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(Primetime Comedy) A young female, college graduate, who just gave birth to her first son. She lost her job and decides to sell her breast milk for money.
(Primetime Comedy) After a career in the entertainment industry, Anne goes back to school to get her law degree. When she can't land a job as a healthcare lawyer, she becomes one of Seattle's first Cannabis lawyers.
(Drama) Idealist, asexual film student Olivia dreams of making it big in Hollywood but ends up at a seedy adult live TV chat channel. Initially refusing the job, Olivia then realises if she can get under the skin of the skin industry she can show the reality behind the fantasy.
(Primetime Comedy) Miller, Elle, Felix and Jack are lifelong friends reuniting in their hometown after graduating college. They struggle to find their own identity while persevering through long distance relationships, adjusting to the workforce, and overall being an adult.
(Drama) This show is about a Detective, coming into Watts, California following the events of the Watts Riots must now deal with 5 gangs, who allegedly started the Watts Riots, and must fix all the corruption going on in Watts, California caused by the 5 gangs.
(Primetime Comedy) Family Portraits follows the work and home life of Roger Waddell, a down-on-his-luck encyclopedia salesman, and his family: Karen, his wife; his three kids - Colby, Oliver, Penny- and his live-in parents, Henry and Edie. Just how much trouble can they get in to?
(Drama) Jack Bishop has retired from the Los Angeles police department, being a detective for most of his life, he must comes to grips after losing his brother in a mass shooting of the police department in a small ski community.
(Children and Tweens) The tomboy daughter of a well-meaning, but inept King keeps the kingdom safe by putting out the fires created by her father’s insane misadventures.
(Primetime Comedy) The day to day state of affairs of the library branch revolving around outrages situations that pop out of the blue that lead to one conclusion: the book you don't read won't help.
(Drama) In order to help his struggling family, a street smart kid attends his estranged father's prep school to inherit a fortune, but there he discovers another inheritance: a glowing mask that gives him supernatural powers and the secret society it belongs to.
(Primetime Comedy) Pair of siblings brother and sister, who are in a constant state of feuding and their put upon Mother. Single-camera, Episodic comedy. Think "Malcolm and the Middle" with "Always Sunny in Philadelphia".
(Drama) A young Team of skilled Agents ( early twenties, male, female ) take down Tech Savvy criminals every week in the world of Futuristic Weapons.
(Primetime Comedy) About three thirty something guys commuting into London daily and deals with the strange situations they experience in their daily lives.
(Primetime Comedy) Two friends living together in their Philly apartment, decide to take up a life of crime. They're quirky, contentious, and clueless about the type of life they're about to lead.
(Primetime Comedy) A puppet fights to survive as he balances the cutthroat world of holding state office and his tumultuous personal life.
(Primetime Comedy) A college graduate agrees to run his family's failing summer camp that is staffed by some of the most self-obsessed, kooky, and bizarre counselors imaginable.
(Primetime Comedy) Set in Belfast City in Northern Ireland, a university drop out, a right-wing extremist lesbian and a Hungarian immigrant share their worldviews and experiences while working together in corner shop for minimum wage.
(Primetime Comedy) A group of high school seniors in southern New Jersey, eager to grow up too fast, stumble through first jobs, college applications, and a mess of teenage-specific problems they hope will subside after their departure from their hometown. If they ever make it out, that is.
(Drama) A café owner embroils his ex-fiancée and his employee into a series of murders and conspiracies.
(Primetime Comedy) Former child star, Tommy Pressman, has always been a good guy. But in order to get his career back on track he'll have to do a lot of bad things. Even if it's all fake.
(Drama) An attractive, sought-after New York songwriter in her late 20s is wildly successful in her career, but unable to find happiness.
(Children and Tweens) Kimberly Kitten must find the lost mitten before she goes to school tomorrow. Frogy Frogy thinks he's too ugly to attend Church, until...
(Children and Tweens) an animation series where four teens are granted the power to break he curse a witch put on the town where everyone's worst fear becomes reality these teens have to help everyone in Braveshire confront their fears and restore Bravehire to it's originally peaceful land
(Primetime Comedy) "Just love yourself; the rest will fall in place." This is the message delivered by LUBE: THE SERIES. Based on the original gay-themed, Broadway-style musical, "LUBE: A MODERN LOVE STORY," this musical comedy addresses the difficulties and joys of growing up gay.
(Primetime Comedy) Mars is populated by Humanform A.Is in charge of terraforming and cryogenic storage of human bodies for future revival, alongside online-gamer-controlled robots whose pay-per-play antics are funding Earth's development of the red planet. The corporations want to up the game.
(Primetime Comedy) Dean Telford is a comedy/comic book writer. His life is not going well. His closest two friends are Eddie Robbins, who works for his father's repo company, and Debbie Hughes, the only one of the bunch to be remotely successful.


(Primetime Comedy) The ups and downs of Ashlyn, a young lesbian that recently came out, Sam, her only other lesbian friend, Leo, her ex-boyfriend turned best friend, and the family, friends, and girlfriends who test the limits and bounds of their relationships.
(Primetime Comedy) Three friends who try to get careers in the field of television and movie production, but keep on hitting every roadblock until they reach their goal of having a career and not being career less.
(Primetime Comedy) We've seen it: the inevitable sequence of rise and fall, the usual back and forth. What if the way forward for our heroine, a disgraced career woman, is to take matters with her own hands by really planning and executing her revenge fantasies?
(Primetime Comedy) Ulysses S. Grant and Robert E. Lee are abducted by aliens and sent forward in time to present day Washington, D.C. where they must live together in a shabby apartment building to make ends meet in their strange new world.