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(Primetime Comedy) What if Diana Prince doesn't know she's Wonder Woman? Her heritage is that of a fierce Warrior Princess on Paradise Island. Her existence is that of an emotionally unfulfilled woman living in contemporary Los Angeles. And her destiny is to become Wonder Woman.
(Children and Tweens) Wonder woman comes to our side in order to save Steve Trevor who crushed lenses plan on Paradise Island she is fighting for the United States government against the German Nazis World War II 1942 COMIC followed closely teaches history using historical events
(Drama) A young thief names Alison goes on the run after escaping prison, and joins the Wonderland traveling circus, a group of eccentric performers who also happen to be career criminals.
(Children and Tweens) The politically incorrect adventures of Zik and Bean in Wonderland Canyon, a funky community inspired by the Laurel Canyon neighborhood in Los Angeles.
(Preschool) Two young children and a cute girl Bubble from the Astrious system go on many adventures to magical worlds through a portal within the kids playroom by utilizing magical links on Bubbles laptop computer. Through each adventure the kids will learn new and exciting things.
(Preschool) This is a 15 to 30 minute animation series staring the Woobie Babies who are presented with a mystery in each program. The mysteries usually take place at their pre-school and are solved after the Woobie Babies take their nap.
(Primetime Comedy) A format for Woody Allen. We give him a double for Jennifer Lawrence to heighten his enthusiasm. She half hosts, half interviews him, gets him to reminisce, recount early jokes and experiences. Then we bring in young comics trying to build new acts and Woody coaches them.
(Children and Tweens) Wooley (a sheep) and Willie (a goat) are best friends. The story is about how Wooley becomes Super sheep and saves the city of Woolington from the evil Mr. Fluffy.
(Children and Tweens) A friendship between a sheep and a goat. The sheep becomes a super hero (Super Sheep) and the goat his enabler. Wooly knows the art of "Knit Jut Su" and with his wool can create things to help him with crime fighting.
(Primetime Comedy) Sean received 140 days of work project because he was arrested with his 2nd DUI. Prompting the sentence Sean goes thru a meet and greet with the city’s low level criminals who never do a crime worthy of jail but worthy of work project.
(Primetime Comedy) Damaged by his workaday existence, Michael may have gotten a new lease on life with the arrival of Julia; with the help of his best, self-destructive, friends he strives to overcome eclectic bosses, a dead end job and parents who molded him into the maladjusted man is today
(Primetime Comedy) One dysfunctional goat taking on a variety of jobs and doing them "differently".
(Primetime Comedy) How does a supermodel with no skills earn a living after she's forced into retirement at age 21? 30 minute adult comedy series.
(Primetime Comedy) Working On It follows the life of a hardworking gay teen, who is a bit self absorbed. Kyle is a senior in high school on the frontier of adulthood, trying to succeed in life and become a better person after his boyfriend breaks up with him over his narcissistic tendencies.
(Primetime Comedy) Jack works a shit job until he sees someone die at work and no one care, then he decides to open up a old timey peep-show only to learn that he can't afford to back out. Luckily he has good friends and dedicated workers that keep him from wanting to kill himself.
(Primetime Comedy) A team of millennial filmmakers are contracted by a crackpot TV show runner from the 80s, but they end up being exploited by the retired auteur in his relentless pursuit of a major comeback.
(Primetime Comedy) As implied, this is an edge-ier iteration of the I Dream of Jeannie franchise, with continual R-rated nudity.
(Primetime Comedy) David Wachowski, a veteran of the Denny Corp. is an all around nice, (a-hole), guy. His boss, Vernon, has been trying to fire Wachowski since the day he walked through the door. When tempers flair, in this twisted dark comedy violence leads to s stunning conclusion.
(Drama) This would-be short serial follows, Almalie Shepard as her normal life is forever destroyed by other-worldly forces. Thrown head-first into a situation that defies all rational conventions, she is forced to deal with an impending disaster, lest she loses everyone she loves.
(Children and Tweens) This would be a series about taking kids to foreign countries where they meet other kids their ages, and have adventures unique to that country.
(Children and Tweens) Family gap years are becoming more common- this series would profile children as they travel outside their countries.
(Drama) A kid with OCD joins the theater club but when a kid gets shot things go wild. And they still have to put on the production.
(Primetime Comedy) An aspiring filmmaker and his friends produce a travel show from their apartment in Ohio using homemade sets, a green screen, and other studio tricks.
(Primetime Comedy) In any given situation, we can either make the socially acceptable decision or the one that feels natural. This a show about a man who picks the latter.
(Primetime Comedy) Worthless is centered on three recent graduates who are having a hard time finding steady and/or fulfilling employment because they’re “worth more” than the minimum wage jobs that they’re applying for.
(Drama) 'What is the most worthless thing in your life, which you would give up?'... Different people begin to receive strange emails that promise to change their lives.
(Drama) Wrath asks the fundamental question, what do you do when the truth isn't enough to stop injustice? After the bank she works at fails due to the greed of bosses far away, Margo MacPhee uses the local drug dealer's ill gotten gains to go full Robin Hood and save her community.
(Drama) In the not too distant future, a chosen group of individuals knows as Border Patrol protect the borders of earth and humanity, as well as illegal aliens from other worlds seeking asylum from hostile species.
(Primetime Comedy) Set in 1987, two sexually promiscuous teenage brothers, their cursing mother, their virgin friend and a cast of crazies go through their late teenage years, where the only thing they care about are cars, women, sex, parties and discovery.
(Primetime Comedy) Two professional wrestling promoters are challenges to a six month ratings contest by the owner of a new cable network with the prize being a national contract. This takes place in the late 1970's in the infancy of cable and before pro wrestling became national.