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(Primetime Comedy) A talented creative chef struggling with burn out bipolar issues. The path he choose instead of becoming a musician frustrates him, he struggles to work within the confines of a corporate world. With a wife and family the struggle of stability vs.happiness tear him apart.
(Primetime Comedy) A sketch comedy show featuring teens in outrageously silly scenes, overarching themes and recurring characters that are both thought provoking and laugh out loud funny.
(Primetime Comedy) After an altercation with an American pop star, a celebrity chef is forced to work at a crazy, community soup-kitchen, staffed with weird characters that will make him face up to his turbulent past.
(Primetime Comedy) Mother knows best...or does she? Ask Melissa MacMurray and you'll get an earful. Why? Because Melissa juggles a comedy career, a reality show production facility and her out-of-control Mother who just happens to be best friends with Melissa's work-at-home husband!


(Primetime Comedy) Sunshine Valley, a mystical ashram that secretly sits on a secret portal to another dimension, contains the power to either enlighten or destroy anyone who finds themselves drawn there.
(Primetime Comedy) Pedro, a Dominican taxi driver in New York City and all his crazy interactions with his passengers, while also dealing with his personal life.
(Drama) A yoga teacher in post 9/11 America to struggles to achieve his dream of owning his own yoga studio. He has talent for teaching and is charismatic but has a dark past and and a lack of cash. He will risk his love, faith and freedom and stirs up some strange karma.
(Children and Tweens) Yolked speaks to the difficulty of fending off peer pressure and trends no matter what your status in life is; in this case the peer pressure stems from the characters, who are eggs, wanting to become hard boiled.
(Drama) Six friends in their twenties live together in the same New York apartment building, sharing their experiences and tribulations.
(Drama) The first born of the twins is born with HIV and accidentally passes to her childhood lover and as she grows up she realizes that she is not alone in the radar of teens growing with HIV/AIDS.
(Primetime Comedy) Five terrible friends continuously ruin their lives as well as the lives of everyone around them as they try escaping their deep-seated emotional problems.
(Primetime Comedy) Five terrible friends continuously ruin their lives as well as the lives of everyone around them as they try escaping their deep-seated emotional problems.
(Primetime Comedy) Five terrible friends continuously ruin their lives as well as the lives of everyone around them as they try escaping their deep-seated emotional problems.
(Primetime Comedy) An urban private-eye interactive music entertainment real-ality Sitcom TV show that allows the audience to win weekly prizes and obtain free access into parties, concerts and movies premieres, by sending in an email or texting in WHO DONE IT.
(Primetime Comedy) Funny, yet serious, mid-life events which enrich our lives; which we suppressed, and hadn't thought about since childhood.
(Primetime Comedy) An ensemble WORKPLACE (Marlo, Morocco, Justin and Constance) HOMEPLACE (Marlo, Andrew, Soshi and AJ) and BARPLACE sitcom in LA and London. Competitive and contentiously falling in love, Marlo and Andrew have a Notting Hill meets Roseanne romance in a cast of witnesses.
(Primetime Comedy) Sully Smothers is just your average guy, in an average job, but this ill-fated day turns out to be anything but! Each day gets worse for Sully as he tries to make life better, but ends up being screwed over one way or another.
(Primetime Comedy) POC Scientists struggle with their love lives, proving that sometimes life in the lab is easier than life outside. "Insecure" meets "Big Bang Theory" in this witty comedy.
(Primetime Comedy) After being dropped by his record label, a former nu-metal prodigy is forced to move back home.
(Primetime Comedy) An over-the-top modernization of the Al-bundy-style, comedy. A father who has one black and one white son deals with the world growing up without him. The pilot video is complete with 3-camera and laugh track set up.
(Children and Tweens) In a world where adults and kids have switched places, a team of safety patrol officers protect their town from illegal sugar traders, Santa cultists, and other miscreants. One officer specifically has a bone to pick with the leader of a gang of underground candy dealers.
(Primetime Comedy) A 70-something man is placed into a retirement community by his family only to discover that the current residents don't ever feel like acting their age.
(Primetime Comedy) A hilarious comedy showcasing the day-to-day antics of nursing home professionals and residents.
(Primetime Comedy) A group of male twenty-somethings go about their daily lives, causing trouble in their suburban middle class town.
(Children and Tweens) Two 12 year-old fostered boys witness a burglary and hide the loot. The two burglars chase them all over trying to reclaim their loot and to silence the witnesses, except one burglar's heart is not in the chase. Their amazing adventures should appeal to most age groups.
(Primetime Comedy) A legal dramedy that blends book smarts and street savvy by way of a young teenage genius.
(Primetime Comedy) After he gets dumped by a year long girlfriend, Colton needs to gain his confidence back and get back in the dating game. After going to a club with his best friend he meets a girl. The next day they go on the date. He then learns she has some baggage.
(Primetime Comedy) A comedy centered around three roommates who have recently landed jobs teaching at the same high school. The three alcohol loving pot heads try to balance molding YOUNG MINDS while attempting to hide their drug related extracurricular activates from the administration.
(Children and Tweens) What happens when the Greek Gods are reincarnated? Join Emmett & his friends as they navigate both the struggles of school, & their past lives as Greek Gods. They’ll have to train with Hermes & unlock their powers & past lives before Hera destroys their school and city.