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(Drama) A morally corrupt judge suffers a breakdown and believes that God is speaking directly to him, compelling him onto a path of vigilante justice.
(Drama) Luke's legendary story is about a mysterious man who seeks to help those in need.
(Drama) A teen mysteriously cured of terminal cancer becomes the centerpiece of a supernatural war between ancient entities that are hellbent on procuring a miraculous, prophetic pregnancy that grows inside of her.
(Drama) "AMÉRICA" follows the story of an 18-year-old Latina, América González, who crosses the U.S. – Mexico border illegally in search of a job, a better life and most importantly, her missing father.
(Drama) DRIVEN is a look at the world of stock car racing as seen through the lives of nomadic broadcast professionals in constant collision with their corporate overlords. The show follows Sam Hunter, their leader, as he struggles to keep his family, integrity, and career united.
(Drama) Animated Series about a group of time enforcers fighting to save the time stream plus dealing with their own personal issues.
(Drama) Based on Michael Connelly's best-selling book series, Bosch, an LAPD homicide detective works to solve the murder of a 13-year-old boy while standing trial in federal court for the murder of a serial killer.
(Drama) Rohan, an Indo-Trinidadian man, must leave his demons behind as he tries forming a romantic relationship with Annicassia, an Amerindian woman, who encounters her own difficulties adjusting to the modern World when she leaves her tribe and moves in with Rohan in the city.
(Drama) Ten years ago, Conner Grimm's parents mysteriously vanished. Now, he lives in a small California beach town with his older brother, cousin, and uncle. But one night changes everything for Conner as he alters reality, by turning everyone into classic fairytale characters!
(Drama) Aboard a self-sustaining long-range spaceship looking to colonize a new world, a young crewman struggles to upend the repressive regime ruling over the ship’s 5,000 inhabitants.
(Drama) A teenager in the 90s, captures ghosts with a special camera and with the help of her friends and family.
(Drama) Renascent explores the lives of six talented individuals, based in NYC, with a main focus on a controversial visual artist (Kevin) on his rise to fame who's ego leads to his self-destruction. https://vimeo.com/146493012
(Drama) Game of Thrones meets The Terminator with a focus on character like Lost. Dead Star takes place in the medieval ruins of a collapsed space-faring civilization. The proposed first season is an adaptation of my published fantasy novel, "Dead Star: Frozen Magic."
(Drama) The infamous Ancient Aliens return while the world leaders retreat underground, leaving everyone else to fend for themselves.
(Drama) Adam and Eve, of the creation story, never died. They live among us as punishment for their sins in the Garden of Eden. With no memory of their past they are brought together to investigate the supernatural/paranormal while discovering the truth of who they really are.
(Drama) A teenage boy's dark dreams seem to connect him with a strange but beautiful girl when he moves to a small town that holds secrets about his family's past.
(Drama) After his father is gunned down, presumably dead, seventeen year old Jordan Marino and his abusive, alcoholic mother Carol find themselves now penniless and living in the local trailer park.
(Drama) When a mysterious stranger recruits her to kill a powerful tyrant, a young demigod is drawn into the conflict between man and god, and must decide where her allegiance lies; while at the same time struggling against the monster within.
(Drama) After Ryan's decision to come out to his family, things begin to fall apart. Relationships crumble, truths are told and tears are shed.
(Drama) Savior Mae, an Ethed living in a segregated futuristic utopia, sways between equality and dominance, in a world where beauty is despised.
(Drama) Freshman year is hard, especially if you're a geek AND on the cross country team. This is more of a dramedy. Think Freaks and Geeks set in an affluent Southern California private school in 2004.
(Drama) A girls thirst for revenge sends her into the Bay Area drug game where through a series of bad decisions and un expected events she ends up marrying the man who might have killed her family. Scheyenne goes to the extreme to take down the man responsible for her misfortune.
(Drama) Evolution talk about past and future of a Company through your famous three-pointed star Mercedes-Benz. The idea is creat one series starting in the past; and this first episode can tell to us the beginning of brand.
(Drama) In the epidemic wake of mass shootings, scientists have identified genes for violence to prevent further crime. When a radical professor and his troubled son are marked and ostracized as genetically prone to violence, their lives are torn apart. https://vimeo.com/90253178
(Drama) One modern American family contends with addiction, betrayal, car crashes, doom, existence, Fate, and God. Both operatic and realistically nuanced in vision, Drowning House stirs audiences to life and marks a new age in cinematic storytelling.
(Drama) A racist cop is forced to face some brutal truths about her traumatic past when she returns to the community she blames for her father's death.
(Drama) A car dealership employee is deceived by his boss into moving more than just cars when he's asked to swap vehicles with the dealer's sister location. Along the way there he discovers how the company is actually making their back end profits, and it isn't selling automobiles.
(Drama) CHELSEA is an up-and-coming advertising whiz whose Ephedrine addiction gets her through days at the office & nights in a mix of bars, clubs, & strangers’ beds. Accidental Mom is the story of how this 30-year-old becomes a mother to the child she never thought she'd have.
(Drama) FBI Agents Kina Ramirez & daughter Sofia lead a top-secret covert task force, created by POTUS Victoria Kelley and they, along with 5 other FBI Agents, are tasked with finding the leader of The Council of Justice, after they bomb the White House, killing over 2,000 people.
(Drama) An Emergency Room doctor named Devony Cardwell is a drug addict. She lives on drugs and that has caused her morals to go arrive. She loves her job and her wife but there are some things that cannot be changed about an addict. The more she develops, the bigger her ego gets.