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(Drama) Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's famous detective and doctor recast as 21st century women. The duo faces horrendously terrifying villains, some within the criminal justice system itself.
(Drama) Thomas "Kirk" Kirkland, a grizzled, Chicago detective has 22 Days until retirement and in order to solve his final case involving a string of murders he'll bend laws, be pushed to the brink, and team up with an evil man he put behind bars years ago.


(Primetime Comedy) a returning veteran tries to adapt to civilian life but finds his world has changed and finds it hard to deal with uncaring parents, and a strained relationship with his sister.
(Primetime Comedy) 2126 is about 4 guys living together in a small apartment in chicago. A medical student, musician and 2 guys with master's degrees working low wage jobs while they "find" themselves. Other friends come by but mainly it's about 4 guys trying to avoid entering the real world.
(Primetime Comedy) Group of young professionals living in HOUSTON bearing witness to ridiculous shit, but most of the times causing it themselves. More specifically, centers around a bi-polar worker-bee, his laid-back galavanting twin brother, and their peculiar younger brother.
(Primetime Comedy) Kyla Hart, a recent police acadamey graduate, reluctulantly lets her step-mother (Monroe Hart ) move in after being dumped by Kyla's father. Dispite the fact that Monroe is only six years older , she keeps trying to control Kyla's life.
(Primetime Comedy) Sam and Dre are the cause of a super power break out in their school.
(Primetime Comedy) Males bonding. Two grandfathers move in with their only living relative, a wealthy and successful adult grandson, and educate him on how to have jollity and not take life so seriously.


(Primetime Comedy) The story revolves around Katelyn James, (white female mid 20’s) As Hollywood’s highest paid and most sought after stuntwoman Katelyn faces the unique pressures and dangerous challenges of maintaining a successful stunt career in todays Hollywood.


(Primetime Comedy) Chronicles the lives’ of sisters Katelyn and Dallas James, Hollywood’s highest paid and most sought-after stuntwomen.
(Primetime Comedy) Three early 30-something dudes proudly work in the San Diego's last remaining VHS store, possibly in America, and struggle financially to keep their business running during the mid-2010s.
(Drama) young beautiful 18 year old girl disappears
(Drama) An unfinished experiment over space and time has turned into an intelligent creature that likes people. But… it likes them like a kid likes toys.
(Primetime Comedy) Stan, unhappy with his social status, suddenly becomes inadvertently involved with the most popular actress in the world.
(Primetime Comedy) Thirty-six year old slacker Kyle enrolls at Community College to begin his quest to become a gym teacher.
(Drama) A show between two retired FBI agents, one black, one white with reversed backgrounds.
(Primetime Comedy) "12TH Floor Basement" is a comedy pilot episode about the troubles of Ren and Nima poverty-stricken young adults who live in a trailer on top of a luxury high-rise building in Manhattan.
(Primetime Comedy) The growing trend of becoming self employed and fitting in a 9-5 world.
(Drama) awkward struggling college freshman counts down the days til his death
(Primetime Comedy) Al, Steve, Gaz, and Jay are four friends who, along with a seemingly never-ending line of substitutes and temporary team-mates, play in a local 5-a-side league. Girls, beer, kebabs and hangovers all form part of their pre and post-match routines.
(Primetime Comedy) 1 In 4 is centred around 4 young adults who have just begun university. They end up doing very little uni work while instead getting into hijinks. Originally the characters play on stereotypes but soon change this as it was more fun to mix gender roles and cultural beliefs.
(Primetime Comedy) When two best friends find themselves strapped for cash with no skills; they decide to get rich quick in the only business that feels right; the adult film industry .


(Children and Tweens) ..
(Children and Tweens) Valentina after the death of her mother decides to become a doctor. Needs to raise money for the school. Los makes she begins to work in the music school ,,Valentajs ". In the school heroine finds love, father and true professional road.
(Primetime Comedy) This comedy series is about a group of early to mid twenty friends who are being filmed by their college friend for his film class. Jonathan follows his friends around filming their every move. Some of it is bad some good but all of it funny.
(Primetime Comedy) Engineers. You think they are nerds? Imagine the boring work they do? Try the most powerful members of the Mexican Drug Cartel! What happens when the government cuts young, talented engineers? They find work in the most of unlikely places!
(Primetime Comedy) (Semi) Adults is comedy about a Los Angeles couple in their mid-20s that get into difficult situations as a result of their immaturity.
(Primetime Comedy) A lifelong stoner turned reluctant superhero begrudgingly defends her small town from the evil forces that threaten its very existence.
(Primetime Comedy) A situational, animated comedy that follows two workers in their twenties in a retail store & a father as they traverse the hectic & dramatic retail store of Kwickster Mart.
(Children and Tweens) A Supernatural/horror, action - GNARLY - comedy with ‘X’treme thrills to tell the story of a prophecy that is 500 years in the making.