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(Drama) In times full of real existing gods (except Allah, GOD and Jahwe), Malleus Bourreau, an atheist and investigator against men and gods must save the world from a mad artefact-collector, who wants to become the ONLY god.
(Drama) Inspired by true events, the Walsh family uses their trucking company to distribute millions of dollars worth of California weed using Interstate 80/35.
(Drama) A group of young adults whom are living in a post world war America. They now have the task of informing the people that their new leader isn't a savior... but is the son of satan.
(Drama) 1852, California gold rush. An unusual small town owned by a wealthy widow faces every day life and death situations to hold on to her newfound independence.
(Drama) A dysfunctional sixty year old sex therapist, unhappy with how’s she’s raised her three boys, decides to use their inheritance to try again with an IVF baby.
(Drama) After his father is gunned down, presumably dead, seventeen year old Jordan Marino and his abusive, alcoholic mother Carol find themselves now penniless and living in the local trailer park.
(Drama) Guided by a mysterious mentor, a diverse group of morally and ethically corrupt friends use an odd mixture of compassion and remorseless violence to transform from strip joint employees into an organized crime family and challenge for criminal control of Marshall City.
(Drama) A new Jane Eyre mini series.
(Drama) A police officer is caught in the middle of war between God and the Devil but God is the ultimate evil and the Devil is the worlds only hope.
(Drama) LGBT forbidden romance drama, following the life of Jimmy, a gay teenager growing up in repressed 1960s Manchester. Jimmy makes a huge mistake in episode 1, and the series explores how this affects the rest of his life, with each episode taking place in a different decade.
(Drama) In a medieval fantasy world, a group of rebels prepares an uprising to take their freedom back. Men and women, children and adults, gifted with powers or not. Plots, survival, betrayal: try not to be uncovered. Adapted from the novel of the same name.
(Drama) This series involves around teenagers whom are about to get their degree upon finishing their 6 months of internship and also getting a permanent job in a particular famous firm but the twist is there is only one position available, hence one posting against the odds.
(Drama) This show combines British conspiracy thrillers (such as 'The Prisoner') with vampire lore, to humorous and horrific effect. The story follows a fish-out-of-water solicitor, who has to unravel a mystery in a secret open-air 'prison' for bloodsuckers.
(Drama) Four friends left California to make sure their skills would never be used again to live life. However, their effort is fruitless. A veteran, a boxer, a driver, and a drug dealer--together they push the reset button and usher in the new era of the Mafia in the Bronx.
(Drama) Fanatical runner Lloyd Eagle comes home to reform his dead mum's athletics club to put the heart back into a divided community. His enemies will do anything to stop him, but he refuses to lose this time.
(Drama) A ragtag bunch of mismatched youngsters fight to survive in a futuristic landscape overrun by mutants and marauding bandits called the Dicers.
(Drama) The rulers of the post-apocalyptic town of New Jericho has gone extraordinary lengths to satisfy their gastronomic desires with "The Cattle Program". As different factions wants to rule, things become increasingly difficult for the Mayor and his men to stay firmly in charge.
(Drama) Deep Hills, a fictional town in central Ohio, United States. The Deep High School of Arts is the center of the mystery. The connection between the village school and an old church will open the door to a new inquisition. Mortal sins are purified by death.
(Drama) A group of new Capitol Hill interns suddenly learn that the Senators that they are working for are working for their own personal agendas, instead of what they were elected to do.
(Drama) A African American former NYPD officer accepts a job as sheriff in a small town in Alabama called Mooresville when he his family and dog arrive they are greeted in astonishment they are black this is when a series of events test not just Steve but the entire family.
(Drama) Crossing Over is a cop, drama, paranormal TV show. It's a mix between Ghost Whisperer and Cold Case A homicide detective, who has a very special gift, she can see and speak to the dead. Lily Key's is a medium/Therapist.
(Drama) In a modern world full of supernatural creatures and the bureaucracy that comes with any civil society, a young woman and her broken family full of supernatural mutts is thrust into a deadly mystery plaguing Western Washington.
(Drama) In the aftermath of The Second Great Depression, three students are chosen to attend a prestigious last-standing university in a dystopian New York City, not knowing they will be trained, against their will, as assassins, to keep the elite in power.
(Drama) The story of a young woman (Silvia), whose father (Rogelio) is a puritanical teacher at a prestigious academy. Rogelio leads a double life being an academic and a leader of a rogue armed social movement. One day she met Michael, a young rich men. And their worlds clash.
(Drama) Alex and Andy are called in the early morning by a disoriented Jacqueline who has stated “daddy’s dead”. The girls travel home to find their mother still holding the bloody knife and rocking a deceased Gene. What happened? What did their mom do and why?
(Drama) Take Two is a unique story about a washed up film director named Leo and a college drop out named Carlin, who meet up and decided to carry each other to the top by creating the best web-series they can.
(Drama) Lori Nichols is a black, female CIA agent who works with a three man support crew to solve problems around the world.
(Drama) In this intolerant world and increased fundamentalism this is an honest approach to pursue the condition of a kid after her father's assassination.
(Drama) Penumbra is the story of Victor and Dan, two deeply troubled high school students in a small town that unwittingly become deeply involved in a series of local serial murders, so much so that they have to find the killer before the evidence leads back to them.
(Drama) Here we have a Christmas Story, set in the heart of gritty South East London - the iconic Billingsgate Market to be exact. It is your classic tale of brother against brother, but with an eerie, supernatural theme.