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(Drama) Penumbra is the story of Victor and Dan, two deeply troubled high school students in a small town that unwittingly become deeply involved in a series of local serial murders, so much so that they have to find the killer before the evidence leads back to them.
(Drama) Here we have a Christmas Story, set in the heart of gritty South East London - the iconic Billingsgate Market to be exact. It is your classic tale of brother against brother, but with an eerie, supernatural theme.
(Drama) A criminal mastermind pardoned from prison at his execution wages war on the detective who put him in prison, causing and costing lives and devastation even from beyond the grave. A detective goes above and beyond, thinking the problem is over…it’s truly just beginning
(Drama) In the legalized red light district of 1910 New Orleans the concubine of an aristocrat tries to buy her freedom by stealing a heroin shipment, not knowing that he is involved in the deal. Her plan backfires when she falls for a young Irishman who helps her get the drugs.
(Drama) a extinction level event causes a search for a different world to inhabit quickly.
(Drama) Protos, an ancient supernatural being sent to stop evil on Earth, meets a man who accidentally kills a child in a drunk driving accident and offers to bring the little girl back in exchange for the man's life.
(Drama) At 19, Jada Charles has already seen and been through too much. She moves to rural North Carolina to live with her grandmother and live peacefully. Instead, former friend turned foe, Greg "G-Day" Daly, forces her into risking it all as a drug mule aboard MCB Camp Lejeune.
(Drama) Freshmen Aisha, her twin brother, Kevin and her friends face and confront challenges at Dudley High, an inner city school with a tarnished reputation-plagued with violence and high drop-outs rates.
(Drama) A man does a 5 year prison bid to pay back a friend. He plans to spend the rest of his life with his wife and child when paroled then finds out 1 year before his release he is terminal. Now filled with rage his only plan is revenge on those that made him take the fall.
(Drama) Points is a brazilian teen drama series that follows the lives of a group of teenagers in São Paulo, southeastern Brazil, studying in high school. The story will explore issues such as dysfunctional families, mental disorder, teenage sexuality, drug abuse and religion.
(Drama) A new Jane Eyre mini series.
(Drama) Kirk Montgomery, a young Australian man, searches for the extinct Tasmanian Tiger. On his journey, he encounters Vanessa Rendell, a young woman who shares his passion for this mission, & who may end up also stealing his heart.
(Drama) A new Jane Eyre mini series.
(Drama) A new, faithful-to-the-book adaptation of a Jane Eyre mini series.
(Drama) The Moore Family lives in the 1700s during the Revolutionary war. It changes their lives extremely.
(Drama) A teen drama that follows the lives of a group of friends living in New York City, as they progress through their junior year of high school. The series highlights minority struggles, adolescent and adult mental health/addiction, and gender and sexuality issues.
(Drama) World War I sniper who lost his leg in a firefight is recruited by a defense contractor to track down and kill three genetically enhanced mutants on the loose and the scientist who created them. In order to fight them, he must become a mutant himself.
(Drama) In an Old West frontier town, a Faustian bargain releases demons to live among the already morally-compromised human populace, leading to a complicated and frequently bloody struggle between order and chaos.
(Drama) Two psychiatrists shake the very fabric of reality in 1950's Beverly Hills when they begin administering LSD therapy to their clients, including Hollywood's quintessential leading man, Cary Grant.
(Drama) The Frankenstein monster has set up in Hell’s Kitchen where he acts as a protector of the people. Sometimes he and his friends fight traditional monsters like werewolves and mummies and other times he fights even worse monsters like land developers and bankers.
(Drama) A weekly one-hour gritty action thriller TV series set in that South Pacific paradise, New Zealand, lifting the lid on the invisible world of foreign espionage, subversion, sabotage, and potential terrorism lurking in their midst.
(Drama) The situation is set in the 1940s during the world war 2. We will follow Five Young men in their mid 20s; during the Fights for the liberation of Europe. they will become more than friends, brothers; and follow their lives after the war is over, back in the States.
(Drama) A teenage freshman, Dorothy Goodwin, finds her first day of school, becomes her first day of hell. She has seen the way society has treated black people lately. After seeing her brother get arrested, her mind will now be open to society.
(Drama) WHO WILL BE LEFT TO TELL YOUR STORY? The Flare is a sci-fi drama TV series about the weight of memory in the context of sensory overload and consequent desensitization. The Flare challenges viewers to question their own personal relationship to technology.
(Drama) Whitehall follows the working and home lives of the members of a fictional UK Government, led by Mark Richards. However, things aren't going well for Mark. His Parliamentary majority is small, his party is disjointed and the crises just keep coming.
(Drama) Chicago blues musician Silas Cherry's life is a mess. Now, to compound his troubles, he's got the first hit blues record in the charts since Stevie Ray Vaughan back in the 80's. As he tries to pull himself together, he suffers a devastating, unspeakable tragedy.
(Drama) At the turn of the Century a Grey Wolf is the west’s enemy number one. A huge bounty is put on its head as men come from all over seeking fame and fortune but soon it becomes difficult to tell who the hunted and hunter are. Inspired by a true story.
(Drama) A plague wipes out ninety five percent of America's population. The few survivors have a lot of problems the biggest of which is each other. Chris a life long slacker must grow up quick if he has any hope of surviving the end of the world.
(Drama) A teenaged girl must cope with the pressures of impending adulthood, while also saving the world from a powerful demon who aims to destroy it.
(Drama) A Bi-coastal urban drama. On the East Coast a betrayed crime boss is black mailed by a corrupt F.B.I agent and takes his revenge on his former partner before heading out West to work undercover to take down organized crime family.