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(Drama) The year is 2077. Or is it? Maybe its 2045. I can't be sure anymore. I have to question reality, because i wasn't born into it. I despise what we as humans have become. Leeches. But That's all going to change. You didn't die in vain . . .
(Drama) Think Dexter, if he was a 12-year-old girl who ran a criminal empire out of a luxury hotel. Molly is seemingly rescued from a drug den but in reality she was the brains behind the operation. Playing the role of an innocent, she is actually a ruthless psychopath.
(Drama) This show is about two teen that grew up together, and fall in out of love with each other. But only one of them keep getting blame for the fallen out.
(Drama) Eric developing his ability to see things before happening and try to save the people of NorthHills.
(Drama) The mundane lives of four, unsuspecting teenagers turn chaotic after gaining supernatural abilities from a recreational drug. This newly found power sends the group into a world of pain and loss, as they fight to save their city from the notorious drug lord, Akiro Knight.
(Drama) 5 genius college students bond.
(Drama) A closeted, depressed lesbian flees homophobic Jamaica for NY where she accidentally gets a job as an actress. But her new ‘career’ proves to be rocky and she learns the hard way that in the world of cameras and flashing lights, there’s no such thing as a private life.
(Drama) The trials and tribulations of Stanley, a middle aged man on the verge of a full blown nervous breakdown.
(Drama) This show is about 4 teens who each gets a power of the natural elements/
(Drama) Dragged into a world she never knew existed, 21-year-old Paige Blackwood now has to use her newly found abilities, with the help of two warriors, to save the world from an emerging darkness.
(Drama) 3 people from different back ground come together to get revenge on the man who has our them. this show is about the drive caused by anger and the consequences of each person actions in another person's life.
(Drama) Katherine, a new publicist at Aegis Insurance, eagerly claws her way up the corporate ladder. However, when she realizes that the company’s protective umbrella has no bounds – or morals – her conscience begins to wrestle with her ambition.
(Drama) In 1814 New Orleans, a family of Haitian immigrants struggle with their free black identity in a slave society. Their role in the Haitian Revolution still weighs heavily on them, and they must find their own ways to cope with the slave trade.
(Drama) Mistral is a brutal terrorist.Since assassinating the prime minister, he has been ravaging the territory of Gloatia.After nine years, the daughter of the victim is determined to find him and revenge,but she finds that the truth is blurred.
(Drama) Charlie is disturbed by a series of detailed dreams. In one of them she "is" in Memphis on the day of MLK’s assassination. Her dreams arise the interest of Russian and American Secret Services that had been conducting research on mediums, thus threatening Charlie's life
(Drama) They have hid behind books. Hid behind folklore. Now the classical movie monsters are about to be revealed to the modern world.
(Drama) Super Computer becomes self aware.
(Drama) Nero a grim reaper travels the world to haunted locations to stop malicious phantoms that steal the life force of the living to create a world of their own to rule and finish what they started before they died. Teaming with Barbatos and Bell he will fight to stop these evils
(Drama) Solar Stars is a series which tells the lives of four superhero girls that protects the world. While showing one of their friend, who’s from a different world, the beauty of the earth and its people.
(Drama) New York is ground zero once again as counterterrorism task-force commander Jack Oldham, along with his bohemian girlfriend and crack but colorful crew, pursues homegrown jihadis bent on finishing off Gotham once and for all.
(Drama) Spirits are beings that haunt this world. They are trapped between life and death. Not all of them are bad, but a couple are. One in particular wants to gain enough power so that the other side can become one with earth, and Death himself can take control.
(Drama) neuroscience,psychology,deep minds,monology,didactisim,dualism,art,sarcasm
(Drama) A subversive but affectionate tribute to an era of contemporary American teen comedy-dramas. This short episodic series loosely based on real-life events follows a small ensemble of close friends who attend a Catholic college preparatory in the San Francisco Bay Area.
(Drama) The British Invasion starts at a teen nightclub at the Atlantis Resort. An all-girl band discovers strange people coming into the club and claiming to know them. They find a pair of glasses that reveals The Invisibles moving outside the Club, Monsters that shake walls.
(Drama) Taylor, is a high school bully, with a troubled past. Her home life has been torn. With trouble at school she is sentenced to attend community service in a juvenile counseling program. Which puts her again in harms way when a doctor from her past shows up.
(Drama) Young woman vows revenge on the US for killing her parents in a drone strike on the Gaza Strip when she was a little girl.
(Drama) The mundane lives of four, unsuspecting teenagers turn chaotic after gaining supernatural abilities from a recreational drug. This newly found power sends the group into a world of pain and loss, as they fight to save their city from the notorious drug lord, Akiro Knight.
(Drama) A climate scientist realises that it is deeds and not theories that are going to save the world.
(Drama) In 2060, mankind has near colonized Mars, where elections have begun, leaving life on Earth close to isolation. The protagonist, Cynthia, a lesbian artist back in Earth, amidst a fictional city full of crime groups, gets involved with them, and learns that she can disappear.
(Drama) Delilah is a relationship centered dark comedy, focusing on true connection in the most mundane and extreme circumstances. It asks the questions: who do you want to be? With whom do you want to surround yourself? What do you really want? And how far are you willing to go?