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(Drama) It follows a trio of black sisters who discover that they are witches, destined to fight the demons using their witchcraft.
(Drama) The rape & death of teenage girl inside the headquarters of Spectrumism, a religion, founded in the 19th century, sparks a nationwide investigation on the practices and the secrets of the religion leaders. The show deals with the struggle of religion with power & humanity.
(Primetime Comedy) Following five male golfers who reveal more about themselves and their lives on the golf course, an updated and more cutting "Cheers" Each golfer represents a different generation, social and economic level but on the golf course their lives become comic relief
(Primetime Comedy) It's 1750's Georgian London… but this is a live satirical comedy looking at today's news events through the eyes of long ago… period cool with rapier wit.
(Children and Tweens) Four teenagers in Montana go rock hunting and come across a cave named by the Indians Hopi it is to be believed as a time travel portal that takes them back in time of our greatest moments in history each week is another time in history that will be educational and fun
(Drama) A murderer on Death Row is given a reprieve. If he can solve a crime each week on live television he can win a year off his sentence. He has been "given" 9 lives and each week he can win back a life if he solves the crime; if not he is due to die in three months.
(Primetime Comedy) One sister finished school, attended college, abstained from sex before marriage, and works two full-time jobs. Her older sister dropped out, had four fatherless children , and makes a living off child support checks and government subsidies. Who's better off?
(Drama) An ambitious detective must hunt down a psychopathic serial killer in Seattle, but he finds out the killer is his childhood friend, and must choose between justice or friendship.
(Children and Tweens) This fun creative cooking show will teach kids and teens how to prepare, create safe fun nutritional snacks and meals between dinner time with a fun perky chef named "Selfie" Chef who not only loves to teach cooking but takes selfies during the show with his finished meals
(Primetime Comedy) The misadventures of the second worst newsroom in America following the arrival of an inexperienced consultant.
(Drama) In the Bronx, whatever is pulled out, another one grows in the garden. People from all backgrounds face an unexpected goal that makes them lose a sense of their own morals. In the end, their actions cause a conflict with new characters in each episode.
(Children and Tweens) The series is about a teen vampire, who tries to balance his life and balance with the new abilities and the vampire clan who wants him, even lycans and more, his new adventure begins with becoming a teen and vampire...
(Primetime Comedy) Strange, amusing and unusual things happen at the office on our daily nine to fives in cities all across the United States, follow the Fly on the wall as he takes on a journey to witness the comedic activity.
(Children and Tweens) THE MYTHICAL ADVENTURES OF ODIE YOUNG is a ½ hour, live action, dramedy about a fourteen-year-old boy who accidentally summons the legendary Odysseus from Greek Mythology to his hometown of Illian.
(Children and Tweens) A fitness show designed to teach children and teens about being healthy thru good eating habits and exercise in a fun creative way.
(Children and Tweens) The series is about a 10 yrs old boy and his adventure, who is created by his father a god as a newest edition to the family but also a reason for smile on god's wife face as their new son while he has a older brother who doesn't like him first but later accepts him,
(Primetime Comedy) This series is a spoof of the zombie craze that it is going on in the world right now. Think Walking Dead meets Animal House
(Drama) It is a short horror story for children, who like horror stories. Some changes and recommendations can still be made if required, by Amazon. !Thank You!
(Primetime Comedy) High-maintenance power player Trish Macaluso struggles to keep the New York public television station she's run for twelve years from imploding under the pressure of ridiculously incompetent employees, plummeting ratings, and corporate espionage.
(Children and Tweens) Follow Silver a young sailor and his brother as they voyage across the vast ocean facing stone giants, muscle sharks, gorillas, vikings and more in his dream to become the arm wrestling champion and to gain a throne in the stone chamber of legends
(Primetime Comedy) Bill Fox is a former bit actor turned private detective in L.A. As a former "SAG card holder" he runs a make shift talent agency and poaches his out of work Entertainment talent to help solve his private eye cases.
(Primetime Comedy) Former NHL top prospect Ben Pearl is bribed by his landlord and former High School equipment manager to play in a beer league.
(Primetime Comedy) Two young art world wannabes from the opposite side of the tracks, navigate the social and personal politics of the elite 1980's, New York art scene.
(Drama) A young man goes from being homeless and a nobody, to being best friends with the British mafia. Becoming their man on the outside he has to decide whether this is really a better life for himself. What follows is a quirky story of violence, morality, and money.
(Children and Tweens) The Ten Commandments meets Chickenkind.
(Drama) "Coventry Mall" is a speculative screenplay based on the TV series "Big Little Lies" in which the Mackenzie family characters -- Ed, Madeline and Abigail -- are involved in an employee protest in the mall that Ed manages.
(Drama) Set in 902 ACE, Danelaw is a 4 x 1 hr TV drama charting the story of Ingrid, a Viking woman fighting to reclaim her village from Godric, a rival Saxon Earl, among the sometimes violent political upheaval in a time where nothing is quite as it seems.
(Drama) Examining the calamitous circumstances surrounding fictionalized acts of terror, we explore from myriad perspectives, an individuals ability to endure and overcome the graphic and harrowing situations with which they have been subjected.
(Drama) A woman and her niece open a brothel to pay off a massive gambling debt and find themselves falling deeper into the dangerous world of sex, money, and murder.
(Primetime Comedy) Life in an online dating site that pairs gorgeous Russian women with European and American men.