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(Children and Tweens) Ashley and Carley are two teen girls who go around New York and visit sites and attractions and all NY has to offer they interview people , have performing guest stars on their show and perform skits, they work well together and are very cute
(Drama) Ashland is a dark and humorous look into the lives of a small town volunteer fire company in the Bible Belt as the inevitable tides of change wash over the community. Mickey, a meandering sort, navigates the turmoil as one of the Fire Company's rising stars.
(Drama) When a nuclear bomb levels Washington, DC, a diverse group of pampered suburban kids must work together to survive.
(Drama) The series revolves around the relationships between the characters, and how they will go through problems after the loss of an important person.
(Primetime Comedy) Fraternal twin brothers Ronny and Laurence Roman are reunited when Ronny moves to New York and needs a place to stay. Ronny, a marginally employed actor, plays the foil to Laurence's uptight accountant as they both engage in the self sabotages of their late 20s.
(Primetime Comedy) After the death of both their parents, seven teenage siblings learn to live there own lives without parents and share each others adventures, wisdom, teen drama and experiences together along with their sex-hungry grandmother, neighbors and best friends.
(Primetime Comedy) A 20 year old boy is seeking to find independence away from his embarrasing Jewish family. Only thing is, they all live on the same street.
(Primetime Comedy) Two young art world wannabes from the opposite side of the tracks, navigate the social and personal politics of the elite 1980's, New York art scene.
(Primetime Comedy) A documentary film crew follows a ragtag gang of New England young adults who over share their lives and often fail miserably at it!
(Children and Tweens) the fun in learning chinese characters


(Primetime Comedy) A guy who is granted forgiveness and a free pass from the Virgin Mary to fuck up nasty people while trying to be accepted back into his big jersey italian catholic family. A degenerate gambler detective is always just a heartbeat away from catching him.
(Drama) A young bi-racial girl fights through adversity at every turn, struggling with her cultural identity, self-worth, and a mother that is addicted to alcohol and drugs. With the help of a retired -- equally broken -- bluesman, the young girl finds solace in blues guitar.
(Primetime Comedy) A bi-racial family move into Avon Connecticut Estates and bring the hood with them.
(Drama) you willbe following me on the journey as I move to different countries. I randomly pull out a country out of a hat and then move to that country for 100 days to live, eat, explore as the locals do. I only have 2000 dollars to do so and once I run out of money I have to work
(Drama) A simple act of kindness destroys Ian Scott's carefully constructed new life in a rundown Kent seaside town and sets off a trail of killing
(Children and Tweens) Follow Silver a young sailor and his brother as they voyage across the vast ocean facing stone giants, muscle sharks, gorillas, vikings and more in his dream to become the arm wrestling champion and to gain a throne in the stone chamber of legends
(Children and Tweens) An eighteen year old retrieves the power of the Armor Guardian and transmorphs to Armor Guardian: LUX. With the the help of his two friends he needs to retrieve all Sife Stones before the evil Darkrids do, and save the city aswell from chaos and havoc.
(Preschool) Armando's Treasure is a bilingual live action and animation project that takes its viewers through the life and times of world historians, artists and legends that solved everyday problems and introduces young viewers to Spanish art vocabulary.
(Primetime Comedy) Years after all the apocalypses happened scraps of humanity still live. Two men who wrote a survivors guide to the new world, called "Armageddon For Dummies" are tasked with helping a scientist stop the final apocalypse
(Primetime Comedy) Arlo and the Persistent Garment is a folk band trying to make it big in a world that may have passed them by. This comedy follows the adventures of folk band members Arlo Quinn, Lilly Mellow, Ted Tuka, Kristy Byrne and their manager – Calvin “CP Fist” Parker.
(Primetime Comedy) A reforming Muslim girl struggles with her faith and assimilation in the US.
(Preschool) Join Captain Phillip the Strange and the crew of the Rubber Ducky as they battle evil pirates, brave treacherous islands, and narrowly escape dangerous situations all in the search for the sourest, sweetest, tartiest, and rarest candy treasures in the world.
(Primetime Comedy) In a town filled with stupid people, four friends and their well-to-do families find great frustration in living their lives.
(Primetime Comedy) A former Marine, suffering from PTSD, witnesses an alien spaceship crash to Earth, but will anyone believe his story?
(Primetime Comedy) With clueless enthusiasm, four friends probe the boundaries of the paranormal, solidifying their friendships as they unwittingly uncover startling answers amidst a universe of mysteries.
(Primetime Comedy) When secret alien bunker "Area 52" loses their GOP funding, Emile, reluctant son of the right-wing Louisiana Governor, hatches a plot to keep it running by opening an extraterrestrial/paranormal theme park, featuring real aliens, Bigfoot and the robo-cracken.
(Primetime Comedy) Vivian Sharpe (Viv) is an underpaid, overworked government worker at the top secret, under-funded alien containment facility: Area 51-B. She and her alien co-worker, Zoob, try to keep the world safe from mischievous aliens in spite of budget cuts and a new incompetent boss.
(Drama) A support group for victims of unsolved crimes band together to exact their own retribution on those who escaped justice. This starts a widespread furore about the moral implications of their actions. A relevant commentary on current issues like gender, race and disability.
(Primetime Comedy) A game show where viewers answer questions at home and then add up their points at the end of the game
(Children and Tweens) Are You Afraid of the Dark was beloved horror anthology series that aired in the 90's. It was a massive hit among Canadian millennials and had a cult following elsewhere. It portrayed stories of youth who find themselves in twisted and/or super natural situations.