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(Primetime Comedy) The ongoing adventures, trials, and tribulations in the lives of the employees of a failing video rental store.
(Primetime Comedy) The view of all things, from the neighborhood they live in to world issues, as viewed from the porch of two life long friends; Phil and Frank; now in their middle age.
(Primetime Comedy) High-maintenance power player Trish Macaluso struggles to keep the New York public television station she's run for twelve years from imploding under the pressure of ridiculously incompetent employees, plummeting ratings, and corporate espionage.
(Drama) Unlikely individuals are forced to work together to save Brasch City from an evil like no other.
(Primetime Comedy) This series is based off a world in 2035 dictatorship with invading forces taking over major world powers, all except for Japan.A group of vigilantes try to take back power and restore balance, all why the group has to deal with each other's, unique, problems.
(Drama) A sex scandal runs with a front of a hookup website, where women do not realize that they are working as sex workers.
(Primetime Comedy) College graduate Peter can't land a job and is living at home. When his parents decide to kick him out for his own good, his neighbor gives him an offer he never expected- To become an illegal sports bookie.
(Children and Tweens) When not performing on stage, teen pop sensation VIKI POWERS gets ignited with superhuman strength and great insight when she touches her special guitar in a certain way and goes on an impromptu rescue mission to save a fan or any kid in some type of troublesome situation.
(Children and Tweens) Village Superstar is a cooking competition show for kids. Kids from villages in Cameroon will be given the opportunity to cook American food, the winners will receive scholarships towards attending university.
(Children and Tweens) Bob the Boar, creates weapons that will be used to gain power and money on a large scale. His attempts are futile and always stopped by Vincent Fox, the world's best known secret agent. Unknowingly, Fox is always assisted by a cute alley feline named Diana the Cat.
(Drama) Before he was famous, before he was completely mad, Vincent van Gogh was in love. Season one retraces Vincent's often volatile relationship with his younger brother, Theo, as they navigate the cafés, brothels and galleries of the fin de siècle Parisian art market.
(Primetime Comedy) Vincent Locke is a lawyer for super-heroes who's sick of super-heroes. He decides to become a super-villain by creating a super-villain organization, called "The Organization", to act out his frustrations.
(Primetime Comedy) Vincey, a birthday party clown living in South Boston and working wherever he can get hired, struggles with making enough money to stay drunk. Throughout the neighborhood he has irritated everybody, but due to their tight, strict upbringing, put up with him and his antics.
(Children and Tweens) Vinnie is on the run and he needs to find a new hideout. Can Vinnie escape the cops in one piece? Find out!
(Primetime Comedy) A woman, Vira, buys a home that is haunted by a ghost. She blackmails the ghost, who is named Doris, by digging up something from her past and forcing Doris into haunting people when she commands it. Vira, opens up a haunted house tour and charges people admission.
(Primetime Comedy) A group of twenty somethings hold onto the dream of a viral video, and the fame that goes along with it.
(Primetime Comedy) A famous celebrity accidentally finds himself trapped inside a virtual assistant a la Amazon Echo. Now he must find a way to escape with the help of his newfound owners. (He doesn't like that word.)
(Primetime Comedy) 4 losers win a ticket to a new Virtual Reality Experience. Testing a world changing experience, the world changes. 53 years later, they wake, quarantined. 2 'Hosts' offer answers, avoid questions. Locked away they escape in VR but freedom lies in Reality. And what is "ZOA"?
(Drama) Humans with normal eyes start the slaves' rebellion against Visionaries, the evolved form of human beings with superhuman abilities in their eyes.
(Drama) A healer struggles to understand the source of her power while evading a maniacal billionaire intent on expanding his empire.
(Drama) Two female transplant surgeons are pulled into organ trafficking when a fringe scientist sets up a black market ring in Los Angeles. (Nip/Tuck meets Breaking Bad)
(Primetime Comedy) A timid freshman discovers that her imagary friends from childhood may be able to help her through college, but some are more unfriendly than others.
(Drama) Religion and evolution meets faith and building.
(Children and Tweens) A depressed man in his early 20's escapes life by playing a VR Sci-fi MMO that makes him forget about his problems. After becoming addicted to the game he loses his sense of reality and neglects his real life with only his friends to help him recover.
(Primetime Comedy) 4 terrible roommates, one world they don't understand. What could go wrong?
(Primetime Comedy) Wade & Co. is an interactive animated comedy show about four friends who get laid off, struggle to find new jobs, and decide to become entrepreneurs. Each week viewers will get to be an entrepreneur and vote on which “million dollar idea” the guys try next.
(Preschool) Waffles and Pancakes are two hamsters from the same pet store that are taken home, one by a rich boy one by a poor. Eventually the boys meet and the hamsters get together again. Each story teaches a lesson to children, friendship, how money isn't everything, then bullying.
(Primetime Comedy) A compelling story about how a young orphan and an old cop plan to clean up one of Seattle’s worst streets. Main Street.
(Primetime Comedy) Waiters is a single camera comedy that explores the lives of individuals working as waiters in a five star restaurant in a five star hotel. The series centers around our main characters John, Karl, Danielle and Nicole as they try to make the most out of their jobs as waiters
(Primetime Comedy) This is the second episode the the ten episode series.