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(Primetime Comedy) Logan, a recent business school graduate, starts a swimming pool route with the hopes of building it into a national swimming pool service and supply company. His efforts are helped and hindered by his meddling alter-ego that talks to him via his reflection in the mirror.
(Primetime Comedy) Pharmacist Zack Wright must do everything in his power to survive the zaniness at Brooklyn's Goodyear Pharmacy.
(Primetime Comedy) A suburbanite medical student is recruited by an inner city street gang. He becomes valuable to the street gangs drug business. Halfway through medical school Some strings are pulled and he becomes a doctor. He is in debt to the syndicate forever.
(Primetime Comedy) A novice documentary filmmaker follows the everyday goings on of real live Elves in our modern day.
(Preschool) Come play with Tiger and León. Instead of learning, we are going to "find out about stuff" in Spanish and English. Come play soccer, and find out what's in the deep dark woods, and come and meet the Oso Milagroso. Maybe you can find out about some stuff too.
(Primetime Comedy) Earthquake went to jail a young man, fifteen years later he returns home on parole. He has thrown away all of his criminal ways. He wants to make things right! He strives for an honest life, he wants love and happiness. But in inner city DC, evil temps you all the time.
(Primetime Comedy) Jamison Duncan Reeves IV is on a quest to take his place amongst his famous family. He’ll go to any extreme to prove he’s worthy to be one of the world’s greatest adventurers.
(Primetime Comedy) A young Whiz Kid Nation Builder sets out to solve the current World problems and does so one episode at a time. The infrastructure for the series is already on Amazon. SEE: Eastern Cowboys for example.
(Primetime Comedy) TRIPPIN'G is a half hour sitcom about a travel writer who hates tourism. Each episode features the main character BILLY BOB RICE, or BB, going to a popular touristic area and attempting to come up with something good to write about the place.
(Primetime Comedy) Karen Young, a recently divorced real estate broker, is living a seemingly stress-free life. That is until her surgery-recovering mother, two-timed sister, and pregnant college drop-out daughter move into her home – all in the same week.
(Primetime Comedy) A single mother/medical doctor reluctantly agrees to become a part-time saleswoman for a multi-level product line to pay for her son's tuition to Harvard.
(Primetime Comedy) A group of late twenty and early thirty somethings working at an Inbound call center, that handles products advertised through late night infomercials on television
(Primetime Comedy) The lives of a group of irreverent firefighters at the most dysfunctional fire station in LA.
(Primetime Comedy) DREGZ is like Seinfeld with an R rating. It is a comedy about societies so-called low-lifes. The main character, Bobby Smalls, is a lovable brain-damaged pothead who, with his three friends and a sarcastic cat named Buzz, encounter a variety of misfits and misadventures.
(Primetime Comedy) A comedic look back at the Old West, where we see the merits of friendship, love and idiocy transend every era of American history.
(Primetime Comedy) Guys, here's all you need to learn how to raise and take care of a small child.
(Children and Tweens) 3D Animation. Jo-Jo, an eco-conscious teenage heroine saves the earth's endangered species from the evil forces of Pandora, one adventure at a time.
(Primetime Comedy) A serial comedy about a mother’s snooping attempts to reconnect her daughter with her favorite son-in-law against their wishes.
(Primetime Comedy) A primer on how to take care of children from the male perspective.
(Children and Tweens) SIR WILTON FLOWER, a knight-in-tarnished-armour, vyes for the hand of the Princess. The King wants Sir Gordon to marry his daughter, but the Princess, her lady-in-waiting, Lucretia, and Friar Meyer, work to help the Princess. Flower and Gordon "fight" each other in contests.
(Primetime Comedy) Post Nuclear War, Global Warming, Famine, Plague, and what the hell...Comet Impact makes for a variety of futuristic beings: robots, cyborgs, mutants and post-human monsters, mix it up in a comedy of errors.
(Primetime Comedy) In Darwin's Gap, society has broken down for the 7th grade girls. It's the meat eaters versus the green eaters!
(Preschool) A simple man in his 30's struggles to support himself by working odd job's around the town. After his repuation is tarnished due to a rumor is spread of the horrible things he has done, he becomes forced to begin to accept more extreme jobs in order to support himself,.
(Children and Tweens) Chicken Dinger is a satire of the American family and legal system through the eyes and beaks of a family of chickens. Life is difficult for a chicken in a human world, but with the help of his family and friends Dinger wants to make things better for all animals.
(Primetime Comedy) Set in 1973, the tumultuous life of TV producer and writer Aaron Moore as he struggles to hang on to the success of his controversial, groundbreaking sitcom in the wake of Watergate and Vietnam.
(Primetime Comedy) Two guys quit good jobs in search of "the perfect job"...and to impress a girl. Each episode follows them into a different field of employment, hilarity ensues.
(Children and Tweens) Vinnie is on the run and he needs to find a new hideout. Can Vinnie escape the cops in one piece? Find out!
(Primetime Comedy) Two married sisters in Beverly Hills and their best friend, a psychologist, deal with the slings and arrows of everyday life from their spouses, children, and karate mates on and off the dojo floor.
(Primetime Comedy) After being exposed as a fraud, pompous university lecturer Walter Harris loses his cushy job and is forced to take up teaching at a dilapidated night school. But instead of moving on with his life, he continuously tries to recapture his former glory.
(Children and Tweens) Our legendary hero, Kung Fu Joe, is confronted by a Mad Scientist and his bizarre minions bent on ruling the world. With the help of the Detective and a Master Pirate, Joe must battle against ninjas, a hunchback and a guy with a plant for a head to save the world from evil.