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(Primetime Comedy) A thirty-two year old former stripper lives in a mobile home park with her four kids. She is attempting to raise them well despite being extremely lacking in moral character.
(Primetime Comedy) Zoe's been an overachiever all her life, but now she finds herself at Morse, Todd, & Morse, a law firm in the City that specializes in Zombie Law. In a job where most of her case files would love to eat her, Zoe is muddling through, one ridiculous court date after the next.
(Primetime Comedy) Claire joins Lewis & Co as the new Stock management manager. Little dose she know the that her new team, Mark,Megan and Tony will make sure she never has a dull day there.
(Primetime Comedy) A mockumentary about college students learning to grow up.
(Primetime Comedy) A neurotic woman struggles to make peace with the state of her professional career and preserve her failing relationships while avoiding the naked truth that she herself could use some counseling.
(Primetime Comedy) Problems that men encounter with marriage, work, and constant struggles of being manly.
(Primetime Comedy) At Mercy Hospital, diligent healthcare professionals unmercifully critique the ridiculous behaviors, idiosyncracies, and expectations of the outlandish doctors who think they are in charge.
(Primetime Comedy) An animated series about a chronically unemployed guy who lives rent-free in the apartment of a motivational speaker, and has a credit card with a glitch that gives him millions of frequent flyer miles.
(Primetime Comedy) This is the plight of four New York millennials who attempt to make it look like they're growing up in modern day life.
(Primetime Comedy) An animated series about an opinionated, unfiltered, divorced 40 year old kindergarten teacher who educates his students in an unconventional manner.
(Primetime Comedy) After he gets dumped by a year long girlfriend, Colton needs to gain his confidence back and get back in the dating game. After going to a club with his best friend he meets a girl. The next day they go on the date. He then learns she has some baggage.
(Primetime Comedy) A young gay dancer, Jose, frustrated with his failed career and tragic love life moves to Ohio to start fresh and get away from boys and the industry. He quickly realizes his "slut" attitude transcends state boundaries and learns who he is in suburbia.
(Primetime Comedy) Meet Milkovich, Newbelhi and Virginschlong - three immigrants chasing their American dreams in the boiling over melting pot that is OAKSTERDUM.
(Primetime Comedy) Big, a socially awkward man in his upper 40s, takes advice from his very confident best friend, Slim, on the art of picking up women. This advice takes Big down a crazy path that tests the strengths of the bond that Slim and himself have formed as friends.
(Primetime Comedy) The show follows three friends, Jackson, A African American that is looking for love. Arthur, A homosexual smart mouth looking for money, and Rodney, A psychopath comedian that is looking for fame.
(Primetime Comedy) David and his wife Carrie live next door to David's ex-wife Linda and her hypochondriac husband Elliot, so that their girls can be closer to both parents. When Carrie's ex-husband Wes moves in next door on the other side with their two boys, things start to get crazy.
(Primetime Comedy) The introduction of Dull begins with five idiotic friends (Clyde, Clifford, Thaddeus, Seymour, & Dudley) who barely have half a brain, and lack common-sense-decision-makings in life. They're ultimate goals are to have fun and get laid and become more stupider by the day.
(Primetime Comedy) When a school in an old-money area opens its doors to economically disadvantaged kids - including a gifted sister and brother – the principal must convince her uptight staff and neurotic community to step out of their well-worn comfort zones.
(Primetime Comedy) Synopsis: The Souls of Pop Super Star, Jason Michaels and Resident School Nerd, Thomas Alan Franklin III are Magical Switched.
(Primetime Comedy) The future isn't all it that flash after all for the Astro children, Lilly and Sam, of 2552, thanks to lazy parents and a boring school. Thankfully they have a robotic dog, an alien pet, and a treehouse time machine that lets them meet up with other cynical kids from 2017.
(Primetime Comedy) A grandfather sits down with his granddaughter in the future, and tells her all about his time at RoseWood Prep; an all-boys former reform school turned boarding school. He came in as an outsider, shy, sheltered boy; and left a gentleman, having made lifelong friends.
(Primetime Comedy) Junior Darzer, a stubborn D-list celebrity frustrated by the bureaucracy of Hollywood, creates his own TV show at a local public access station with the help of a few old friends.
(Primetime Comedy) A Jamaican podcast host navigates life on and off the air.
(Primetime Comedy) This original sketch comedy series explores and pokes fun at the situations of everyday life we often find ourselves in. Contains original characters and stories.
(Primetime Comedy) When two twenty-somethings learning how to adult accept jobs teaching in Latin America they must cope with bugs and misfits while working for a paranoid principal and her possibly CIA spooky husband.
(Primetime Comedy) An artistic bear and his friends chase their dreams of making it big in the music scene.
(Primetime Comedy) Precinct 69 revolves around the local police station in a the town with the lowest crime rate ever recorded. Even though the crime rate is low, the officers still find a way to get into trouble.
(Primetime Comedy) As a lifelong Boy Scout, Ian has earned many merit badges, but unfortunately, none of them have brought him any closer to the girl of his dreams. On the bright side, at least he’s surrounded by immature 11 year olds and incompetent leaders who repeatedly endanger his life.
(Primetime Comedy) The series run with issues relating to current happenings around the globe. The happenings are viewed through the eyes of two GHOSTS and make the audience to decide what is good for humanity and its survival.Life on earth must be made comfortable and happy for all.
(Primetime Comedy) The series run with issues relating to current happenings around the globe. The happenings are viewed through the eyes of two GHOSTS and make the audience to decide what is good for humanity and its survival.Life on earth must be made comfortable and happy for all.