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(Primetime Comedy) A habitual womanizer swears he's a changed man seeking his ex-wife's help to save Tom-Cat Catering when smitten once again by a ravishingly racy female twenty years younger.
(Drama) Tom Galaxy is a private detective to the stars and a detective noir story straight out of the 50s, the 2050s that is! Set in the future Tom Galaxy follows Tom and his assistant Trixie as they work cases involving 2050 Hollywood stars.
(Primetime Comedy) Tom, a first generation Greek American has reluctantly moved his American wife and three kids back to Cleveland to help his old dad with his old diner. Can Tom keep his sanity, keep his marriage, keep his hands from strangling his crazy Greek parents? Who the hell knows?!
(Primetime Comedy) Tom moves back to Cleveland Ohio with his family to help his old Greek dad revitalize the family diner that sits right next to the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame. Can Tom balance his dying career as an artist with working at Gyroland and trying to be a dad and husband?
(Primetime Comedy) A stock broker, in an utterly corrupt world, is forced out of urban New York and into the open country of Colorado.
(Primetime Comedy) Celestial and mortals collide in a fun adventure spanning seventy-thousand years. This is an action based comedy. It has a morality play wrapped in comedic adventures. This is somewhat akin to the 'BlackAdder' series, but with a different angle.
(Primetime Comedy) An unpopular high school teenager discovers he has superhero powers that allow him to prevent accidents before they occur, but because of the nature of his commission – preventative, no witnesses or evidence – no one actually believes that…Tommy Is A Superhero.
(Drama) When Tommy, a man who disappeared a decade ago, mysteriously shows up in the small coastal town of Somersea, his childhood friends need to figure out what he's after and how to deal with him before he stirs up long-forgotten secrets that everyone would rather stay buried.
(Drama) Tommy, a drug addled lottery winner, comes to terms with his addiction and wants to end his estrangement from his two young sons. One "last hit" later and Tommy's dead, leaving his former wife, Anna, to contemplate the tainted wealth their children stand to receive.
(Primetime Comedy) A funny, dark, surreal series featuring detectives that must travel through time to capture a murderer. A mix between Twin Peaks and Dr. Who, Tomorrow Never Knows follows Maxwell Edison and JoJo Pepper's assignment of who murdered Michelle Mustard.
(Primetime Comedy) Fabulously wealthy family escape the housing market scandal to enter F.B.I. witness protection program. Yet, mediocre middle class is extremely difficult for this elite fancy socialites.
(Primetime Comedy) It's about a man down on his luck in a small town as a anchor man. He get's fired from his job and will do literally anything to keep it including committing crimes to keep the news fresh. With the help from a few friends they make plan's keep crime up in town.
(Primetime Comedy) A cagy agent convinces his nephew to co-produce a BBC travel documentary with his mistress for free.
(Primetime Comedy) Jesus Christ returns for the Second Coming but is mugged upon arrival. After suffering from partial amnesia, he makes his way to LA and becomes a TV talk show host sensation.
(Primetime Comedy) It's about a family from Los Angeles with all motorsports happen. Tony Johnson is the real Motorsports legend from the city just like at Sports Car and Monster Truck Racing. And his son "Daxter" is the legend of the Freestyle Motorcross.
(Primetime Comedy) It's about young people starting out their professional lives, typically in cities they've never lived in before, with people they hardly know. Having left the shackles of University, the only restrictions placed upon them are their day to day jobs.
(Primetime Comedy) A former poetry superstar leaves his career to pursue a, functional dream of news worthy media representation. His path is driven along a road carrying his cousin and a Professor of Journalism, along with his love interest they speak solely on his manuscripts about news.
(Preschool) The show follows the life of a six-year-old, tool-wielding girl named Lula who loves to build, experiment and have fun with her friends. With her problem-solving skills and quirky personality, she teaches kids through basic fundamentals of music, math and science.
(Children and Tweens) An adventurous and hilarious panda named Toots, along with his witty and somewhat reserved fox friend, Eddie, venture through the dynamic city of Zoutland where they help folks, confront baddies, and learn the importance of trusting your chums and believing in yourself.
(Drama) Using genetic engineering and artificial intelligence, businesses ally to create and run an elite society of geniuses. The series answers the question, "Are humans just smart animals?"
(Primetime Comedy) Ralph is a former country musician now turned hitman who now in his elderly years is ready to settle down and spend time with his family. But his job working for a mob boss with his own family drama doesn't make that likely. Think Pulp Fiction meets Sopranos
(Primetime Comedy) A high level executive at a major firm makes one poor decision that causes him to loose everything that he has worked for. He ends up going into the janitorial business to keep his family feed. Every experience in the janitor business is compared to and acted out hilariously
(Children and Tweens) A smart funky chimp who is elected as the king of their jungle, is despised by the former king Subra, an evil tiger who tries to kill it. Topo along with Donk and other friends upset Subra`s plans and get him to trouble.
(Children and Tweens) Tope, an orphan lives with his uncle and neglected by him, and used as a domestic child laborer. However, he is very naughty, while he is asleep they left him under a tree where a mushroom felt sympathy and gave him a stem of a tall mushroom, which has magic powers.
(Primetime Comedy) An aspiring songwriter demolishes his life to inspire better writing as a tortured artist. Sean Miller (28) decides that the only way to achieve success is to reverse engineer hit songs by putting himself through the most insane situations possible, even if it kills him.
(Children and Tweens) Two friends Totak(a Parrot) & Cheekab(a Pigeon) are caretakers of fruit gardens of Cherry,Strawberry and Litchi. But crow and dog who are their enemies always indulge in teasing them but they never become successful.
(Primetime Comedy) Touch Macaque, a hard boiled private eye with a suggestive name solving crimes in a grimy film noir world.
(Primetime Comedy) An artistic bear and his friends chase their dreams of making it big in the music scene.
(Drama) This show is about a girl named Rory Armstrong. She is a freshman at Westwood High. She is an average freshman. She is very tall and has trouble adapting to her surroundings. She meets some people like Olivia, Max, Noah, and Aubrey who help her get through life.
(Primetime Comedy) John, a suicidal teenager, finds it a struggle to cope with everyday life, but his life turns upside down when he is taken in by four friends who initiate him through mischievous adventures and drunken mishaps, and find new things in themselves through each other.