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(Primetime Comedy) Three friends reunite for their ten-year high school reunion, after realizing their lives haven’t ended up at all the way they’d planned them, they make a pact to fulfill their childhood dreams of becoming a sports star, an actor, and an inventor.
(Children and Tweens) A quirky inventor. A magical machine. A world of adventure. When four friends stumble upon Doc Travelot and Scrapmac in a hidden warehouse, it is the start of a great adventure. Invited to become 'Sky Raiders', they embark on a globe hopping journey of fun and exploration.
(Primetime Comedy) A young author searching for the truth in her new lead character finds more than she bargained for when a simple idea to live out her characters life turns all too real. With some "magic weed" and a weird old man guiding her what could possibly go wrong?
(Primetime Comedy) An absurd animated comedy about the adventures of a half-human, half-axolotl man and his wizard friend. Together they explore a world of magic, dragons, and poorly executed axolotl-based puns.
(Primetime Comedy) Everyone is trying to be someone. However, for this group of lost college graduates, the biggest concern is not being someone, but how to successfully live in LA being no one.
(Primetime Comedy) Sam must journey across the abandoned US southwest, while being mentored by an alcoholic alien hermit in an RV. They must round up others, while being hunted by a psychotic alien assassin, & build a portal before a mining co. destroys the Earth with runaway asteroids.
(Drama) Drug deals, first love, hazing rituals, & staff camaraderie: life at Townsend High. Academia as seen through the eyes of teens, teachers, & their families while they adapt to the social hierarchy of a suburban school. There they find love, laughter, & terrible loss.
(Primetime Comedy) Single mother gets injured while working as an exotic dancer and finds herself jobless and in need of a means to provide for her flamboyantly androgynous son. With the stigma of exotic dancing keeping her from getting a "regular" job she turns to selling her medication.
(Drama) A young woman tries to discover the world around her.
(Primetime Comedy) Behind the scenes (color) and on-camera (b&w) hilarious hi-jinks in 1954 television. This show could be produced live action or animated (ala King of the Hill). A comedy for "Mad Men" lovers.
(Primetime Comedy) The hectic life of an extended family running a B&B on the Venice Beach boardwalk.
(Children and Tweens) A girl from Ohio sent to live with her extravagant, old Italian aunt in Venice, adjusts to her new surroundings thanks to a trio of bungling ghosts and their guests at an other worldly Bed & Breakfast.
(Primetime Comedy) The Teachers’ Lounge picks up where the wonderful situation comedy of the 70s and 90s left off, filling a void in the viewers’ lives to see the stupidity in others’ lives, especially those whom we expect to be “better” at maintaining sanity while with our kids.
(Primetime Comedy) You think your dating life is bad ?! Wait until you meet British Girl Hannah living in LA with her gay roommate, Tom, and watch her go on one disaster date after another. While Matt is just trying to figure out how to survive the dating world. Based on real life events.
(Preschool) Well, what would you do if you came across a tribe of previously undiscovered creatures, deep in the woods, in the middle of the Lake District? Would you tell people about these ‘Odd Soks’ living a magical existence virtually on our doorstep?
(Primetime Comedy) Fabulously wealthy family escape the housing market scandal to enter F.B.I. witness protection program. Yet, mediocre middle class is extremely difficult for this elite fancy socialites.
(Primetime Comedy) Take a bunch of expats’ wives in a Chinese city where they can neither choose their neighbors or friends. They need to get along in this new environment and guess what: that can be pretty funny when the cultural clash explodes like a Chinese New Year firecracker!
(Primetime Comedy) The funny and endearing stories of a group of people on their way to becoming what they’ve always dreamed and dealing with what fate deals them.
(Primetime Comedy) A semi-anthological series revolving around floor staff grunts at a small planetarium., and their forays into adulthood.
(Primetime Comedy) Two men, lifelong friends with an entrepreneurial spirit, start a babysitting franchise. Not just anyone can be a Mansitter, though. It’s men only ... and the only rule: No ‘stache, no cash.
(Primetime Comedy) A compulsory government scheme which teams old age pensioners with teenagers is the backdrop for ’Bottle of Ginger and a Pickle’. The series follows the exploits of one such team, Wullie and Asif, as they explore the history of Paisley and each others past.
(Drama) A fantasy epic about a human kingdom (Caldor) at war with a goblin kingdom. A renegade Knight, magician and druid aid a goblin to escape the kingdom. The king struggles with political rivals and a rebel group that seek to overthrow him. Dark forces are manipulating events.
(Primetime Comedy) At a celebrity magazine in LA, a new employee and his fellow employees and new friends deal with the everyday life of working at a magazine and dealing with celebrities on almost a daily basis.
(Children and Tweens) When an evil ruler from a distant planet sends a threat to the scientists aboard the Outer Planets Research Space Station, an energetic 6th grade girl with a passion for astronomy must lead a group of friends to the planet and complete quests, saving Earth from destruction.
(Primetime Comedy) A dramedy where four female friends each with something to hide, attempt to help one another navigate through love, sex and everything in between.
(Drama) An uninspired college freshman with a natural knack for basketball finds himself thriving in the NCAA.
(Primetime Comedy) Comic book store clerk Charlie is offered a job at an advertising company in this Family Guy meets Mad Men sitcom.
(Primetime Comedy) Three teachers embark on a new life in Bangkok as they try to escape their mundane existence, forget their past, and forge a different future.
(Children and Tweens) An imaginative capybara, a paranoid cobra, and a clumsy penguin go on adventures on a magical boat.
(Primetime Comedy) A conservative housewife has a radical personality shift after her husband leaves and a brain tumor arrives.