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(Primetime Comedy) A surrealist comedy about a dastardly troublemaker who gets kicked out of his somehow powerful '60's-like street gang and becomes friends with an egnimatic loner he hopes to mentor into campus dominance and the many cliques in their high school.
(Children and Tweens) Myron Jesse Jackson is adopted by the eccentric Kapolavichs (Grandpa, Junior, and Martha). Myron decides to be a paperboy when he grows up. He becomes the most professional paperboy. He has never had a customer complaint despite some of his customers best efforts.
(Primetime Comedy) After being wrongfully kicked out of his final year of Med School, Ty Jones (Mid 20's) is forced to go work for his uncle's construction company (Arno & Son's) back home in Buffalo, NY.
(Primetime Comedy) In the aftermath of a zombie apocalypse, society has returned to a sense of normalcy. At Saxon-Stern's Human-Undead Resources Department, humans and undead toil together just to make it to the weekend.
(Primetime Comedy) A middle aged man, Caucasian, recently divorced, and two twenty-something brothers who are African American, become accidental room mates. They find that there is friendship and are life lessons that can be taught both ways across generational and cultural lines.
(Primetime Comedy) Howling Vandals follows Sarge, Crash and Mensa, three hapless losers who want nothing more than to be accepted into the Outlaw Motorcycle Gange, The Howling Vandals.
(Primetime Comedy) Gentrified is the story of Jack O’Neil, 48, a man forced to sell his Staten Island home and move in with his son, Greg, 24, a graphic designer living in Brooklyn. The series chronicles the father and son's adventures coping with the world around them and each other.
(Primetime Comedy) 3 college roommates trying to graduate.
(Preschool) Taylor is a four year old with a vivid imagination and a toy bus. "Taylor and The Double Dutch Bus” is an animated children series design to takes young preschoolers on all kind of adventures throughout the letters of alphabet.
(Children and Tweens) WLL ST JOURNAL PUT ME FRONT PG! I'm kickboxer who after having kids created 100's of ways to stay fit by ...cleaning the house ...doing chores and ...using furniture as exercise equipment. ...I also talk about eating good foods instead of junk Article went global!
(Primetime Comedy) Leo Jr AKA "The Mob Boss" is trusted with his baby sister Zargoosh, as his father Leo is in seclusion due to the death of his late wife Zintha. Zargoosh tries to grasps the loss of her mother, secluded father, and a brother with a noncombatant way.
(Primetime Comedy) Sitcom –Santa hates the snow and cold so he moves his operation of North Pole, Inc. to southern California and appoints a young elf as operations manager but all is not well as his elves find life among the Biggies difficult and want to return home.
(Primetime Comedy) comedy/ drama about a family with abnormal behavior. The show will consist of episodes plus a web series.
(Primetime Comedy) Based on a popular series of novels, FINALLY THE BRIDE has it all: Romantic sparks, Southern sass, a diverse cast of characters (from an Alzheimer's patient to a diabetic baker to a goth Christian) ... and don't forget the delectable cakes!
(Primetime Comedy) A bunch of students still live together after graduating.
(Primetime Comedy) Lilly is a social worker hired by the police to handle cases that fall outside the criminal laws. She inquires into social problems that couldn’t be resolved by the police
(Children and Tweens) The child-Bo is the culmination of powers from the Divine Cow(BOVINE) and The Wish granting Tree(VINE), under Bo’s stewardship a pack of kids and a sentient Panda gang up and indefatigably nix the Evil as and when it rises.
(Primetime Comedy) When their wealthy magician owner suddenly dies, his two animal assistants -- Rabbit and Monkey -- are shocked to learn that Monkey alone has been left his billions, soon unleashing the ultimate forces of good and evil as former friends turn to arch enemies.
(Primetime Comedy) the idea is to put clinical trials on reality tv, so the viewer can watch the trials and the research behind product as it undergoes actual trials on humans or animals before it is approved for consumer or the public.
(Primetime Comedy) I think Brittany Spears is an under rated talent. She could support a variety show. There are no variety show on television now (except for SNL, which is seldom funny anymore). She can dance, sing, act, has a sense of humor and does not take herself to seriously.
(Primetime Comedy) Ad men rule our lives. They tell us what we should drink, what we should wear, and what car we should crave. So who are the ad wizards in this show? Well, they're struggling artists and writers, the C+-students in life. Here's to the mediocre ones.
(Primetime Comedy) Neurotic republican blogger, Charlie Christensen teaches us "How to Lose Friends and Alienate People" as he defends his family and the America he loves, while leaving his wife to piece the family back together after each ill-advised conflict.
(Primetime Comedy) An insecure college student is thrust into the demanding world of door-to-door sales where failure is not an option...it’s a way of life.
(Children and Tweens) Zankou, Mikoto, Sado, and Nanao fright and destroy demon that are trying to take over the planet in the name of their lord Zankou.
(Primetime Comedy) In THE GOURMET GIRL, we follow the constant excitement and chaos that becomes Jodi Mara's life, as she decides to follow the unusual path of achieving internet stardom as a food blogger.
(Primetime Comedy) The show is about 6 musicians trying to make it big traveling through Europe. All the musicians are from different countries, America, Poland, Argentina. Sort of like blues brothers meets globe trekker. Its a true story. see www.roaddawgz.com
(Primetime Comedy) 4 Fresher students in their first term of university focusing solely on a student house. The programme is also set as a reality programme and so we see the characters playing up to the camera and being given competitions and big brother style treatment.
(Primetime Comedy) Four former bandmates in their mid-sixties decide to reform a band they were in back in the 60s, only not the popular band they had but an earlier band, a soft-rock outfit called The Lime Green Conspiracy. Hilarity and hijinks ensue.
(Primetime Comedy) My Exes takes us where we have all been—caught between the feelings for our relationship "exes" who are still a major part of our lives, and the desire to move forward into that perfect relationship that we know is both somewhere out there and ultimately unattainable.