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(Children and Tweens) Special children are born with Stringer abilities - they are able to write, edit, and inspire ideas into reality, thus influencing and changing the world around them.
(Drama) A ragtag bunch of mismatched youngsters fight to survive in a futuristic landscape overrun by mutants and marauding bandits called the Dicers.
(Primetime Comedy) Beautiful Freedom focuses on the Carpenter family. Alongside its comedic, family friendly tone, the series will display the ability of each family member to educate, as well as learn from, those around them.
(Drama) The rulers of the post-apocalyptic town of New Jericho has gone extraordinary lengths to satisfy their gastronomic desires with "The Cattle Program". As different factions wants to rule, things become increasingly difficult for the Mayor and his men to stay firmly in charge.
(Primetime Comedy) SPACE BAR is an animated comedy series about a recently-graduated, out-of-work, bartender who unknowingly gets recruited (and abducted) to work for a dive bar in outer space. It's like a Star Wars bar scene, animated and punched-up, with the spotlight on staff and regulars.
(Drama) Deep Hills, a fictional town in central Ohio, United States. The Deep High School of Arts is the center of the mystery. The connection between the village school and an old church will open the door to a new inquisition. Mortal sins are purified by death.
(Drama) A group of new Capitol Hill interns suddenly learn that the Senators that they are working for are working for their own personal agendas, instead of what they were elected to do.
(Children and Tweens) Our new animated series is about three rat roommates and their hilarious adventures. Cyrus, Urban and Squawk have made a suburban Mall their home and have the run of it. They are each other’s best friends. See the Pilot @ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dFq6iIU07_w
(Drama) A African American former NYPD officer accepts a job as sheriff in a small town in Alabama called Mooresville when he his family and dog arrive they are greeted in astonishment they are black this is when a series of events test not just Steve but the entire family.
(Primetime Comedy) Director Terry Davis has been kicking around in the film industry for over a decade; although unsuccessfully. 'Last Looks' chronicles Terry's days as Director on his first feature length film "The White Spade".
(Primetime Comedy) After the Harry Potter cinematic series finishes, Michael Gambon is struggling to find work. So, to occupy the time, he decides to film a documentary of his life and the mischief he gets up to.
(Primetime Comedy) Provided the rent is paid and liberties aren't taken this houseshare will work out just fine. In theory.
(Primetime Comedy) The show focuses on the lives of two half brothers who run their uncles record store.
(Drama) Crossing Over is a cop, drama, paranormal TV show. It's a mix between Ghost Whisperer and Cold Case A homicide detective, who has a very special gift, she can see and speak to the dead. Lily Key's is a medium/Therapist.
(Drama) In a modern world full of supernatural creatures and the bureaucracy that comes with any civil society, a young woman and her broken family full of supernatural mutts is thrust into a deadly mystery plaguing Western Washington.
(Primetime Comedy) Grandpa Ganja runs a medical pot dispensary in L.A. and encounters a wide assortment of clients who are all stoners and vastly entertaining in that each is an archetype of some sort of zaniness.
(Primetime Comedy) The war on obscenity rages on as undercover FBI agents go deep into the '70s mafia-dominated adult film industry. Only one thing is certain: The Valley will never be the same. Winner: 1st Place 1-hr TV Pilot Fresh Voices 2014 Winner: Best Dialogue, Fresh Voices 2014
(Drama) In the aftermath of The Second Great Depression, three students are chosen to attend a prestigious last-standing university in a dystopian New York City, not knowing they will be trained, against their will, as assassins, to keep the elite in power.
(Children and Tweens) Six friends from six different cultures, travel to each other's country to learn interesting facts about it, while having tons of fun! 
(Primetime Comedy) 7 people want to get to the moon before america does they go through a wormhole and end up in JOSHVERSE they must battle to get back to earth
(Primetime Comedy) Based on a true story. Sort of. The Saunders are a one-of-a-kind family moving from So-Cal to the mid-west. 6 out of 8 kids are adopted, most are teenagers, and they're all a recipe for destruction. Kansas is soon going to find out that culture shock can work both ways.
(Primetime Comedy) A young gay dancer, Jose, frustrated with his failed career and tragic love life moves to Ohio to start fresh and get away from boys and the industry. He quickly realizes his "slut" attitude transcends state boundaries and learns who he is in suburbia.
(Drama) The story of a young woman (Silvia), whose father (Rogelio) is a puritanical teacher at a prestigious academy. Rogelio leads a double life being an academic and a leader of a rogue armed social movement. One day she met Michael, a young rich men. And their worlds clash.
(Drama) Alex and Andy are called in the early morning by a disoriented Jacqueline who has stated “daddy’s dead”. The girls travel home to find their mother still holding the bloody knife and rocking a deceased Gene. What happened? What did their mom do and why?
(Primetime Comedy) Craig, the lowly sports editor at a medium-size town newspaper must wrangle his unruly and unorthodox beat reporter/best friend, Josh, while also dealing with his overbearing boss and loving wife. Similar shows: The League, It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia.
(Primetime Comedy) Intrepid, no-nonsense reporter Nora Trenholm is forced to relocate to her rinky-dink hometown newspaper, where she butts heads with her conspiracy theorist editor and oddball colleagues as she vows to get the to the bottom of every story, no matter how non-existent.
(Drama) Take Two is a unique story about a washed up film director named Leo and a college drop out named Carlin, who meet up and decided to carry each other to the top by creating the best web-series they can.
(Drama) Lori Nichols is a black, female CIA agent who works with a three man support crew to solve problems around the world.
(Children and Tweens) Taken away from home, the powerless boy learns of magic as it awakens every millennium and his part in it as a protector.
(Primetime Comedy) A rookie police constable (Lamb) is relocated to a weird village. Where the police force (Smutt) deals with even weirder crimes.