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(Drama) the undoubting words of people
(Drama) The Power of Dreams centers on 18 year old Alegra Cruise, she is a Catholic girl from Decatur, Alabama who has an extraordinary dream the night before she starts at North Alabama University and upon arriving a student announces she incident in the dream has come true.
(Drama) Renegade CIA agent running from his crimes, while trying to find redemption. He uses his skill set to right some wrongs. His ultimate redemption is waiting with his long estranged family. Will Jay Martel ever find it or is his past too powerful?
(Drama) Sam Rico, is an ambitious investigative reporter with a young family, who is fascinated with prison life and takes on an assignment to go into the prison as an inmate. Sam is studying a convict, Charles Khan, who has declared himself king of Stone View Prison.
(Drama) American Horror story meets Twilight zone.
(Drama) A disgraced CIA agent is reassigned to London, to help the British deal with threats from within.
(Drama) In a secret facility young psychics are divided into Psychic Communities (Psi-Coms). One of the best of these, Psi-Com 5, must escape the confines of this developmental clinic when they discover that an "enhancement" process being used on weaker psychics is killing them.
(Drama) A black teen must deal with his parents crumbling marriage while adjusting to his new school that has a racist football team, a shady principal, and a ticking time bomb in a form of a bullied student, at the turn of the millennium.
(Drama) A Young Women that kills and Manipulates men for money, covering her tracks from the police while facing everyday life challenges.
(Drama) White As A Ghost is a dark comedy set in the cut throat world of of hip hop. Smooth one of the most respected producers in the industry is also the most sought after ghost writer game. If his secret gets out it could be end of hip/hop as we know it.
(Drama) The town of Pristine Falls is prophesized to be destroyed within a month and a group of genius level teenagers come together in the hopes of preventing it, uncovering Pristine Falls' mysterious secrets and conspiracies along the way.
(Drama) Very beautiful, very manipulative Kristin uses her sexuality to get what she wants. Her exploits are often drug fueled and always leaves her victims drowning in her wake.
(Drama) Edward Danton, as his alter ego - Mondale Crimson, reenters society for one sole purpose: revenge. And he will stop at nothing to bring and end to Thomas Morecroft and his accomplices: the men responsible for his father's death, years ago.
(Drama) While a series of ritualistic murders happen, Norwich is under an outbreak of exorcisms and religious uprising. Two police investigators, a psychiatrist, a college teacher and a priest, each embrace their own mission while facing their beliefs on evil .
(Drama) A no-nonsense, street smart Army First Sergeant leads his unit to Baghdad's Green Zone on a mission to turn the tide of America's public opinion without firing a single bullet.
(Drama) A British Private Detective battling against both criminals and corrupt Police to bring justice to his city.
(Drama) The wold has come to an end, unlike any of the ways you've been told it would. This is the story how...
(Drama) The world has come to an end, unlike any of the ways you've been told it would. This is the story how...
(Drama) Freshman year is hard, especially if you're a geek AND on the cross country team. This is more of a dramedy. Think Freaks and Geeks set in an affluent Southern California private school in 2004.
(Drama) Diary Of A Death Dealer centers around what happens when someone dies, no one really knows, except the Death Dealers. This group has been around since the beginning of time, and have gotten the afterlife down to a science, but, what happens when that structure is threatened?
(Drama) A defrocked priest, a hard case, and a girl who spent a decade as the vessel for an demon, band together and try and save people from ancient evils. What could go wrong? Along the way they must figure out if the church is helping them or somehow responsible.
(Drama) Main Plot: Story focuses on normal families living in Florida. The news mentions a scientist predicting major cataclysms when the magnetic poles switch, causing the north pole and south pole to switch, begin melting, and raise the water levels.
(Drama) Andrew goes from grocery bagger to TV star in this gonzo media gone wild tale of reality shows with live ammo, billionaires conspiring with bikers, a television network run by Gone With the Wind cultists, and gun nuts promoting a race war as a way to sell assault weapons.
(Drama) At the height of the Civil Right’s movement, an FBI informant with a checkered past finds he shares an unlikely kinship with the Klansman leader he is tasked with bringing down.
(Drama) The lives of a disillusioned prosecutor, a transgender skinhead and an ex-German Intelligence officer collide in the wake of the Oklahoma City bombing.
(Drama) A woman decides to feed her serial killer hunger pain on the rough streets of Chicago. Ardor has a hunger inside of her for thugs and corrupt individuals. Using her womanly charm and her skills Ardor finds out disposing of a body is easy with enough hungry cats.
(Drama) Brave or ignorant? Why not both? The Airmen in the Air Force's 'Hazardous Materials Tactics and Disposal Unit' are too young, too arrogant, and too ignorant to know just how dangerous their job really is.
(Drama) A teenage boy's dark dreams seem to connect him with a strange but beautiful girl when he moves to a small town that holds secrets about his family's past.
(Drama) Stranded in 2015, a scientist from the future has to find a way to seal destructive wormholes connecting both timelines. His quest is complicated by a terrorist organization lead by an ex-veteran who has his own plans with the time bridge.
(Drama) Two sisters from an disgraced military family are forced to go on the run after they become entangled in a complex government conspiracy.