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(Children and Tweens) Controlled by an evil overlord, people’s nightmares have come to life and are threatening to break through to the real world. Mia is the only one who can stop them.


(Children and Tweens) R7, an Alien Teens intelligent robot, is left on earth by accident. In need of a hiding place and addicted to mobile games, R7 finds a brother & sister to protect it from the school principle, an alien hunter, all while trying to keep R7 a secret from the outside world!
(Drama) A teenager in the 90s, captures ghosts with a special camera and with the help of her friends and family.
(Primetime Comedy) Colin Michael’s was clueless that after his wife, Alley won a Ten Million dollar lottery; they agreed that she could take a one week trip to Europe. Five years later he’s still waiting on her return.
(Primetime Comedy) A comedy series that follows the lives of eight 20-something friends in the 1990s.
(Preschool) An Enlightening Bug is determined to help her crew of colorful critters overcome obstacles and daily challenges by teaching them to use their strengths and skills, combined with her self-esteem building tools and healthy, positive words of wisdom.
(Primetime Comedy) Software engineer Jim McAvoy is trying to understand women through his life experiences of being married to a pretty lawyer named Amy. Frequently retreating into his own fantasies the audience goes on a thoroughly entertaining journey of hilarity in this 22 minute series.
(Primetime Comedy) Five terrible friends continuously ruin their lives as well as the lives of everyone around them as they try escaping their deep-seated emotional problems.
(Primetime Comedy) Five people work the overnight shift weekdays at a greasy spoon diner in a small Iowa city. They deal with the customers and with one another.
(Primetime Comedy) Three 20-somethings take life by the horns, while trying to satisfy personal and professional relationships in the work place through the bond of diversified friendships.
(Primetime Comedy) An aspiring music producer living in Los Angeles juggles his girlfriend and day job with a weekend residency at a Vegas casino trying to change its image.
(Drama) A team of private investigators deal with infidelity cases as they struggle to find and keep true love.
(Primetime Comedy) Join the team from Lockbox Security in the 51st state (Northern Virginia) as they deal with life, cyber hacking, liberty, and the pursuit of making the Internet safe … for more cat videos !!!
(Primetime Comedy) In a fantastic world of turn-of-the-century inventions and supernatural danger, an eccentric trillionaire by the name of Mr. Sinn travels the globe with his crew in search of fortune, excitement, and the next delicious martini.
(Primetime Comedy) Three friends in their early twenties get caught in the midst of bizarre and gory activities after moving into their loft in Los Angeles.
(Preschool) Brian explores the basement of his new house, and discovers four numerical robots. They teach him about math and science, while Brian and his new friend Molly teach them about human things. Alternate title: "Brian's 1234 Bots"
(Primetime Comedy) Five minimum wage slackers transform into misguided super- heroes; using their powers to conquer boredom and avoid eviction
(Preschool) Kid scientist Anne learns about the world in her junkyard lab with her best pals Nick and Shania, and her android helpers.
(Primetime Comedy) A used space ship salesman and his daughter deal with the challenges of father-daughter relations while running a used space vehicle sales & repair shop. TwoShips and Cutie follows the comedic misadventures of TwoShips, Cutie and their group of interplanetary friends.
(Primetime Comedy) Dark comedy centered around Tilly Rosen, who has returned to Stanton, the hometown she hates bitterly. When Stanton begins to experience a string of bizarre violent crimes, Tilly finds herself caught up in the chaos, as the town’s residents become increasingly unhinged.
(Children and Tweens) It seemed to Bobby that every bully had his number and was after his lunch money. What's a wimpy 8 year old to do? "I guess I'm doomed to be picked on forever!” he though…but he was wrong, because on one fateful afternoon everything changed. He met his twin brother!
(Children and Tweens) Teenage hero Chase Vapor must set out on an adventure to retrieve the water supply of the Earth after it is stolen by an evil race of Aliens
(Primetime Comedy) Juco is a documentary style show about a business course at a junior college. The camera man, Dylan, is a mass media student who has friends in the course and requested that his second semester project be about the course and all the students involved.
(Preschool) The PIXS are four digital creatures with the ability to transform themselves into everyday objects. They live in a digital world in which everything is white and virtual. They hunger for discovery, and love going on missions in the real world.
(Primetime Comedy) Two clowns/ public executioners try to make it big in a medieval fantasy world of goblins, ogres, knights and wizards, where everyone is kind of a dick.
(Drama) A teenage boy's dark dreams seem to connect him with a strange but beautiful girl when he moves to a small town that holds secrets about his family's past.
(Drama) A new president's resolve is tested when hostilities between the U.S. and North Korea begin to reveal cracks in her own administration.
(Primetime Comedy) Three roommates, a loverlorn novelist, a gregarious children's show host, and an enigmatic wanderer, encounter quirky people and go on wild adventures in the urban jungle of Los Angeles.
(Primetime Comedy) Ryan Jacobs is giving his first shot at journalism, when his editor-in-chief assigns him to do a story about a small town's feuding rivalry between it's softball teams. Ryan thinks this is career death, until he interviews the teams first hand and sees how surreal they are.
(Primetime Comedy) A clairvoyant teen grapples with leading his click to the American dream(90's media startup) or succumbing to the fast money, gang banging California streets.