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(Drama) A dishonest financial services firm finds itself tangled in the middle of one of the biggest compliance changes in the industry.
(Drama) RUSSIAN ELECTION MEDDLING! For the past year, there’s been a non-stop barrage of this headline. Everyone has heard or seen it. Surprisingly, there was no need for the meddling. It’s been going on much longer than most people realize.
(Drama) Seven human experiments entrusted with America's darkest secrets are forced to steal precious artifacts for a vicious cult.
(Drama) After a true crime showrunner’s show is canceled, she turns her attention to a murder mystery from her own high school in a quest to revive her career.
(Drama) Super Computer becomes self-aware and takes over the internet.


(Drama) A serial killer on the loose in the 80s in New York city. Two detectives are partnered up to catch the killer before time runs out as he only kills 6 people every 6 years and starts on the 6 month.
(Drama) Lives are suddenly switched for twenty-four hours. Who or what makes these people live in each other’s shoes for a day. Some will fake it, some will meet danger, some will not cope. The choice seems random, but it is?
(Drama) An angel falls, a women dies, from her virginity, a new world unfolds.
(Drama) A buddy-cop Western set during the California Gold Rush. Two brothers find the only way to bring their parents' killer to justice, is to bring down the entire town filled with dirty, backstabbing criminals. Step one... Become Sheriffs. Step Two... Kick Ass.
(Drama) After World War I breaks out, soldiers are flooding the hospitals and there isn't enough room. The Reynolds, a rich family, are asked to take in a soldier and care for him till he is able. William English arrives nearly dead, but with Phyllis's help, he has hope...and love.
(Drama) After Lucas Lehane commits suicide during a bad trip, his brother Jackie must decide whether to follow his brother's dark path, or to forge his own.
(Drama) Dark Dramedy set in the year 1998 in a small agro-town in Idaho. Collage basketball player Milo is diagnosed with career ending knee injury. He tries to deal with his physical and psychological issues while inadvertently getting caught up in the affairs of a local drug ring
(Drama) This series depicts the advanced skill set needed to respond to emergencies when the weather is the most dangerous antagonist. The simplest "problem" becomes complex such as solving a murder where the evidence has frozen solid or combating a fire in zero below temperatures.
(Drama) Five UC Berkeley students, born with phenomenal intelligence, will soon use their gifts in the criminal underworld to help them pay for college when financial troubles arise for them all.
(Drama) An atheist man finds himself in the middle of a war between angels and demons as the Revelation apocalypse unfolds on earth, only to discover he is actually God, and that war is being fought over him.
(Drama) Synopsis ….This is a story of Mickey and Kitty who study in same class 8th .Kitty is good at studies but Mickey wastes much of her time on face book and whatsups and chitchatting. how kitty helps to correct MICKEY and they both grow in life and become doctors ..
(Drama) A young student somewhere in Africa is gifted with a time machine and decides to change the world and prevent appocalypse
(Drama) The year is 1997 Tasha Williams relocates from Ocean City, Maryland to Manhattan, New York to attend her last two years of Undergraduate Studies at NYU. In the transitioning of her new life she finds out she has an unknown disease
(Drama) Thomasina, a live-action Neo-Western, draws on the mythology of the American West, or more precisely the Hollywood myth of the American West, in depicting the life of a Louisiana whorehouse. Set in the rural town of Bugtussle, Louisiana.
(Drama) F.B.I Agent James and Newly Recruit Brie join forces to protect High Risk Targets inside the Safe House Division.
(Drama) In the planet Turklen, there is a couple Raza and Courier who just birthed a baby. They sense the power of Caius and take their baby to the King of Turklen. The King of Turklen and the Queen give the baby to Wiza the power reader. Wiza thinks the baby is Super Crusade.
(Drama) Set in the late 1950's, this is a story of a clandestine conspiracy involving big business, politicians, and organized crime to bring legalized gambling to the St. Louis Riverfront. It is set against a background of sex, violence and a burgeoning civil rights movement.
(Drama) Learning of his father's business debt, a cynical young man takes the law into his own hands to achieve parity.
(Drama) This script is based on the beginning two chapter of the novel, "Mozek: The Forbidden Knowledge" by Kaylee Barnes. Mozek is a universe of different planets persisting inside the brain of 19 year-old boy, Trevor Fredrick.
(Drama) Sundara Kanda is the only chapter of the Ramayana in which the hero is not Rama, but rather Hanuman. Hanuman's selflessness, strength, and devotion to Rama and his resolve to unite Ram with his beloved Sita. This is a modern day adaptation of the epic.
(Drama) Historical drama about the origins of the Templar Knights, known as The Order destined to be the greatest fighting religious-military order in history whose original mission was protecting the pilgrims from the marauder wild tribes in Palestine.
(Drama) Based on a true story. Gia Carangi died at 26. Before her demise, she was one of the most requested supermodels of the 70s. Her addiction will lead her to a tragic end.
(Drama) A woman's desire to rule over the world; she conspires against her own family and kingdom; she gains power but fails to handle it.
(Drama) With little dry land left, navies of former world powers scour the ocean for nuclear bombs hidden underwater around the world. Our characters try finding the bombs first to make a profit in a world of futuristic pirates and tyrants, while dealing with their own shortcomings.
(Drama) We follow the lives of four people in their teens and their adult lives. Adam and Robert are best friends while Lessy and Laura are identical twin sisters. Their lives take a whole new turn when Lessy and Adam know each other.