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(Drama) Seventeen-year-old Dan Kerlin's life is turned upside down when he learns ancient beings want him to take part in a war as old as time itself. He has to use power he barely understands to find his way into a place called Everwhen, and the mystery that lies at its heart.
(Drama) A new couple struggle with common life themes- pregnancy, infidelity, betrayal are amongst some of the challenges in a rugged economy.
(Drama) A dejected dreamer wins the lottery then conceals his recent riches from his ungrateful family and fake friends as he endeavors to utilize his fortune for what he perceives as the progression of humanity. But his altruistic acts are offset by his cohorts illicit activities.
(Drama) young beautiful 18 year old girl disappears
(Drama) Intergalactic freebooters, Parker, and his cyborg brother, Bot, sail through uncharted space, searching for the greatest treasures in the galaxy, in hopes of finding a place amongst the pantheon of legendary freebooters.
(Drama) In order to help his struggling family, a street smart kid attends his estranged father's prep school to inherit a fortune, but there he discovers another inheritance: a glowing mask that gives him supernatural powers and the secret society it belongs to.
(Drama) A young, recently disbarred, attorney goes to work for a ruthless money launderer.
(Drama) This series is about a small town in the lake district which has a slight werewolf problem. (old school werewolves - think American werewolves in London, not twilight). Each episode will focus on a different person involved. (potentially the first found footage series?)
(Drama) An adventurous group of teenagers sneaks their way into different clubs around New York for a good time. But their partying lifestyle doesn't come without its risk and conflicts as they each work to keep their daily lives separate from their nighttime activities.
(Drama) The son of the beloved female vocalist in the popular doo-wop group, The Skyliners, confronts his estranged father for the truth about her questionable suicide.
(Drama) Astronomer ALFRED NORDEEN notices a cesium reading during his observations. The cesium reading only lasted a short time. After some investigating Alfred suspects extra-terrestrial intelligence may be causing these “cesium flashes”.
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(Drama) Frankenstein's illegitimate creation, returns home to find her truth and origin, only to be confronted by today's teens and her long lost and dead love
(Drama) An Alien named Jack goes on a series of adventures, but will he survive?!
(Drama) A preist and a cop hunt down serial killers who they believe are possessed by demons.
(Drama) After Nelia Chambers commits to a life of being single, she is suddenly surrounded on all sides by unlikely suitors, matchmaking schemes, and old flames. Pleasing God is the only thing that truly matters, right? After all, “what’s life without God and coffee?”
(Drama) In the vein of "Scooby-Doo meets Karate Kid", a group of teenage martial arts students team up to fight the supernatural forces of evil.
(Drama) A cowboy is frozen in a glacier in 1876 and revived in 2016 and finds his wife who is reincarnated
(Drama) Detective Solitaire investigates intriguing murder cases, while his partner Detective Hines continues his serial killing spree.
(Drama) One modern American family contends with addiction, betrayal, car crashes, doom, existence, Fate, and God. Both operatic and realistically nuanced in vision, Drowning House stirs audiences to life and marks a new age in cinematic storytelling.
(Drama) Luke, his cousin Andy, and their childhood friend Gemma notice a disturbing pattern regarding the lake that their parents drowned themselves in ten years ago.
(Drama) Based on the true story of a fight for freedom, a story that is set against massive social and political world events that sweeps across continents and countries but remains an intimate portrayal of a man's obsession to save his country and a woman's love for her family.
(Drama) After failing a drug test on purpose (no, really), Kelsey finds herself in rehab, alongside a crew of Looney Tunes she couldn't be more different from. She doesn't belong here. I mean, right?
(Drama) A reimagining of the classic Robin Hood legend: After World War III the and proceeding nuclear apocalypse, veterans and brothers Rob and Tuck struggle to keep peace and order in a destitute shantytown of survivors whilst fighting against its villainous and brutal dictator.
(Drama) A former basketball star struggles to regain a hold on his life in the midst of broken identity and criminal temptation.
(Drama) British PM, Will Morrissey sold his country for a seat at the table of the new world order. When he is blackmailed into helping an amateur resistance group, he has to decide where his loyalties lie. And whether the noblest ends can ever justify the most terrifying means.
(Drama) Disgraced soldier Captain Tattersail heads a crew of smugglers and exiles on the sky ship Paradise as they try to eke out a living (legal and otherwise) on the great Cloud Sea. Think Joss Whedon's Firefly meets Terry Pratchett's Discworld.
(Drama) World famous SCORES nightclub in NYC was the epicenter of gentlemen's clubs. This true story includes: strippers/sex, celebrities, wise guys, big money, lots of drugs & violence. "Soprano's" was fiction, this is real life, with the actual celebrities involved in the filming
(Drama) Shakespeare's characters unite in a game of treachery, revenge and murder!
(Drama) Set in the dark and dismal work of 1887 New York City, we follow Nellie Bly into the male dominated world of journalism where she will fight for the stories that most the weathly and powerful would rather stay untold.