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(Primetime Comedy) The series employs body positivity,self love and empowerment. Its structure in a high school setting, and its a love letter to the dance community!
(Primetime Comedy) A seemingly normal programmer named Daniel has neurotic tendencies that create uncomfortable situations all the while attempting to make that killer mobile app to make it big on the side but always failing.
(Primetime Comedy) That’s the story of Zombie, a narcoleptic fly in his thirties and his roommates.
(Primetime Comedy) In the college town of Denton, Texas, a dark presence has come and brought with it a demonic rage that is coursing through the towns lowliest employees and a stream of violence ensues. Now it's up to a handful of unlikely heroes can stop them.
(Primetime Comedy) This series is a spoof of the zombie craze that it is going on in the world right now. Think Walking Dead meets Animal House
(Primetime Comedy) The show is a mix of The Walking Dead and Fantasy Island. Australia was ground zero for the zombie apocalypse, but their military kept the infection contained to the interior of the island. Now Zombie Walkabout is a business for tourists to suit up and hunt zombies.
(Primetime Comedy) A directionless Katie Rusch has finally decided to pull her life together and be a productive member of society. Unfortunately, society just got hit by a zombie plague. Three friends with the perfect plan for such an undead occasion decide to let Katie tag along.
(Primetime Comedy) This show follows four kids as they transition through life, starting in High School. The show deals with dysfunctional families and mental disorders. It tackles substance abuse and bullying and how students in High School and College deal with their issues.
(Primetime Comedy) Zeus leads his team down from the mountain to start Olympic Games and regain relevance with a popular video game.
(Primetime Comedy) Captain Taj O'Reilly and the dysfunctional crew of the Universal Space Ship Valiant police the quirky cosmos for the Universal Space Alliance
(Primetime Comedy) A disenfranchised corporate climber buys an alarm clock possessed with the soul of a recently deceased, world famous self-help guru and begins to take advice from it on how to improve his daily life. In return he agrees to help the guru return his soul to his body.


(Primetime Comedy) When VP of Human Resources BOB accidentally learns The Corporation’s secret, he’s promoted against his will to VP of ZR for Zindy Ehrlich & Associates, or ZEA, ‘The future of office services in-sourcing.’ In-house, however, ZEA stands for something else entirely.
(Primetime Comedy) ZANG!, is a live action and animated sketch comedy show, with the same anticipated demographic of Adult Swim's "Family Guy" and "Robot Chicken". ZANG! is a semi-conscious, "Robot Chicken" meets "The Eric Andre Show".
(Primetime Comedy) This is kid named Zachary Test who liked cool things and don't liked disappointed.
(Primetime Comedy) Video games have become a well-known sport across the globe. With new technologies, individuals can now utilize their skills in the virtual world, In tournament style fights.
(Primetime Comedy) "Z Is For Zara" is a situation comedy about a young woman crossing the threshold from teenager into young adult – and who happens to be Muslim American in post-9/11 America.
(Primetime Comedy) Zara, a young woman from a Muslim-American family, navigates her way through the usual trials of early adulthood by finding compromise between her background and the society in which she was raised with the help of her sense of humor and love for her friends and family.
(Primetime Comedy) Two hipsters, Brian and Jake, living in a trendy party of town populated by rich yuppies scheme their way to make a living.
(Primetime Comedy) Derek an autistic 25 year old becomes a youtube star and struggles handling with all of the mean comments and trolls.
(Primetime Comedy) A comedy centered around three roommates who have recently landed jobs teaching at the same high school. The three alcohol loving pot heads try to balance molding YOUNG MINDS while attempting to hide their drug related extracurricular activates from the administration.
(Primetime Comedy) After he gets dumped by a year long girlfriend, Colton needs to gain his confidence back and get back in the dating game. After going to a club with his best friend he meets a girl. The next day they go on the date. He then learns she has some baggage.
(Primetime Comedy) A legal dramedy that blends book smarts and street savvy by way of a young teenage genius.
(Primetime Comedy) A group of male twenty-somethings go about their daily lives, causing trouble in their suburban middle class town.
(Primetime Comedy) A 70-something man is placed into a retirement community by his family only to discover that the current residents don't ever feel like acting their age.
(Primetime Comedy) A hilarious comedy showcasing the day-to-day antics of nursing home professionals and residents.
(Primetime Comedy) An over-the-top modernization of the Al-bundy-style, comedy. A father who has one black and one white son deals with the world growing up without him. The pilot video is complete with 3-camera and laugh track set up.
(Primetime Comedy) After being dropped by his record label, a former nu-metal prodigy is forced to move back home.
(Primetime Comedy) POC Scientists struggle with their love lives, proving that sometimes life in the lab is easier than life outside. "Insecure" meets "Big Bang Theory" in this witty comedy.
(Primetime Comedy) Sully Smothers is just your average guy, in an average job, but this ill-fated day turns out to be anything but! Each day gets worse for Sully as he tries to make life better, but ends up being screwed over one way or another.
(Primetime Comedy) An ensemble WORKPLACE (Marlo, Morocco, Justin and Constance) HOMEPLACE (Marlo, Andrew, Soshi and AJ) and BARPLACE sitcom in LA and London. Competitive and contentiously falling in love, Marlo and Andrew have a Notting Hill meets Roseanne romance in a cast of witnesses.