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(Drama) A group of kids working together change the fate of a small town headed for oblivion. They battle an evil warlock, defy aliens, face impending doom, and use their combined talents to decipher ancient puzzles, riddles and maps.
(Drama) Overall, it is a show about the redemption of a formerly morally bankrupt, Intellectually superior alien who is looked down upon by his species.Having been given a last chance, he meets humans& resolves to be responsible.He then discovers corruption &a deadly plot Ep 3of10
(Drama) A 'Black Sheep' member of an advanced alien species has been banished for bad behaviour to a far off world. Someone tries to kill him and in attempting to discover why, he uncovers other plots and intrigues and embarks on a great adventure and road to redemption. Ep.1 of 10
(Drama) As our banished alien protagonist learns to care for his new world, he meets new friends from an exotic species called “Humans”. Through his quest, he learns that many forms of evil exist, and that it’s rapidly becoming his responsibility to combat them all! Ep.2 of 10
(Drama) Zombies that work at a scary mental hospital
(Drama) its about two males who are stoners and find a cure to save the world from the zombie apocalypse
(Drama) After a virus causes millions of humans to revert into neanderthal-like beings known as" Neo-Mags", Dr. Claire Atwater is hired by one of the many competing private military companies to work on a cure. Surrounded by vicious mercenaries, her only friend is Zead: A young Neo.
(Drama) A café owner embroils his ex-fiancée and his employee into a series of murders and conspiracies.
(Drama) Zac "Zombie" Williams was an ordinary zombie-movie-loving high school student until the day he discovers he is the chosen one to stop the undead apocalypse. Cynical at first, Zac realizes it might be true when he develops special fighting powers.
(Drama) Aaron Morales is a former highly decorated US soldier who faced grave injustices and brutal experiences in his life. After enduring many harrowing losses, he has decided to give justice to the people that need it the most as a personalised hitman to the common citizen.
(Drama) A group of teenagers run an organized crime ring out of their high school, and a mysterious newcomer tries to infiltrate their gang.
(Drama) Teddy Roosevelt was a naturalist, explorer, hunter, author, cowboy, soldier and the youngest man ever to be president of the United States and those are just some of the things we know about. Young Teddy is about the things most people don't.
(Drama) It's about a young man name Christopher, a drug lord who is taking over Johannesburg, things get difficult when everyone close to him is used as leverage by law enforcement and his enemies.
(Drama) The first born of the twins is born with HIV and accidentally passes to her childhood lover and as she grows up she realizes that she is not alone in the radar of teens growing with HIV/AIDS.
(Drama) Six friends in their twenties live together in the same New York apartment building, sharing their experiences and tribulations.
(Drama) A yoga teacher in post 9/11 America to struggles to achieve his dream of owning his own yoga studio. He has talent for teaching and is charismatic but has a dark past and and a lack of cash. He will risk his love, faith and freedom and stirs up some strange karma.
(Drama) After moving back to his small home town, single father Jake uncovers a dark secret about the children who have disappeared over the years.
(Drama) A US pilot and a Black US Army SGT arrive in Australia during the dark days of The Pacific War where they encounter a different culture. The pilot meets the love of his life and the soldier is confronted by racial hatred.
(Drama) X is a type of superman in his own way he has the power to create things into reality with his mind and bind time and space as he goes along, while going along human history X blinds into the environment of the planet earth ( in which he created 100 billion years ago).
(Drama) A Superbeing living thru out history of life.
(Drama) New X MEN New Look. Mutants are larger than humans . Mutants Stan out as Hulk like creacher
(Drama) This show is about two teen that grew up together, and fall in out of love with each other. But only one of them keep getting blame for the fallen out.


(Drama) A series of human sacrifices involves the newborn baby of a mob boss, who entrusts two professional killers with the task of finding and eliminating the executors of the crimes, who seem to serve ancient creatures called “Elohim”. Trailer: https://youtu.be/L7n0RCjtKQI
(Drama) A closeted, depressed lesbian flees homophobic Jamaica for NY where she accidentally gets a job as an actress. But her new ‘career’ proves to be rocky and she learns the hard way that in the world of cameras and flashing lights, there’s no such thing as a private life.
(Drama) In the not too distant future, a chosen group of individuals knows as Border Patrol protect the borders of earth and humanity, as well as illegal aliens from other worlds seeking asylum from hostile species.
(Drama) Wrath asks the fundamental question, what do you do when the truth isn't enough to stop injustice? After the bank she works at fails due to the greed of bosses far away, Margo MacPhee uses the local drug dealer's ill gotten gains to go full Robin Hood and save her community.
(Drama) 'What is the most worthless thing in your life, which you would give up?'... Different people begin to receive strange emails that promise to change their lives.
(Drama) A kid with OCD joins the theater club but when a kid gets shot things go wild. And they still have to put on the production.
(Drama) This would-be short serial follows, Almalie Shepard as her normal life is forever destroyed by other-worldly forces. Thrown head-first into a situation that defies all rational conventions, she is forced to deal with an impending disaster, lest she loses everyone she loves.
(Drama) A young thief names Alison goes on the run after escaping prison, and joins the Wonderland traveling circus, a group of eccentric performers who also happen to be career criminals.