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(Primetime Comedy) Mark Knowles, a British transplant and NYC public school principal, commits a school infraction, and must report daily to a Temporary Reassignment Center (“RUBBER ROOM”). He immediately clashes with his zany "roommates", long time denizens of the Rubber Room.
(Drama) A drama set in a Northern Town around a woman wanting to manage a poor local football team.
(Primetime Comedy) After James Lafell's family finds out about his dark past time, they hold an intervention for him to stop before he gets into trouble. In a series of dark twists and turns we find that his family isn't saintly in comparison.
(Primetime Comedy) Michael Smith a Medical student who decides to become a city monk after his wedding to his engaged fiancé fails. What he does not know is that fate is punishing him for someone’s mistake.
(Primetime Comedy) Two young sisters befriend the boisterous ghost of a Hollywood starlet trapped in a hotel their dad is tearing down.
(Preschool) dfgdfg
(Primetime Comedy) The students, faculty and parents are willing to do whatever it takes to get their way at a Catholic grade school in Detroit, MI.
(Drama) Stories that dominated the news over the past few years and the social conscience of America; rape & race: rape: the Stanford rape case and the VirginaTech/RollingStone magazine hoax; race: 3 stories for sure : Freddie Gray, Michael Brown and Trayvon Martin cases;
(Primetime Comedy) A demon must balance his job as an executive sales manager with his mission to study human nature in order to win over more souls.
(Drama) In the heart of LA’s wealthy suburbia, a teenage sociopath entices the girl-next-door into his dangerous and dysfunctional world.
(Drama) An animated action series about a cyborg samurai who must save the world from an army of genetically engineered super soldiers that he used to fight alongside.
(Drama) A young boy destined to save the world from aliens grows up into an apathetic, bitter adult struggling with his fame, must overcome his emotional trauma to save it once more.
(Primetime Comedy) The government is facing a rebellion and in order to control it they activate a chip inside civilians brains rendering them into robots. The story follows three college students as they discover the onbe thing that blocks the governments control; marijuana.
(Drama) Three twenty-something friends - a Congressional staffer, a journalist, and a consultant - live together in DC while constantly arguing, dealing with their idiosyncratic bosses, and encountering other opinionated characters as they struggle to make their marks.
(Primetime Comedy) A highly skilled military team was captured and turned into chinchillas. Now they're known as the C-Squad and protect the world from various threats. Bathing in the ashes of their enemies.
(Primetime Comedy) buddy crime show about the absurdities of organized crime and the awkward situations all human face- even those with guns
(Primetime Comedy) Four roommates with nothing in common must endure the hardships of college.
(Primetime Comedy) The story chronicles the lives of four flight crew members and frequent passengers; addicts of various types. The crew bond amongst themselves and with passengers, because their commute is an escape from the realities they encounter on the ground.
(Drama) Humanities first time-travelers return to our present day and struggle to prevent the genetic war that will split our species in two. As they fight to determine the root cause of the epidemic, they uncover artifacts that question whether or not they were the first after all
(Children and Tweens) A simple group of pigeons liviing on a rooftop in New York City... yet adventure finds them. Are these weaponized Carriers really saving the world every month, or is it all in their heads? Join Fable, Gladius, Dark Dove and Cherrybomb as they battle the underworld of NY!
(Drama) Musical drama series about a renowned performing arts school and the personal lives of its students.
(Drama) Betrayed by his longtime partner, Malcolm Black is forced to flee Miami. He becomes the ruthless leader of a drug cartel and plots revenge on his former associate. Years later, his return to the United States strikes down the existing drug syndicate along with his partner.
(Primetime Comedy) Set in Vancouver, Washington, the show is based on my father's childhood. It follows the lives of the Larson Family and their experiences of life in the 80s.
(Drama) the 2 year saga from the time of the original Watergate break-in, June 1972 through the entire machinations of the "White House horrors" culminating in Nixon's resignation, August 1974.
(Primetime Comedy) A bounty hunter who tires of chasing rednecks in the wilds of Georgia, relocates to Las Vegas for more action, adventure, and excitment.
(Primetime Comedy) Five personal trainers at a top performing gym work on getting their clients and personal lives into shape.
(Drama) The story talks about Michael, the angel who, after the secondrevolution in the Heaven goes to the earth for searching the God's reincarnation. There are a lot of enemies against him.
(Drama) UCLA senior Sarah Hoffman must decide whether “to suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune or to take arms against a sea of troubles.”
(Primetime Comedy) The story tells of a man who was hypnotized. And who can not return to health
(Drama) Four recent high school graduates navigate relationships while seeking their path in life. They stumble upon an abandoned café and are intrigued by its potential. Despite the risk, they turn it into the neighborhood hotspot, attracting the owner’s attention.