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(Drama) The life of a seemingly normal, suburban family dealing with life with the loss of there mother.
(Drama) When an aging mob boss falls ill, two of his proteges rise up against one another to seize control of the city.
(Drama) An ex-military agent (SHAW) whose parents died in a car accident 20 years ago returns home after being under the radar for 5 years discovers the accident was a surgical hit by a group whose sole aim is to eradicate the week
(Drama) Four sons from an affluent, southern family find themselves battling internal and external forces; derived from iniquities responsible for their eccentric personalities, aggregate excursions, and revolving mayhem they just can’t seem to escape.
(Drama) Zombies that work at a scary mental hospital
(Drama) A squire, a mage, and a thief must work together to save their world from threats like demons, monsters, gods, many other things including their reality being altered by the Nostalgia Critic when he closed the plot hole in his third film called Suburbia Knights.
(Drama) Penumbra is the story of Victor and Dan, two deeply troubled high school students in a small town that unwittingly become deeply involved in a series of local serial murders, so much so that they have to find the killer before the evidence leads back to them.
(Drama) The story of a social sciences student that will become the main religious figure in western civilization, merging all religions into one.
(Drama) A criminal kingpin seeks to become governor so he can shape policy to protect his illegal dealings & expand his sphere of influence; while setting up a young criminal to unwittingly take the fall.
(Drama) A group of friends running a memory replay company dive into the mind of a politician and uncover a secret.
(Drama) We explore the colourful lives of a bunch of sexually fluid individuals living in Glasgow; Tori, Teddy, Nicholas, Amy, Oliver, Nathan, Cassandra and Cody. These characters come from all walks of life, intertwining through talking, learning, growing, fucking and fighting.
(Drama) Calvin is a middle school nerd who is in love with a beautiful girl named Maddie. He confesses a song completely about her. When he shares it Maddie shared it to the whole school, now everyone is laughing and he meets an new friend Penny.
(Drama) Each episode will be it's own unique story based on the short stories and mythology written by pulp fiction writer H.P. Lovecraft.
(Drama) F O R W A R D is a cable prime-time hourlong sci-fi drama, where thenatural and supernatural meet, through human and alien forces. F O R W A R D is the malestrom of human DNA and evolution, with a touch of alien forces at work and government intrigue at play.
(Drama) This Synopsis is Based Upon Facts that Chronicle the Lives of the Two Main Characters named Faraji Henderson and Dorraine Barfield through their True Life Experiences that are Displayed in the Story.
(Drama) Coming of age story about a boy growing up after the age of artificial intelligence . Also, robots! WOW!
(Drama) SECRETS, centers around two female juvenile delinquents who made a major breakthrough when they succeeded in their mission and gained their freedom. But suffered a big setback when they started to uncover unbelievable SECRETS about themselves.
(Drama) This script is a compilation of stories and experiences from the social dance floor. These stories were gather from a social networking site I managed for social dancers.
(Drama) The purpose of the project is not to make a television version of "Rocky" but to contrast the life of a successful boxer with another that is not showing the problems that every boxer has no matter what level they are .
(Drama) French, Irish, English, and Scot bring racial and religious prejudices with them to the lawless chaos of 1830s Bytown. Thomas McKay, a man with no power but pragmatism, must use his wits to maintain the power balance between factions and make Bytown a home for his family.
(Drama) The struggle is real. Back in Toronto after living the dream (ish) in LA, ANDIE finds herself rooming with her sister ALI in a basement apartment, stuck in a corporate job that stifles creativity and with a chip on her shoulder so big that it could feed a starving nation
(Drama) A young man born with a microscopic nuclear explosion in his heart must save humanity.
(Drama) A former TV child star dreams of getting a big break in the film industry. But, her All-American TV persona, wild child rep, and personal life are obstacles of her getting serious roles. So, Sutton relies on her friends and agent to get through the hardships of Hollywood.
(Drama) Each episode will be it's own unique story based on the short stories and mythology written by pulp fiction writer H.P. Lovecraft.
(Drama) 7 elite African-Americans strive and sometimes struggle together to solve inner city problems that plague their race while trying not to be found out by the media or government. Their individual ideologies and lifestyles can interfere with the progress of the movement.
(Drama) Tribes on Nagal are at constant war with each other for power. Each tribe breeds their own animals to fight along side them in battle and with voodoo some beasts grow bigger and stronger than anyone can imagine. But everything changes when the sky is scorched by a volcano.
(Drama) (Intended for Adult Animation) After the brutal murder of her father a young girl becomes an adult crime-fighting vigilante. *Writers Guild West Registration #1817897
(Drama) when a group of people who may or may not have witnessed one of there friends abducted by something of unknown origins . They try to help him piece back the memories but that's when strange things start to occur around town.
(Drama) Four police officers who don't mind abusing the power of the badge. With the luxury of having major connections in the streets, these officers are able to execute police corruption at its finest, and it makes this team of ruthless officers a force to reckon with.
(Drama) It's set in the 80's around fashion models. Paul Andrews is trying to make it big as an agent He has his golden ticket(Cory). The story focuses on life as a model and life as an agent. It's a dog eat dog world who is going to make it to the top?