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(Drama) It tells the story of an amoral relationship counsellor, who delights in destroying relationships. He's also dead and speaking from beyond the grave as he retraces the events that lead to his death and attempts to identify who's killed him.
(Primetime Comedy) Black comedy series based around a domestic terrorist organization that operates with inpunity from the U.S. Government. Dirty Works employes American citizens to sabatoge the "American Dream" for and against some of the biggest Corporations.
(Primetime Comedy) Surviving the hustle of New York/California life as a gay person... with a crazy but fun loving set of true ghetto-ish friends.
(Children and Tweens) Children... People...From another planet, with 'special powers', who visit earth. The series is built around stories which share why the "Earth Visitors" visit earth, their abilities and the fact that they only show themselves to those they wish to see them.
(Primetime Comedy) It's a sketch show formatted like some sort of hyper-absurd TV station, segueing in and out of extreme, surreal, or darkly humorous skits with television white static.
(Primetime Comedy) This show follows a group of friends living together and the adventures they get into trying to make ends meet.
(Drama) First, up, close and personal account of jack the Ripper.
(Primetime Comedy) Two morning television co-hosts must navigate their love/hate relationship.
(Drama) Kirk Montgomery, a young Australian man, searches for the extinct Tasmanian Tiger. On his journey, he encounters Vanessa Rendell, a young woman who shares his passion for this mission, & who may end up also stealing his heart.
(Primetime Comedy) We have all sat there on the sofa and either shouted at the TV or told a partner “I could do that” or “I could of done that” This would be a 8 to 10 part documentary series actually testing this theory, not just for sports but also careers.
(Primetime Comedy) Three friends finish training at one of the best wrestling camps in Iowa, only to discover what they THOUGHT they knew, was only the beginning. INDY SLEAZE is the true story of best friends going into a dream of being a pro wrestlers together, only to come out changed.
(Primetime Comedy) Insert Wish Here is an organization that grants last requests to children and adults who only have a limited time to live out their final wishes. The show focuses on the group within the organization that has to deal with the "ungrantable" requests the foundation receives.
(Preschool) Jake, the ever-curious explorer, and Bailey, his best pup pal, embark on "their everyday life Amazing Adventures" that highlight each letter of the alphabet. A diverse group of favorite friends, family and "new acquaintances, add to the magical journey adventure experience.
(Drama) When someone finds out about a dark secret from their past, Charlie, Amber, Shauna and Lexa see their lives turning into chaos, as they'll have to deal not only with their secrets, but also with their disastrous relationships and getting back to their hometown.
(Drama) The Middle East is heating up; the USA learns that a dormant Nuclear plant has come alive. Top military bass meet at The Raven Rock Mountain Complex and hatch up a covert mission to destroy the plant and eliminate the Dictator, restoring the balance of power in Middle East.
(Primetime Comedy) Desperate for money, Charles tries to manipulate the other two inheritors of Albatross Gables to sell their shares in the estate.
(Primetime Comedy) On the run from the mob, a struggling Puerto Rican Jewish comedian ends up in Eden, Nebraska, broke, but alive. Now stuck in the land of the brave and the home of annoying Christians, he battles with his left sense of humor to survive.
(Primetime Comedy) Chaz and Brandy realize that they are two very talented individuals. They just cant seem to have continued success. Their successes are very short lived. It's only when they are in great relationships that they gain success. So they'll try to hook each other up, until......
(Primetime Comedy) A parody of 80s shows like "Hart to Hart", follows married wealthy couple Ted and Tanya Lush, who in their spare time solve crimes for other rich people, when they're not partying, getting drunk or shopping.
(Drama) A subversive but affectionate tribute to an era of contemporary American teen comedy-dramas. This short episodic series loosely based on real-life events follows a small ensemble of close friends who attend a Catholic college preparatory in the San Francisco Bay Area.
(Primetime Comedy) The hit series "Modern Family".. but black and white! with hints of stereotypical humor.. In other words: A predominantly black and white interracial couple use Love, Laughter,and Stereotypical humor to get through todays society.
(Drama) A group of young adults whom are living in a post world war America. They now have the task of informing the people that their new leader isn't a savior... but is the son of satan.
(Primetime Comedy) A serial comedy about a mother’s snooping attempts to reconnect her daughter with her favorite son-in-law against their wishes.


(Primetime Comedy) A middle aged ex-trust fund kid learns life's most valuable lessons when she gets the chance to be a mother to the, now teenage, daughter she put up for adoption.
(Children and Tweens) The project Origami Animati is created by the idea to enjoy children with the various stories and to teach them how to create a character with the help of the paper. In each episode will be thought something to our little spectators.
(Drama) Alison Sinclair IS perfect. After taking an unknown drug at a medical trial, she wakes up with the perfect body, a flawless personality and can never get sick, age, or die. A Perfect Girl! Except for one thing...she must never have a baby...
(Drama) A 19-year-old boy who graduated from Yale at 15, Harvard at 18 & published a novel at 18 is hired as a college professor. Only problem is he's miserable, depressed, petrified that his twin sister will kill him & has an active relationship with F. Scott Fitzgerald's ghost.
(Primetime Comedy) "REAL REALITY" is a half-hour comedy series. Each episode is a stand-alone presentation taking the themes of existing reality shows and offering them up in a satirical treatment. It is edgy and irreverent, exposing the obusrdity of this expanding genre.
(Primetime Comedy) TV news reporter Jamie Wallace is looking for love while negotiating the peaks and pitfalls of her career. When she's not covering killers, crooked politicians and lunatics, Jamie tolerates her dysfunctional coworkers as she considers having a baby with her gay best friend.
(Primetime Comedy) A recently dumped gay guy struggles to live in harmony with his two unusual roommates: a robot curious about the human world, and a gentle ninja with a mysterious past. Three unlikely roommates take life's ups and downs together, finding friendship along the way.