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(Children and Tweens) Our legendary hero, Kung Fu Joe, is confronted by a Mad Scientist and his bizarre minions bent on ruling the world. With the help of the Detective and a Master Pirate, Joe must battle against ninjas, a hunchback and a guy with a plant for a head to save the world from evil.
(Children and Tweens) An eighteen year old retrieves the power of the Armor Guardian and transmorphs to Armor Guardian: LUX. With the the help of his two friends he needs to retrieve all Sife Stones before the evil Darkrids do, and save the city aswell from chaos and havoc.
(Children and Tweens) For centuries, a centaur named Chiron has trained the half-human descendants of the Greek Gods. But after a near fatal injury, he must call upon his own half-human children to take his place as a mentor to the demigods of this generation.
(Children and Tweens) A group of diabolical evil doers are attempting to bring armies of video game villains in to our world. Their mission is to digitize earth into a game & turn the game world in to reality. All that stands in their way is a group of uber gamers called Console Marinez.
(Children and Tweens) Four kids of dysfunctional movie business parents are thrown together in a school-in-a-bus with an unusual teacher and her boyfriend, the stuntman. Moving from location to location, the spirited kids bond over their mission to stay together and survive crazy adventures.
(Children and Tweens) Amelia Pine has deleted all of scientific history. Now, along with her friend Jake and her sentient computer Neil, she must travel through time to help scientists rediscover their important theories, laws, and proofs.
(Children and Tweens) Tina Zamboni is accidentally left behind on the Sky-Lounge, a floating space mall, when it suddenly announces it's out of business and everyone must evacuate immediately. Tina missed the memo and over slept and missed the shuttle home. Now she's stranded in space what next?
(Children and Tweens) Nelly Bly a 19th century passionate empowered woman journalist confronted any injustice in New York City. She set the record for a trip around the world, went undercover in an asylum, and worked for Pulitzer at the New York World.
(Children and Tweens) In a world where adults and kids have switched places, a team of safety patrol officers protect their town from illegal sugar traders, Santa cultists, and other miscreants. One officer specifically has a bone to pick with the leader of a gang of underground candy dealers.
(Children and Tweens) Teen scientist Leo accidentally creates a device that teleports LEXX, an alien from the planet Endora to his bedroom in Seattle. Now it's up to Leo to find a way to send LEXX home before everyone finds out he's from out of this world.
(Children and Tweens) Splat, Cracker and Exactly are three mischievous young eggs who sure know how to have a good time. Whether they are getting under the feet of P.C. Boiler, egg-sperimenting with Exactly’s latest invention, causing chaos in the Eggcup Café
(Children and Tweens) Meet the Lil Ratskulz, a group of 5 friends, Nid, Louie, Fwank, Poppy & Red, their pet dragon Arf and their daily adventures. They're just like any other group of kids you're likely to meet, but with a decidedly macabre edge...
(Children and Tweens) An average (but totally awesome) girl named Cindy becomes the owner of a magic book of Fairy tales. When an accident knocks several characters out of the book she must help get them back into their stories before they turn her life into a wacky fairytale adventure!
(Children and Tweens) a childrens cartoon series dealing with current issues (race, ethnicity, gender, climate change), using various animals & insects of the forest in a 'community' setting to teach lessons and educate children.
(Children and Tweens) A team of adolescent magical heroes must battle destructive, unique, and over-the-top villains to defend their home and escape the hands of fate.
(Children and Tweens) Geared-Up and Girl-Powered!Teenage hero, Dawn Dire, takes up a summer job. This job is being a hero for hire in the metropolis, Grand City. With the maniacal Monkey-Man, the rampaging Goliath and other irregular villains abound, she sees that being a hero is a full-time gig.
(Children and Tweens) Duncandane was unknowingly cursed by an evil Witch as an infant, due to a foul bargain made by his father, the King. He travels the world to discover why every man he encounters shall want his death and every woman shall want his love.
(Children and Tweens) 6 kids who want to give their school news in a fun way but have to stress over being in middle school, their ravel newspaper, and the drama of being in preteen years.
(Children and Tweens) Wright Brothers' Mysteries Episode 1 "Tourist Trap" Follow Cade and Evan Wright on this Mystery Adventure ! http://youtu.be/pf5AtMC6xl8
(Children and Tweens) DNA Panther explores what it would be like if every human left the planet. The reason why is never given. The series shows what would happen if Animals were the only living creatures left and how they would co-operate.
(Children and Tweens) An Asian Superhero with an Angel sidekick and a Hispanic love interest battles villains on Earth after going to an alien school on a another planet .
(Children and Tweens) this show is about stories made through Darwinism. its purpose is to help children learn darwinism through animantion and missions. this series talk about three children who will be sent to record information at every human state of evolution and to cancel all mysteries.
(Children and Tweens) a young princess reunites with her mother after 13 years and has to learn the ropes of her newly acquired role as a royal in order to inherit the throne one day.
(Children and Tweens) Life's a Beach... or is it?
(Children and Tweens) Iza is an immature girl with the capacity of doing whatever she pretends to be a reality. Along with her friends and family, she saves the world, unravels a mystery or just plain bakes pie, but anything can be done and always be fun.
(Children and Tweens) This new cartoon series is based on point totals that Carl will score when killing predators who try and eat them. His best friend Abe gets eaten by humans. Carl ask the shop teacher to build weapons so his school friends can graduate. The school gets greedy creating chaos.
(Children and Tweens) An eight year old boy discovers a genie who can grant him any wish he desires
(Children and Tweens) 7 people Silverfox Ash Ashes Xeonox Tangle Neonfox And Rainbowfox who have to fight they're evil selves from taking over the world
(Children and Tweens) It is the year of 2012 and four teenagers have been taken against their will by the Gods of Olympus to fight in a war against an army of evil.