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(Primetime Comedy) Divorced & turning 50, Ben decides it's time to start dating again. Big problem-the dating rules have changed and he's so rusty after 20 yrs on the sidelines that his anxieties and insecurities get in his way. His 3 clueless friends try to help but only make matters worse.
(Primetime Comedy) So the beating of a butterflies wings can cause a hurricane on the other side of the world? Messing with the timeline can be equally fraught with peril. But trying to put history on its proper course and have two people kiss couldn't mean the end of the world? Could it?
(Children and Tweens) The show is a reflection of the music, poetry and stories that have defined the work of Darrell House for the last 20 years. It will be geared to a younger audience, and stress strong family values and good citizenship while encouraging kids to use their imaginations.
(Primetime Comedy) To Be Announced is an anthology comedy series with a difference. Each episode the same six people find themselves playing different roles in a different genre. It's all part of a virtual reality experiment that will change our world . . . and lead to lots of hijinks!
(Children and Tweens) Fishbone Fred Teaches kids how to stay safe be healthy and learn how to be a loving family member, friend, sister, brother and good citizen
(Preschool) Kid scientist Anne learns about the world in her junkyard lab with her best pals Nick and Shania, and her android helpers.
(Children and Tweens) Former Imperial Royal Guard now turned space pirate, Captain Sonja Trage finds the long lost Daughter of the murdered Imperial Family.
(Primetime Comedy) Sweet and seemingly ditsy Bitsy Malone is secretly a brilliant mastermind who plots to bring each of her enemies to ruination one entitled jerk at a time. (permission given/releases obtained for all likenesses used in artwork)
(Primetime Comedy) Three 20-somethings take life by the horns, while trying to satisfy personal and professional relationships in the work place through the bond of diversified friendships.
(Primetime Comedy) Six friends with disastrous love lives decide to start a matchmaking agency. Tired of online dating, they will provide unique matchmaking with a personal touch … and if they just happen to find love in the process, so much the better!
(Primetime Comedy) A single camera comedy series that follows three ordinary friends as they haphazardly navigate their way through their ordinary lives. Ordinary, that is, in terms of what passes for such in the strange land of Orlando, Florida.
(Primetime Comedy) Pharmacist Zack Wright must do everything in his power to survive the zaniness at Brooklyn's Goodyear Pharmacy.
(Children and Tweens) Woobies are magical characters born when a wish is made on a dandelion. They come from an old Irish story called The Legend of the Woobies. They connect with people who make wishes and learn to make wishes come true. Woobies are about the Magic of BELIEVING.
(Preschool) Bianca is just like any girl...well, kind of. She has one teeny ability, "wish magic" – the power to make wishes come true.
(Primetime Comedy) A young Indian pair decide to fake their wedding to hide their double-lives from their cultured family. Things get complicated when one start catching feelings for the other.
(Primetime Comedy) Gina deals with her schizophrenic and nympho behavior while she tries to win a class action lawsuit against her computer tech company that forced her and her colleagues to the Dark Web Nanny department - A department where they must view disturbing material.
(Primetime Comedy) Based upon my experiences working in a customer service call center
(Primetime Comedy) An animated comedy series about a community living on the edge of the world. The folks of the town are a mix of human and mythical creatures. Fish-headed Herring is a young woman desperate to break free of the constraints of small town life.
(Primetime Comedy) 3 recent college graduates realize that their various art degrees are useless in the real world and decide to go back to school for useful degrees.
(Primetime Comedy) Two siblings who hate each other, Danni and Mikey, receive a court order mandating that they spend eight hours a week together under the supervision of their eccentric counselor, Maury, who makes them partake in unconventional and oftentimes illegal rehabilitative exercises.
(Primetime Comedy) An Animated Affectionate Parody of Science Fiction shows about the Enlisted Crewmembers of the Starship Discovery, who do all of the work and get none of the credit. Among them, the Special Maintenance Unit always gets the important assignments no one else will do.
(Primetime Comedy) Five minimum wage slackers transform into misguided super- heroes; using their powers to conquer boredom and avoid eviction
(Children and Tweens) Binky, Pepper and Cody are a safety-loving trio using the powers of hyper-mega-good-kid-ness to overcome the villains of Van Hooten Junior High. They foil rule-breaking by teaching the bad guys to journal their feelings, follow the food pyramid, and, duh, robots.
(Primetime Comedy) In 2034 a vortex opens on Earth, creating a pathway for monsters to wreak havoc. In the midst of all this chaos we follow an oddball team of four exceptionally muscular anti-heroes known as "Swoll Patrol" as they do their best to defend earth against Evil (Jesus' Brother).
(Primetime Comedy) When a banker falls in love with a teacher who ends up to be a thief in disguise, his life is in for lots of changes.
(Primetime Comedy) Jim and Amy are recently married and trying to make their own way in Seattle WA.
(Children and Tweens) Trent Ghoulfish, a ninja zombie turned private investigator, solves bizarre crimes with his friend and partner, Jet, a loopy Kung Fu master who also happens to be a wingless owl.
(Drama) A yoga teacher in post 9/11 America to struggles to achieve his dream of owning his own yoga studio. He has talent for teaching and is charismatic but has a dark past and and a lack of cash. He will risk his love, faith and freedom and stirs up some strange karma.
(Primetime Comedy) When the Jeffersonian’s mentally ill Director disappears, the Jeffersonian Institution must battle death, congressional budget cuts, and the mystery of the Institution’s underbelly.
(Children and Tweens) 12 year old Ricky is secretly running a financial empire built on the inventions he steals from his eccentric inventor father. Each episode threatens to expose Ricky in an increasingly complex series of mishaps. Think "3rd Rock" meets "Dexter's Lab".