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(Drama) Happily Ever After is a fantasy-crime show that takes place in a dark contemporary world where fairytales secretly live alongside humans. When fairytales start suddenly dying, local lawyer Rowan Pearse tries to get the bottom of the mystery.
(Drama) Action and crime - the European answer to the Bourne Trilogy and Mission Impossible – with the pace of Bourne, but without the technical frippery of Mission Impossible.
(Drama) Four individuals do whatever it takes to survive as the war of the 22nd Century reeks havoc in the Eatherian Nation.
(Primetime Comedy) The show centers around a 15 year old named Trevor who's uber religious parents died tragically and Trevor is forced to go and live with his uncle Gary - A barely-sane fetish porn producer - and his uncle's Life-partner, Bruce - an erudite chef and master of etiquette.
(Drama) This is a true story which shows how a Trade Union Chairman became corrupted by the Belfast Employers. He formed a Private Court with the Employers for persecuting Union members, and ordered them to discharge Asbestos without protection to save the Employers money.
(Primetime Comedy) Sneaky Vic is Victor Whitman and his adventures.
(Primetime Comedy) Max sees the world in a unique way. The show follows Max, a 7th grader, as he faces life's problems head on with the help of his friends, family, and teachers.
(Children and Tweens) Russ, a student with ADHD, gets sidetracked from schoolwork on some amazing projects which puts him in jeopardy of failing school. Despite his difficulties he ends up making a positive contribution to the school community.
(Drama) A battle between sorcerers and magicians over a patch of lane named, Meadow Lane, that holds the power to control existence. This is a magical surreal series. Think of the TV shows Twin Peaks, Preacher, Legion, The Magicians, and Supernatural.
(Drama) Milan, a condo like so many, apparently. A commissioner dedicated to his case, one as many, apparently. A massacre, a carnage, bloody bodies, and a family that no longer exists. History of ordinary madness in the great Italian metropolis? A shot of anger?
(Drama) A group of detectives who solve supernatural crimes and have to defeat supernatural beings in Moonlight City.
(Drama) A young bi-racial girl fights through adversity at every turn, struggling with her cultural identity, self-worth, and a mother that is addicted to alcohol and drugs. With the help of a retired -- equally broken -- bluesman, the young girl finds solace in blues guitar.
(Primetime Comedy) It's a show about the internet. It takes place in the office of a digital humor website called "Sick and Satired". The show is structured like a sketch show with a single narrative. Each creator has their own style, so it includes sketch, musical comedy, and street pieces.
(Primetime Comedy) Michael, an everyday man, is pressured by his friends, as well as his girlfriend Jessica, to enter an open relationship. He reluctantly tries it out, but bad luck follows him around... until he meets Polly. Things get complicated when he starts getting emotionally attached.
(Children and Tweens) Danny works in his family shop with his best friend Chaz. Together they get into adventures surround all the strange items on sale, and the even stranger customers....
(Children and Tweens) A young man and a child are paired up to host an elementary school talk show to their resistance. As they do the show they realize it's a chance to take a break from their difficult lives, and begin to make it an experience in and of itself.
(Primetime Comedy) Led by their skeptical director and overly passionate host, an inexperienced paranormal investigation crew stumbles through several ghost-ridden locations in an attempt to produce a haunting reality TV show.
(Primetime Comedy) After finding out they are expecting a child, a couple decides to leave their precarious life in London for a normal one somewhere else; however, they soon realize that a new place can't prevent old habits from dying hard
(Children and Tweens) Four teenagers in Montana go rock hunting and come across a cave named by the Indians Hopi it is to be believed as a time travel portal that takes them back in time of our greatest moments in history each week is another time in history that will be educational and fun
(Primetime Comedy) It is a comedy series about two person Elvis and Peter. Both are strangers but because of bad situation in their life they wound up meeting and become friends. Whole series is based on funny and weird stuffs happens in their lives in L.A.
(Children and Tweens) A young little girl who wants to become a famous actress. She is smart and very witty for a nine year old. She runs many of schemes to try and make it to Hollywood. Luckily she has a smart best-friend by her side who will try to help her avoid trouble.
(Primetime Comedy) Creating a Show choir TV Show featuring High School Across American who can sing and Dance and get the crowds going.
(Primetime Comedy) The misadventures of the second worst newsroom in America following the arrival of an inexperienced consultant.
(Primetime Comedy) The show is a sitcom about Steve, a 19 year old unlucky in love university student whose life is turned upside down when a a blast from the past re-enters his life, with some extra baggage in her belly...
(Primetime Comedy) A young condom tester (not as exciting a job as it sounds) gets the opportunity to work at an orgy planning company.
(Primetime Comedy) A mockumentory style comedy show that follows the lives of individuals who work at a school for young children. 'Educators' allows for each character working at the school to have a say through a combination of both one-on-one interviews and footage taken while they work.
(Primetime Comedy) After being dropped by his record label, a former nu-metal prodigy is forced to move back home.
(Children and Tweens) This animated series, which is a blend of Hey Arnold and Recess, tells the colorful story of Frankie, an elementary-school kid with a laundry list of allergies, and her friends as they journey through adolescence and allergen avoidance.
(Primetime Comedy) Sassy Gay Samurai, his unicorn roommate Gary, and their across-the-hall neighbor John Buffalo, battle supervillains across time to save the world, and sometimes Christmas.
(Primetime Comedy) Two misguided young adults working menial labored jobs as parking lot attendants get try to make ends meet in a failing economy and dead end job.