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(Drama) Jace Hester is a man undone: fresh out of prison, newly divorced, and with a revoked veterinary license to boot. However, his biggest problem may be the fact that his only hope lies with his delinquent, estranged father.
(Drama) Water washes away over centuries, but a grin fades in a second.
(Drama) The Borough is a series about a young man trying to make it in the town where he grew up. Inspired by the common superhero story line of a nobody becoming savior of the world, this series takes an ordinary man and shows that with enough heart, one can make a difference.
(Drama) Protos, an immortal being, comes to earth in human form to destroy evil and give second chances to people who have made mistakes. Death is introduced also as a fellow immortal who takes souls of departed, but with class and pride in his work.
(Drama) Hollywood on the Tiber. In the 1960s when Rome emerged as a major location for international film making. This is about an American actor, who made the journey. For every Clint Eastwood, there were hundreds of others, looking to make a name or looking for one last chance.
(Drama) The show is about a young innocent boy, who's mother, siblings and friends were murdered by a rich landowner. The innocent boy seeks revenge but is put in prison by the landowner. 20 years pass and the boy is now a man and plans to kill the landowner and his whole family.
(Drama) When an evil spirit from his family's past threatens Brian's mother and uncle, the teenager comes to a chilling realization: to defeat a ghost, he must first become one.
(Drama) Arthur Gant checked into the Hive a V.R. entertainment matrix and was murdered by another user, something thought impossible. Now Detectives Savage working from the inside and Holt from the outside work to find out who killed him and why. Think the Matrix meets West World.
(Drama) Two brothers fight for the direction of their family's oil empire, with the fate of a town at stake. One brother looks to hold on to his family and carry on a centuries old tradition, while the other will do anything to make a name and a fortune for himself.
(Drama) An animated series about a group of teenagers as the protagonists who overcome many obstacles in order to save the world from the evil watchers. (Ages 10+) Think Naruto, Dragon Ball Z, etc.
(Drama) A down on his luck professional, having lost his fiancé and job, gets hired at local strip club "Sin City."
(Drama) This reality show will uncloak the secrecy of the TSA, the governing body over aviation security in this country. It will also showcase the complex and varied scenarios TSA officers encounter daily, via video taped daily interaction with the traveling public.
(Drama) Presentations of the most famous trials in history.
(Drama) A Martial arts Dramedy/Action that explores the "7 Great Warrior Bloodlines" of human history. We take real characters in history and place them in a Martial Arts Universe (similar to a Marvel Universe) where they battle out forces of evil.
(Drama) After a deal goes wrong, because of racial slurs thrown out by lex his buddies think its time for theraphy before chaos breaks out and a gang war starts.
(Drama) Two brothers SRETA I JOVAN,find Avar belt in July 1992.and are going to meet with old acquaintances MITKE, goldsmith from Belgrade.They try to sell the belt.
(Drama) Protos is an immortal who is sent by a higher power to stop the violence and evil on Earth. He possesses great power and is opposed by other members of his race. He faces both human and other opponents.
(Drama) Protos is an immortal being sent by a group of immortals to stop evil and violence on Earth. Opposing him are other evil immortals such as Asroth, as well as human enemies.
(Drama) How can Kumori harness a dark mysterious power that dwells within before a demonic foe engulfs the world in The Second Holy War?
(Drama) Mock trials of history's most infamous villains.
(Drama) young adult, teen drama combining witches & vampires, the hottest genre on television today; based on the Amazon bestseller book 'Rise' by Luis Almonte. Sure to thrill fans of Twilight, Harry Potter, The Vampire Diaries and more. The hottest genre for the largest fanbase!
(Drama) Memories of war and Love.
(Drama) A man wakes up on a beach, not knowing who he really is. As he tries to discover his true identity, he quickly discovers that the world has changed dramatically.
(Drama) Protos is an immortal who has existed for millinia and now been sent to Earth to destroy evil and to prevent the people from destroying themselves. He is opposed by other imortals from his own family including Asroth, who toys with humans and regards them as mere insects.
(Drama) Mark Werner is a recovering alcoholic who suffers from PTSD and who also happens to be the former superhero, Captain Terrific. Mark, ostracized by the superhero community tries to get his life together by taking a job teaching chemistry at an inner city high school.
(Drama) Finding his life to be a dead end, Dave decides to join the Agency, a program developed to design a better future. Dave is a 20X, meaning he’s been sent twenty years into the future and his job is to report any big shifts back to the past so the future can be altered.
(Drama) Zombie invasion meets road trip.
(Drama) Time makes the difference, the mission to stop time.
(Drama) It's about a boy that is named billy makes a clubhouse for his little sister who has Down syndrome.
(Drama) A journey of realization of inspiration of how will history determine a legacy.