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(Primetime Comedy) A passionate male theatre teacher tries to start a high school theatre program in a southeastern school not keen on supporting the public arts. A female English teacher aides him in his efforts as he deals with the never-ending struggles of being a performance arts teacher.
(Primetime Comedy) STUNT is about an incredibly anxious woman who is tricked into being a stunt double by her identical twin sister.
(Primetime Comedy) Jeff Streets is a homeless teenager who gets enrolled into college, along the way he makes friends, learns the value of money and just how difficult dating can be.
(Primetime Comedy) An animated show of the 'buddy movie' concept, featuring a short-tempered middle-aged cop and a friendly intellectual imp. After the imp witnesses a crime involving the mayor's son, the unlikely duo embark on a mission to solve the case.
(Primetime Comedy) Andy is middle aged, recently dumped by his girlfriend and experiencing the onset of a midlife crisis. Andy learns what is important in life amid the setting of the small town comic book store he owns and the weird and wonderful characters who surround him.
(Primetime Comedy) New York City Jewish couple retire to an Arizona 55 and up retirement community with a whole slew of group activities and colorful characters. Think Love Boat in the desert.
(Primetime Comedy) This show follows Greg, a poor millennial, as he navigates his way through relationships, his dying dream of becoming a screenwriter, and his rent. His current job is at a mall kiosk and he fears he will remain in this position forever. He desires to utilize his real talent
(Primetime Comedy) A crazy boss, a lazy stockroom manager, a simple new recruit and one person who actually knows what they're doing. Together they make the main manpower behind popular clothing shop Kenako. As you can imagine, nothing really goes to plan.
(Primetime Comedy) A two year journey of a couple dealing with cancer.
(Primetime Comedy) The look into a black nerd growing up in a rough neighborhood trying to make new friends faced with the struggles of fitting into a new environment and dealing with students who’ve stereotype to have no future outside of high school.
(Primetime Comedy) The Gremwell's are a seemingly picture-perfect American family who unknowingly participate in a military experiment. They are transported to an alternate universe where they meet the alternate Gremwell's. The alternate Gremwell's are criminals who run a Ponzi scheme.
(Primetime Comedy) Thirty four year old, has-been pro footballer Terry 'Turbo' Thomas must curb his penchant for self destruction and resurrect his fading career at non-league club Stockheath Rovers. Can this once prodigious talent find some measure of redemption through the game he loves?
(Primetime Comedy) Ron McNamara tries to resurrect his failed boxing career after a humiliating video of his old fight goes viral.
(Primetime Comedy) Devon and Mason are living the dream: getting paid cold hard cash to glamorously tell people how to live their lives. When they take Sandra - a disheveled waitress - under their wings, they realize Sandra might be more than the pair can handle.
(Primetime Comedy) Two mid-western roommates, one a music producer and the other a musician, attempt to navigate through their quarter-life crisis.
(Primetime Comedy) Swords IV Hire is a 30 minute comedy set in the medieval fantasy world of Lydonia that follows the Silver Griffins, a group of would be mercenaries who are just trying to make some cash in the competitive world of freelance adventuring so they can ultimately pay their rent.
(Primetime Comedy) Three friends in their middle school years discovered a portal to another school in an alternative universe with squid-like humans and are facing what every NORMAL middle schooler face every day.
(Primetime Comedy) The New Orleans Police Department’s Internal Affairs division has been wiped out by the FBI for corruption and the new Police Chief Needs an honest Cop to rebuild the unit and help her clean up the rest of the department.
(Primetime Comedy) Two adopted white guys in their late twenties embark on a Lucha Libre Ameture Wrestling endeavor to fulfill the last wishes of their dead adopted Chinese mom.
(Primetime Comedy) A group of friends and under achievers who make their living as servers at a Tex-Mex restaurant.
(Primetime Comedy) It's common to feel down after college graduation. This is especially true for one 22 year old named Pete. Overbearing parents, failed job interviews, and a constant string of awkward situations ensure that he struggles to make it in the real world.
(Primetime Comedy) In a world where homosexuality is the norm, one young man is forced to comprehend his own sexuality while navigating the high stakes world of the American high school.
(Primetime Comedy) A neurotic dentist accidentally discovers a secret self-sufficient community in a remote mountain valley where a visionary billionaire has created a utopia to ride out society's collapse. But he soon discovers that even in a modern Eden, people are basically nuts.
(Primetime Comedy) The show is about an Italian 14-year-old boy named Filippo who, while attending his History class, always falls asleep, and dreams the topic of the current lesson. This leads to some comic situations, although, in the end, it helps Filippo deal with his everyday problems.
(Primetime Comedy) Three under achieving friends in their late twenties , and their daily efforts of "get rich quick schemes".
(Primetime Comedy) A college housing staff learns to work together while college students, parents, and the college community continue to interrupt and aggravate the staff.
(Primetime Comedy) A nostalgic millennial struggles to preserve everyday simplicity in the midst of rapidly evolving technology and social norms.
(Primetime Comedy) Three friends run a podcast that tackles one complex issue each week. Through this they are able to have fun, meet new people, and learn valuable lessons.
(Primetime Comedy) A ripped straight-from-the-headlines “Crimedy”, anxiety-plagued journalist Justin Pfeffer will encounter a cast of weirdoes, prostitutes, survivalists and corrupt political figures that stand between him and the scoop he needs to keep his late father’s paper alive.
(Primetime Comedy) Quantum Leap meets guest stars in this workplace comedy about a company that puts the rich and famous into new bodies.