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(Drama) Game of Thrones meets The Terminator with a focus on character like Lost. Dead Star takes place in the medieval ruins of a collapsed space-faring civilization. The proposed first season is an adaptation of my published fantasy novel, "Dead Star: Frozen Magic."
(Drama) A wondering phantom named Nero Inferno goes to haunted locations and defeats other phantoms that drain life energy from their victims to gain more power create their own world to rule.
(Drama) A middle-aged man hoping to start anew moves to a small town. After a home invader leaves his house redecorated he finds the young female culprit and joins in this odd endeavor. Both shrouded pasts come to light, as they change the lives and homes of the small town locals.
(Drama) The president of Mexico wants to legalize all drugs and start what he calls MGC (Mexico's great cartel). With te aid of a retired general and a young drug lord begins to devise a master plan so they can defeat anyone who interpose on their way to own the drug market.
(Drama) Follows the lives of 3 women as they experience the ups n' downs of a same-sex love triangle while trying to excel in their careers as a financial trader, interior designer, and part time burger shack employee. They are finding themselves and their place in a changing world.
(Drama) Morehouse-educated pathologist, Dr. Patrice Julian believes in modern medicine. As the son of a faith healer he believes in magic. He relocates to L.A. to become a medical examiner. But working with the dead may cost him his life. DR. QIN MEDICAL EXAMINER meets THE KILLING.
(Drama) A girls thirst for revenge sends her into the Bay Area drug game where through a series of bad decisions and un expected events she ends up marrying the man who might have killed her family. Scheyenne goes to the extreme to take down the man responsible for her misfortune.
(Drama) Episode 2: Senator Walsh's back story. Carter pitches Becker and Ethan a proposal regarding project Orion. Valerie becomes part of the game. if you haven't, read episode 1 first
(Drama) An American Town in the Pacific Northwest with a dark past, where everyone has the same dreams. THE VAMPIRE DIARIES meets SUPERNATURAL.
(Drama) Savior Mae, an Ethed living in a segregated futuristic utopia, sways between equality and dominance, in a world where beauty is despised.
(Drama) The cartoon exploits of a teenage zombie stitched together from dead body parts.
(Drama) Evolution talk about past and future of a Company through your famous three-pointed star Mercedes-Benz. The idea is creat one series starting in the past; and this first episode can tell to us the beginning of brand.


(Drama) fly
(Drama) As Impressionists vie to conquer the art world, Vincent van Gogh, before he was famous, before he was completely mad, was in love. Season 1 retraces an often volatile relationship with brother Theo, as they navigate the brothels and galleries of Parisian high society .
(Drama) Call It Even is a drama series about the hypothetical scenario of African Americans being paid the historical reparations that were promised to former slaves after the Civil War US Govt passes a bill and Americans of African descent are paid 100,000 and all hell breaks loose
(Drama) Four Americans, from four walks of life, are forced by an unseen hand to solve unsolvable problems, from domestic, medical and scientific to conspiracies bigger than the one they got banished from Earth for solving.
(Drama) A crippled Boer War soldier is rejuvenated with superhuman powers. A shell-shocked WWII Spitfire pilot is hurled 80 years into the future. Both men are unwilling heroes forced to fight a powerful, evil god-like alien entity & save the world from obliteration.
(Drama) CHELSEA is an up-and-coming advertising whiz whose Ephedrine addiction gets her through days at the office & nights in a mix of bars, clubs, & strangers’ beds. Accidental Mom is the story of how this 30-year-old becomes a mother to the child she never thought she'd have.
(Drama) NSA agent Valerie Wolfe gets more than she bargained for when she becomes mixed up with her lover, Senator Walsh, who is seeking to bring down the Russian government and any one who stands in his way.
(Drama) In a Universe where super powered humans exist, a former soldier pulls together a team of young Sparks to save the world from new threats.
(Drama) A racist cop is forced to face some brutal truths about her traumatic past when she returns to the community she blames for her father's death.
(Drama) A fantasy epic about a human kingdom (Caldor) at war with a goblin kingdom. A renegade Knight, magician and druid aid a goblin to escape the kingdom. The king struggles with political rivals and a rebel group that seek to overthrow him. Dark forces are manipulating events.
(Drama) Platinum questions conventional wisdom of monogamy and society’s sexual morality. We follow Ethan and his dangerous new girlfriend Kaysi, as they become pornstars in LA. He and Kaysi discover a volatile new world where emotions can kill and boundaries aren't profitable.
(Drama) Dallas returns home after nine years to search for her missing daughter.
(Drama) 14-year-old Jake and his mother move to a new town. Jake begins attending a new school, where he is constantly bullied by two boys. Too embarrassed to tell his mother, Jake and his mother's relationship begins suffering for reasons she can't understand.
(Drama) A biological warfare experiment is initiated on a remote island, code name Lambda. The biological agent - the rage virus. The method of delivery - a pack of rabid dogs. The intent - to see if animal to human transfer is possible, causing the population to turn on itself..
(Drama) A young man born with a microscopic nuclear explosion in his heart must save humanity.
(Drama) An Emergency Room doctor named Devony Cardwell is a drug addict. She lives on drugs and that has caused her morals to go arrive. She loves her job and her wife but there are some things that cannot be changed about an addict. The more she develops, the bigger her ego gets.
(Drama) A new president's resolve is tested when hostilities between the U.S. and North Korea begin to reveal cracks in her own administration.
(Drama) After an “accident” David is thrust into the multi-verse where he is forced to hop from one alternate reality to another. Some of these realities are similar to his but most are radically different. A high concept sci-fi tale where the only constant is change.