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(Primetime Comedy) A pioneer on the Oregon Trail stumbles through a rift in the space-time continuum and into the lives of a twenty-first century family.
(Primetime Comedy) Grandpa Ganja runs a medical pot dispensary in L.A. and encounters a wide assortment of clients who are all stoners and vastly entertaining in that each is an archetype of some sort of zaniness.
(Primetime Comedy) This is the second of seven episodes of the sitcom where we meet the Boys in the Backroom.
(Children and Tweens) Riley Burton, an unlucky 11 year old boy, is killed by a shooting star and ends up in the afterlife. He discovers that he must find employment there and is sent to a series of bizarre job vacancies. But, for someone as unlucky as Riley, holding onto a job proves difficult.
(Primetime Comedy) When an absent-minded director runs the show - you never know what to expect. This show is about a ragtag group of college student filmmakers who don't know what they are doing.
(Primetime Comedy) Stan and Magnus are two professional wrestlers whose job is to lose. One day, Stan is dragged kicking and screaming into the main event by Dr. Dynamite, the world champ, and the most popular wrestler on the roster, when he believes Stan is having an affair with his ex-wife.
(Primetime Comedy) A Fabulous thirtysomething Gay man from NYC with no career and still living in his mother's basement decides to get his life together by going back to college in Chicago and get his degree.
(Primetime Comedy) This work is best summarized as comic sci-fi; Think high-flying radio drama mixed with a Saturday morning cartoon show, or as I’ve billed the series, an Electro-Punk Island Adventure.
(Preschool) Rip and Run Jamison are twin three year old boys who love to run at light speed and bring fast funtastic chaos to the world around them.
(Primetime Comedy) Trey, a recent business school graduate has left the safe confines of his parents North Carolina home to take a job in New York City. Lucky for Trey he has the support of his new roommates in his estranged gay cousin, Donovan Pratt and Donovan’s best friend Kyla Weston.
(Preschool) Rip and Run Jamison are two twin three year old boys who can zip and zoom as fast as light speed. We explore their every day adventures with their mommy (Sara), daddy (Caleb), and Grandma as they make their lives a beautiful whirl wind blur of chaotic excitement.
(Primetime Comedy) Comedy, Drama and Chaos ensue as two life long friends turned business partners find that the idiosyncrasies that once bonded their friendship now jeopardize their business relationship and the future of their fledgling indie music label.
(Primetime Comedy) Jeff Malloy is a former criminal psychologist who takes a job as corrections officer to write a book on his experiences. He's surrounded by a power hungry warden and a cast of goofball characters including a cable tv icon turned inmate in a minimum security facility.
(Children and Tweens) Former Imperial Royal Guard now turned space pirate, Captain Sonja Trage finds the long lost Daughter of the murdered Imperial Family.
(Primetime Comedy) Gary is a twenty-nine year old loser with no hopes or prospects. Leo is his apathetic guardian angel. When Gary loses his will to live, Leo must break his anonymity and show Gary what life on Earth is all about: taking advantage of others to get what you want.
(Primetime Comedy) Two Diplomats from Israel And Palestine, are getting the assignment, to make the ultimate peace agreement in the middle east, with an international negotiator(which comes from a different state, every episode). unfortunately, they are creating the worst peace agreement....
(Primetime Comedy) The members of “Club House”, a former one-hit-wonder boy-band, try to regain the spotlight by any means necessary in a world that has turned against them. Desperately trying to get back on top of the charts, their constant dysfunction will hinder their way back up.
(Primetime Comedy) Grandpa Ganja runs a legal medical marijuana dispensary in L.A. The opening episode is titled The First Day. There are seven completed episodes here.
(Primetime Comedy) On the run from the mob, a struggling Puerto Rican Jewish comedian ends up in Eden, Nebraska, broke, but alive. Now stuck in the land of the brave and the home of annoying Christians, he battles with his left sense of humor to survive.
(Children and Tweens) “Charlie the Great White Horse and the story of the Magic Jingle Bells”, is a children’s Christmas story that evokes the adventure, fantasy and magical happy-endings…of a simpler time in America.
(Primetime Comedy) Recent dental school grads, Miles, Vivian and Sen live together in Washington, D.C. and are faced with a unique dilemma when Miles' parents go through tough times economically and demand to move into Miles' row house "temporarily."
(Primetime Comedy) Two going nowhere twenty-something’s, Sam and Beckett, spend their days working at the local cemetery, when a mysterious girl (Morgan) comes into their lives. This meeting then leads the pair to stumble upon a creative new business venture…hunting down zombies.
(Children and Tweens) 5 young superheroes spend their summer months at a camp specifically designed for superheroes where they'll learn all the necessary skills for a young superhero, while competing against the villain camp across the lake.
(Children and Tweens) A Groundhog Mailroom Clerk and his friends repeatedly ruin nature while trying to further their careers at the National Park.
(Primetime Comedy) REUBEN HUGHES is a radio personality for KHOL in Los Angeles who hosts a request show. Unlike normal request shows, where listeners are comforted during their romances, Hughes mocks the blindly smitten. In contrast to work, he is a gentle family man with two children.
(Primetime Comedy) South of Southern is a new half hour comedy/drama series that lifts the veil of secrecy from the social climbers and social elites. South of Southern pulls back the curtain of propriety that so eloquently masks the true nature lying at the heart of each character.
(Primetime Comedy) Aphrodite. jealousy due.... living in the past .memories wipe out the. sends Earth psikeyi. Psike not remember anything about life in the past What a great love Erosu, nor the gods of OlympusTo bring back the great love of eros psikeyi Zeus sought help
(Primetime Comedy) Kyla Hart, a recent police acadamey graduate, reluctulantly lets her step-mother (Monroe Hart ) move in after being dumped by Kyla's father. Dispite the fact that Monroe is only six years older , she keeps trying to control Kyla's life.
(Primetime Comedy) Splash is a sitcom created and directed by Ugo Minghini. Splash is a handmade product low budget that has a strong and effective dramatic imprint.Organized by a group of young professionals, the sitcom wants to entertain the audience with lightness and simplicity.