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(Preschool) Leveraging the brand equity of Animal Crackers, this half-hour TV series educates children by bringing to life animals from the world's most recognizable snack. The "Animal Crackers Kids Club" strives to always create compelling and educational content for children.
(Preschool) When alphabet letters go missing, Detective Kay and her dog Flike are there to help, on the double.
(Preschool) A small bluebird by the name of Alfred is forced to begin his flying lessons without any consideration of how he may feel about it. However, Alfred (being character driven) tries to take charge of the situation the best way he knows how without fears getting the best of him.
(Preschool) Edutaining field trips that preschoolers and parents can enjoy together.
(Preschool) Kid scientist Anne learns about the world in her junkyard lab with her best pals Nick and Shania, and her android helpers.
(Preschool) Baby Bubble lives with Bubble Mum and Bubble Dad and dreams of adventure. Every episode, he visits a different (live action) environment; learning something new with the help of his Baby Bonnet that conjures up the Pink Think Bubble. But watch out for the Trouble Bubbles!
(Preschool) A cute and lovable Bee helping kids to learn how to read, write, build and grow. He's joined by a small world of characters, that helps him perform the magic of learning.
(Preschool) The show features 4 undersea friends that explore their habitat and learn from their community important lifeskills.
(Preschool) This charming program follows Blue and his friends through their daily lives on the barrier reef. Each day Blue discovers something new and interesting about his community and his environment.
(Preschool) Boogah and Hoogah are two goofy goblins that live in a neighborhood of friendly monsters in a tiny village called Schpottsylvania. In each episode they encounter a thematic problem and through humor, kindness, cooperation, misadventures and music they find a solution.
(Preschool) Three shapes; Circle, Triangle and Square go on adventures learning critical life skills as well as fundamentals for academic development.
(Preschool) A forward-thinking cave-boy and his team of Build-o-saurs (dinosaurs crossed with construction equipment) have fun and learn by building lots of cool things around their prehistoric town of Neander Falls.
(Preschool) Soar with a loveable little alien artist to colorful planets of art and inspiration, and see what lights you up!
(Preschool) Energy Friends has been developed in part to instruct our children on the importance of maintaining physical fitness and healthy eating habits, but mainly to teach kids that these things can be achieved while having fun.
(Preschool) Welcome to the first animated series dedicated to the health and wellness of children and their families.
(Preschool) Educator Stan Kittle tries to help kids learn but is interrupted by his wacky friends and relatives!
(Preschool) This “green” series encourages children to explore & preserve the environment. Children build imaginary friends from recycled materials: Hope Hippo, Bodhi Bear, Penelope & Little Kishi. They reside in a community garden to help children connect with nature.
(Preschool) An Enlightening Bug is determined to help her crew of colorful critters overcome obstacles and daily challenges by teaching them to use their strengths and skills, combined with her self-esteem building tools and healthy, positive words of wisdom.
(Preschool) Rodrigo it's going to start the most amazing adventures of his short life in company of his neighbour and secret admirer Ana, and the grandpa. Grandpa is an amazing stoyteller and adventurer. Or is everything just part of his imagination?
(Preschool) A macaw by the name of Mackie roams "Fruity Island". He pecks at an apple on a tree and it sprouts wings and comes to life. Mackie then tries to be friendly to the apple but the apple is scared and flies away. Other fruit comes to life when Mackie pecks at them.
(Preschool) A mouse that helps teach young viewers simple math skills! Identifying numbers, counting, and even simple addition and subtraction! Every episode will star one or more of his friends that kids will love! Applying kids for the future, THE FUN WAY!
(Preschool) Happy Land is a happy place where friends help each other with minor problems. Each character has his or her own unique shape and ability that they can lend to the situation. Animated in bright primary colours and with a video-game bent to it, it's also fun to look at.
(Preschool) Welcome to Monster city, home of Edmon’s famous Cafe run by Edmon himself and his (sometimes) helpful friend, Pickle. Watch as they show kids how easy cooking is using fun and fresh ingredients to cook up simple and tasty dishes.
(Preschool) Animated TV nurse character for pre-school children that will entertain, engage and educate in a subtle way about looking after yourself, eating well and the importance of community. She will take the fear out of medicine and doctors for children when they come across them.
(Preschool) The child-viewer is encouraged to move, sing, mimic, & personify in early learning games developed by specialists. Oüm aims to develop all the essential notions to prepare for academic success. Each show is educational, participative, interactive and enhances self-esteem.
(Preschool) Three young friends find a couple of odd looking rocks in the basement of eight year old Caz. The rocks are in fact dragon eggs and with the help of a talking magical book they are able to hatch one of the eggs. The little dragon quickly becomes friends with the children.
(Preschool) Patty The Black Cat is a mature female cat. She also thinks she is human.She loves TV and movies and likes to hang out with her friends Scroungie Cat and Scairdy Cat.Spend some time with the cats and see what kinds of situations they get into like driving in their catmobile.
(Preschool) Peggy’s Little Harbour is a preschool tv series about a curious little girl who lives in a lighthouse and learns about the world around her through listening.
(Preschool) Meet Mr. Quatabaloney and he owns a pets store! He has dogs and cats, but those are for wimps. If you want a "special pet", he's got a few in the backroom. Want a rhino? He's got a several. Have you always dreamed of taking a Great White Shark for a walk? Now you can!
(Preschool) ‘Poppy and Matilda’ follows the adventures of sisters Poppy and Matilda, their neighbour Jake, Mumu the cat and Gus the dog as they journey into exciting, imaginary worlds.