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(Children and Tweens) This is a story about a pop music artist named Michelle Michaels and a resident school-nerd named Franny Franklin who are magically switched.
(Children and Tweens) A group of 5 cute "monster" stuffed toys (a vampire, an alien, a werewolf, a ghost and a zombie) come to life to help the kids who need help.
(Children and Tweens) The children’s television series “I love you too” is about children having better communication with their parents all through 5 steps.
(Children and Tweens) A High School Student in a High-Pressure, Academically Rigorous School Juggling The Academic Commitments, Relationships, and a Flourishing Career as a DJ.
(Children and Tweens) A young woman named Angelia, who has just been hired to become a grim reaper, she finds the job boring and decide to grant the last wish of the spirits she reaps, to give them a happy last memory.
(Children and Tweens) An Egyptiologist, Professor Paul Davis finds himself having to live with two Egyptian statues that inexplicably come to life, catapulted forwards of 5000 years, they must adapt to a whole new world for they.
(Children and Tweens) Two cousins enter the magical world of Super Duper Land to sell their boring birthdays (one is born during a Leap Day) to the Annonovosaurus. Along the way they exhibit the Seven Virtues of Knighthood
(Children and Tweens) a young princess reunites with her mother after 13 years and has to learn the ropes of her newly acquired role as a royal in order to inherit the throne one day.
(Children and Tweens) This story talks about how this super hero uses his power to save her littler Lisa from the bad guys ,and his family too everybody thought he was bad but he proved them wrong Its more interesting FIRE MAN
(Children and Tweens) In a world constantly at war a young girl inherits an ancient kingdom from a Princess after an accident caused them both to share the same body. She now sets out to save the spirit world from war in the span of one summer vacation with her best friend.
(Children and Tweens) A teenage girl who can't keep a part-time job and refuses to grow up. She is thrusted into the working world unprepared and is forced to learn responsibility or get left behind.
(Children and Tweens) The story follows Amos, a 15 year old Demihuman living in NYC in 1940. In this fictional version of New York the idea of "Super Heroes" isn't a thing, yet when an alien plant threatens to destroy the world Amos must step up to be the very first Super Hero and save the world.
(Children and Tweens) Wyoming returns home from school to find her parents missing. She begins a search for her parents which eventually leads her outside the gated city of Baylock Central-01 and into the dangerous post apocalyptic world.
(Children and Tweens) A young man and a child are paired up to host an elementary school talk show to their resistance. As they do the show they realize it's a chance to take a break from their difficult lives, and begin to make it an experience in and of itself.
(Children and Tweens) 5 years after the Gen 2 heroes the Hero Association sees a rapid decline in people wanting to become super heroes, so to combat the problem the Association tries to make a comeback by staging an alien invasion and trying to get people to trust in super heroes again.
(Children and Tweens) Tope, an orphan lives with his uncle and neglected by him, and used as a domestic child laborer. However, he is very naughty, while he is asleep they left him under a tree where a mushroom felt sympathy and gave him a stem of a tall mushroom, which has magic powers.
(Children and Tweens) Classic action-adventure to excite young audiences with British charm and ingenuity. Falling comfortably in to the genre of Thundercats or Ben 10, Jeb will grab the audience’s attention and drag them through a fast paced, high quality, adventure in every episode.
(Children and Tweens) The series revolves around a teen fox who's a teen detective, who's life is full of wonders tackling with crimes and helping his dad who's a cop to solve cases on his own smart level, A fox who always gets in trouble, but always triumph over the crimes...
(Children and Tweens) 17 years after an Alien plant invasion we follow Rosé a boy who was created by the alien plant and kept a secret from the world as he sets out to be a Hero in a world that isn't too fond of superheroes and faces off against an ancient evil.
(Children and Tweens) A group of kids aim to change their corrupt and controlled school
(Children and Tweens) A team of adolescent magical heroes must battle destructive, unique, and over-the-top villains to defend their home and escape the hands of fate.
(Children and Tweens) The series is about a teen vampire, who tries to balance his life and balance with the new abilities and the vampire clan who wants him, even lycans and more, his new adventure begins with becoming a teen and vampire...
(Children and Tweens) Follow Silver a young sailor and his brother as they voyage across the vast ocean facing stone giants, muscle sharks, gorillas, vikings and more in his dream to become the arm wrestling champion and to gain a throne in the stone chamber of legends
(Children and Tweens) A young firefighter ant discovers a new way to extinguish fires, thrusting him into the spotlight of the colony.
(Children and Tweens) The series is about a 10 yrs old boy and his adventure, who is created by his father a god as a newest edition to the family but also a reason for smile on god's wife face as their new son while he has a older brother who doesn't like him first but later accepts him,
(Children and Tweens) Agatha is a inept witch, her every act seems to be a disaster. Broomsticks plummet, her hat gets lost and her cat gets stuck in a tree. All these bring her into conflict with the villagers. But by good fortune things always turn out alright, so maybe her magic does work.
(Children and Tweens) C Students follows the adventures of three teenage "C students", August, Kevin, and Penny at a high school called Hartlane High.
(Children and Tweens) When a younger girl, Riley, accidentally becomes bound to a powerful magic wand, she is thrust into a fun, but dangerous, world of witches and wizards.
(Children and Tweens) The show will cover all the pros and cons of our latest cell phones ipad and computers with correct use of emoji and hashtags also viewers can call in with questions
(Children and Tweens) A brother-sister duo who live in ancient China and run their parents old run down shop get mistaken for freedom fighters and are now caught up in the battle for the freedom of their village. Refusing to back out the duo leave their village and seek further training.