Set in 1976, Truckee recreates the rise of punk culture through the trials of a group of colorful, troubled high school students.
(Drama) The show is about the life of a police detective who's corrective action is posted on social media and goes viral.
(Drama) It's set in the 80's around fashion models. Paul Andrews is trying to make it big as an agent He has his golden ticket(Cory). The story focuses on life as a model and life as an agent. It's a dog eat dog world who is going to make it to the top?
(Drama) When a family's past comes back to the surface, two brothers battle each other in a fight that could decide the fate of the world.
(Drama) A crime writer, his physicist boyfriend and their girlfriend use a new time travel app to investigate historic cold cases.
(Drama) An Iraqi, whose family was killed by U.S. soldiers, must help the F.B.I. find a sleeper cell of terrorists from the fifth 9-11 plane before they can attack the U.S.
(Drama) A young African-American girl inherits her father’s ad agency following his death. Moving to Chicago to rebuild his Midwestern Branch, she must balance her business goals with the drama, stress, and everyday encounters of being a 20-Year Old Black Woman in the city.
(Drama) Set as is in 2015, world racing champion "Max Mercury" is kidnapped and enters a twisted Gothic world known as the "Badlands". Ruled by a clan of Orcs and Goblins. Max and other famous racers are then soon forced to race- to the death.
(Drama) SECRETS, centers around two female juvenile delinquents who made a major breakthrough when they succeeded in their mission and gained their freedom. But suffered a big setback when they started to uncover unbelievable SECRETS about themselves.
(Drama) A African American former NYPD officer accepts a job as sheriff in a small town in Alabama called Mooresville when he his family and dog arrive they are greeted in astonishment they are black this is when a series of events test not just Steve but the entire family.