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(Children and Tweens) Meet the Lil Ratskulz, a group of 5 friends, Nid, Louie, Fwank, Poppy & Red, their pet dragon Arf and their daily adventures. They're just like any other group of kids you're likely to meet, but with a decidedly macabre edge...
(Children and Tweens) Teenage hero Chase Vapor must set out on an adventure to retrieve the water supply of the Earth after it is stolen by an evil race of Aliens
(Children and Tweens) “Gilberto” is a youth oriented sitcom about Brandy, a young woman striving for confidence. In Key West she inherits a beach club and nearby house. The only hitch is this all comes with Gilberto, a zany, unpredictable, swamp creature, with his own set of priorities.
(Children and Tweens) 12 year old Ricky is secretly running a financial empire built on the inventions he steals from his eccentric inventor father. Each episode threatens to expose Ricky in an increasingly complex series of mishaps. Think "3rd Rock" meets "Dexter's Lab".
(Children and Tweens) The Twelve Realms are in danger once more as Sindore the Demon King has been freed from his prison. Marshals Baker must set out on an adventure in a new realm called Mythica to search for the Realm Masters that have lost their memories.
(Children and Tweens) DNA Panther explores what it would be like if every human left the planet. The reason why is never given. The series shows what would happen if Animals were the only living creatures left and how they would co-operate.
(Children and Tweens) A pinch of Winnie the Pooh and a dab of Dr. Seuss blend to create this fanciful CG animated series. The show's endearing characters teach children valuable lessons while entertaining them with toe-tapping music and fantastic visuals. Targeted towards children 5-8
(Children and Tweens) The show follows the adventures of Zug and his adopted Gnome brother Renny, and their friends Pixiedust and Tabmithril as they try to complete quests for the Tink Master Challenge. The Pilot is 22 minutes long, all other episodes will be 11 minutes in length.
(Children and Tweens) Wright Brothers' Mysteries Episode 1 "Tourist Trap" Follow Cade and Evan Wright on this Mystery Adventure ! http://youtu.be/pf5AtMC6xl8
(Children and Tweens) This show follows the antics of Tina Zamboni and her co-horts Sven and Oly, plus visitors to the ship. Like Sasha and Conrad. Takes place in space at an abandoned sky mall space station. Tina was accidentally left behind. Space is vast and you never know who's gonna stop by
(Children and Tweens) The child-Bo is the culmination of powers from the Divine Cow(BOVINE) and The Wish granting Tree(VINE), under Bo’s stewardship a pack of kids and a sentient Panda gang up and indefatigably nix the Evil as and when it rises.
(Children and Tweens) Tina Zamboni is accidentally left behind on the Sky-Lounge, a floating space mall, when it suddenly announces it's out of business and everyone must evacuate immediately. Tina missed the memo and over slept and missed the shuttle home. Now she's stranded in space what next?
(Children and Tweens) Greg Graves comes from a long line of zombie hunters, and is now in possession of The Guide to the Undead, a comprehensive book for destroying, creating and controlling undead monsters. But when it is stolen, Greg must answer the call and continue his family's legacy.
(Children and Tweens) Inspired by the cartoons of the 90s and early 2000s, J.U.S.T. Kittens follows the heroic exploits of three super-powered kittens and a genius mouse as they fight to protect “Kit City” and the world from evil pets.
(Children and Tweens) Nelly Bly a 19th century passionate empowered woman journalist confronted any injustice in New York City. She set the record for a trip around the world, went undercover in an asylum, and worked for Pulitzer at the New York World.
(Children and Tweens) Splat, Cracker and Exactly are three mischievous young eggs who sure know how to have a good time. Whether they are getting under the feet of P.C. Boiler, egg-sperimenting with Exactly’s latest invention, causing chaos in the Eggcup Café
(Children and Tweens) Madeline and her family have been all around the world and now for father who is an archaeologists has decided to take a job in Cranberry Hills. Madeline finds life in a small town daunting especially since everyone refers to her as an outta-towner.
(Children and Tweens) Two brothers are yanked from their everyday lives to protect Earth from an invasion of Alien Etomites.
(Children and Tweens) Four kids of dysfunctional movie business parents are thrown together in a school-in-a-bus with an unusual teacher and her boyfriend, the stuntman. Moving from location to location, the spirited kids bond over their mission to stay together and survive crazy adventures.
(Children and Tweens) Iza is an immature girl with the capacity of doing whatever she pretends to be a reality. Along with her friends and family, she saves the world, unravels a mystery or just plain bakes pie, but anything can be done and always be fun.
(Children and Tweens) Six anthropomorphic rabbits, with super abilities, fight to prevent an evil wolf mad scientist and his army of super humans from trying to enslave humanity.
(Children and Tweens) This animated series follows the espers Hidariude, Kichiku, Keisei and Douji who were created by 7th Moon to take over the world, but instead choose to save the world from their tyrannical creators.
(Children and Tweens) Peter Cogg and his family move from the city to the small town of Wyrdville. It’s isn't long before Wyrdville starts living up to its name. No one seems to notice something is amiss except for a ragtag group of kids who possess special gifts.
(Children and Tweens) How to Be Cool is a children's comedy show about a boy named Dylan who is a nerd and his cool bestfriends Corry and Paris who show him that to be cool all you have to do is be yourself and have fun while your young
(Children and Tweens) Follow Gizzy, the not-so-normal kitten, as he foils villains, saves lives, creates gadgets and chases clues at the world renown Nine Lives feline spy agency, all while avoiding the dog next door in order to make it back home in time for dinner!
(Children and Tweens) Smart but unable to control her temper, young Cassidy is cursed by her babysitter and sent on a redemption mission to resolve Internet disputes with the aid of her magical teacup cat.
(Children and Tweens) Time Unit is an animated series about FBI agents who travel to historical periods throughout time to investigate important events.
(Children and Tweens) MBTV follows the imagination of Heidi through an abandoned TV set at the bottom of her garden. Whatever she's thinking at the time, gets woven into a fantastical story with her mini beast friends in LuLu Land. E.g. The Juicenarium, which is a story about 'thirst'.
(Children and Tweens) Based on the feature film of the same name (download the movie off Amazon) this series is a science-fiction adventure. In each episode, Arthur Lyle navigates through the treacherous situations of teenage life while simultaneously saving the world from an evil dragon.