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(Drama) Inspired by Horatio Alger and set in Portsmouth County, OH - one of the poorest counties in America. This series follows the struggles of a young man and his striving from rags to riches.
(Drama) A group of medical coworkers are trapped together when an unexpected snow storm occurs, bringing fourth mankind's most basic and primitive instincts for survival.
(Drama) Events lead Max to smuggle drugs unaware. A taste of the good life leads him building a smuggling empire. Diego is not happy. He gets hunted down, by more than 1. Battles commence, people die, more money than you can imagine, and ways to smuggle you'd never think of.
(Drama) A modern day western. Cullen McReary and Rodney Morgan are gun-running partners that fight to remain on the top of the food chain of the criminal underworld of Arcadia, Nevada while also trying to manage their brothel- The Winking Woman.
(Drama) A group of aliens land and assume human forms. two female and two males species. They get different super human powers when they link up. The alpha male links with the non alpha female and the alpha female links with the non alpha male. As a close group they cannot die.
(Drama) “A marine biologist, tortured by guilt over the disappearance of his son a year before, must convince the world that the sea creature responsible for the attack on his son, lurks off the east coast of England, and poses a real threat to everyone in the area.”
(Drama) Politics is no mans land, the common man works for a future be to be free for him and his own.
(Drama) STALKER is a story full of obsession, lust, loneliness and the dangers it can bring. STALKER is a suspense story that will make you think twice about the people you encounter on a daily basis in your daily life.
(Drama) Relationships are tightly controlled in an Orwellian matriarchy. Midnight Video attempts to release growing unrest by providing a dramatic simulation of "authentic" intimacy in the midnight hours. The Governess's son has been duped into the lead but walks off the set.
(Drama) Smart anthology science fiction meant for all ages like The Twilight Zone or Outer Limits.
(Drama) UMA and ULA is a love story of two people from define world, whom find themselves in a different world and manage to cope through the difficulty times and later found love among hatred.
(Drama) A disillusioned, pulp detective sheds his skin, going incognito as a bit player at a popular studio, when the butchery of a 1930s matinee idol quakes Hollywood.
(Drama) Liam is a bright 15 year old boy growing up poor, abused and neglected. You would think things would improve for him after his stepfather as a joke bought him a lottery ticket as a birthday gift that hit. Sadly winning meant things were about to go from bad to worse.
(Drama) They can't reach him, he's innocent and loved by many. The law thinks he's reckless lost everything but gaining it .back
(Drama) Four mid-twenty Chicago music students - three men and one woman - are awarded scholarships to the Music Academy in the Soviet city of Minsk, in 1988. This at a time when the Soviet Union is starting to unravel.
(Drama) In August of 1896 a heatwave claimed over 1,500 lives in New York City. City services were so overwhelmed that police cadets became temporary coroners. Based on true events, this is the story of one of those cadets as he stumbles into a plot designed to bring down democracy.
(Drama) In the wake of the LA riots, the lives of five citizens become intertwined when a mysterious and brutal vigilante declares war on the gangs and the police.
(Drama) Two pilots love of flying ends up with them falling in love.
(Drama) A group of students have their desires ensuring, however, not the way they thought, so that they have to overcome difficulties to achieve their dreams.
(Drama) To keep their marriage interesting, a private detective and her bartender husband take on the sort of bizarre cases you only find in small town New Hampshire.
(Drama) Two angels whom have spend 95 years trying ti stop the end of the world can no longer do save the world anymore and their children are dragged into been the worlds new defenders against evil, but what happens when one of the angels is actually the evil that must be stopped.
(Drama) Denise McGarry returns to her estranged homeland of Ireland to spread her mother's ashes. What begins as a simple family reunion and ceremony spirals out of control in chaos, revealing the family secret; they're Leprechauns.
(Drama) Urban poetry floating through an atmosphere of every day urban life. Simply providing a slice of multiple genres to form an endless saga of countless performances. With more notable attention, top artist could play the characters like a Broadway play.
(Drama) This show will be about individuals coming together to pitch their ideas about a TV show or movie idea.
(Drama) In the vein of "Scooby-Doo meets Karate Kid", a group of teenage martial arts students team up to fight the supernatural forces of evil.
(Drama) Plots and deception leads to chaos.
(Drama) This is a show based on my non-fiction book: Murder in St. Augustine: the mysterious death of Athalia Ponsell Lindsley. Athalia was a a former New York celebrity who moved to St. Augustine in 1972. She was cut down with a machete on her front steps on January 23, 1974.
(Drama) Michael just lost his wife. Has one son in jail and another running the streets at night getting deeper and deeper into the gambling World.
(Drama) JULIO is about the Bodega owned by Julio and his sister Fina. They are both young but know that this Bodega is their lively hood in the Barrio. They are the center of the Barrio offering everything from food to medicine and an ear to listen.
(Drama) Jim has the uncanny ability to hear others thoughts, a handy skill for a thief with an addiction.