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(Drama) Hollywood Middle East and all creativity In Egypt I think you will like this place and can make Your investment in the right place Egyptian Media Production City
(Drama) When the pound-for-pound boxing champ is shot in cold blood, the entire fabric of the fight game comes unraveled.
(Drama) In a Air Force Secret base on Mount Rushmore, there were a decision to expand the underground tunnels. as a result of the works a surprising finding was revealed. an ancient archaeological Artifacts and strange looking
(Drama) I suspect that every guy and probably most of the women who watched Top Gear saw themselves being the 'Star in a Reasonably Priced car' and getting to drive around the track . My idea is to have a lottery, the winner gets to be the star and the money goes to charity.
(Drama) The true exploits of the most notorious corner crew of friends in NY during the 70's. Beloved by their small Bronx neighborhood for keeping out the elements destoying the city . Striking deals with the police to enable their "business" they were both loved and feared.
(Drama) "Cause & Origin" tells the story of Tim Fitzpatrick, a 3rd generation Philadelphia firefighter "truckie," as was his late father who died in the line of duty. A severe fire injury give Tim 2 choices: retire or join Arson Investigation. You won't believe what he learns!
(Drama) It tells the story of an amoral relationship counsellor, who delights in destroying relationships. He's also dead and speaking from beyond the grave as he retraces the events that lead to his death and attempts to identify who's killed him.
(Drama) First, up, close and personal account of jack the Ripper.
(Drama) Kirk Montgomery, a young Australian man, searches for the extinct Tasmanian Tiger. On his journey, he encounters Vanessa Rendell, a young woman who shares his passion for this mission, & who may end up also stealing his heart.
(Drama) When someone finds out about a dark secret from their past, Charlie, Amber, Shauna and Lexa see their lives turning into chaos, as they'll have to deal not only with their secrets, but also with their disastrous relationships and getting back to their hometown.
(Drama) The Middle East is heating up; the USA learns that a dormant Nuclear plant has come alive. Top military bass meet at The Raven Rock Mountain Complex and hatch up a covert mission to destroy the plant and eliminate the Dictator, restoring the balance of power in Middle East.
(Drama) A subversive but affectionate tribute to an era of contemporary American teen comedy-dramas. This short episodic series loosely based on real-life events follows a small ensemble of close friends who attend a Catholic college preparatory in the San Francisco Bay Area.
(Drama) A group of young adults whom are living in a post world war America. They now have the task of informing the people that their new leader isn't a savior... but is the son of satan.
(Drama) Alison Sinclair IS perfect. After taking an unknown drug at a medical trial, she wakes up with the perfect body, a flawless personality and can never get sick, age, or die. A Perfect Girl! Except for one thing...she must never have a baby...
(Drama) A 19-year-old boy who graduated from Yale at 15, Harvard at 18 & published a novel at 18 is hired as a college professor. Only problem is he's miserable, depressed, petrified that his twin sister will kill him & has an active relationship with F. Scott Fitzgerald's ghost.
(Drama) A Mafia Hit Man with a conscience decides to become like Robin Hood in that he uses his skills to kill the vermin who abuse, women, children, dogs, etc. He kills a big game trophy hunter and others. All stories of vengeance are true. He believes in "Frontier Justice".
(Drama) FATHER PHILLIP is the youngest Monsignor in the Archdiocese's history. His ordered life is turned upside down when he meets and falls in love with the aging, former porn star EBONEE DESIRE, who is working as an escort, trying to raise a teen son and struggling with ALS.
(Drama) Four ordinary people are chosen as emissaries in a supernatural holy war between the Nephylim and the forces of Heaven. Imbued with celestial power, they must find seven sacred tablets that hold the cumulative power of God, while protecting those with special destinies.
(Drama) 9 strangers somehow stumble into one another’s lives, unaware that they are all connected in an intriguing and scandalous way. The drama tv series “ Will” seeks to shed light on the affect that legal documents can have on people and those who are apart of their lives.
(Drama) Black mother turns into an activist to combat criminal justice corruption after the death of her son.
(Drama) This skit is about 3 best friends going through typical girl issues, which ends up being a mis-conception.
(Drama) The titans of oil decide on war or peace and shuffle nations like poker cards. When they secretly form a cartel, it becomes the biggest conspiracy ever. Based on a set of true stories, the series explores how our world was built on oil. 'Downton Abbey' meets 'The Sopranos'.
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(Drama) A female domestic violence counselor becomes a serial killer of the spouses/partners to the people she is counselling. All deaths look like and are ruled by the police to be accidents or suicides.
(Drama) awkward struggling college freshman counts down the days til his death
(Drama) A show between two retired FBI agents, one black, one white with reversed backgrounds.
(Drama) An unfinished experiment over space and time has turned into an intelligent creature that likes people. But… it likes them like a kid likes toys.
(Drama) young beautiful 18 year old girl disappears
(Drama) Thomas "Kirk" Kirkland, a grizzled, Chicago detective has 22 Days until retirement and in order to solve his final case involving a string of murders he'll bend laws, be pushed to the brink, and team up with an evil man he put behind bars years ago.
(Drama) Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's famous detective and doctor recast as 21st century women. The duo faces horrendously terrifying villains, some within the criminal justice system itself.