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(Drama) A new Jane Eyre mini series.
(Drama) In 1932 Bloodtown is overrun by gangsters and a new police commissioner is hired to try and take their city back.
(Primetime Comedy) From trash to class, Eugene Greene, and his dysfunctional family win the lottery and move to an upper-class neighborhood. With the move, they encounter bullying, snobby parents, and inquisitive neighbors. The Greene's must change their trashy ways to be excepted.
(Primetime Comedy) Simon thinks he's just a regular guy, but we join him on the day he discovers he's actually a robot, and he's supposed to help wipe out humanity.
(Primetime Comedy) Elysium feilds, the perfect place to hide or so Tyler Bishop thourght. Reluctantly accepting an invitation of his off kilter nieghbour Gemma, Tyler meets Fagin who warns him to leave. Before Tyler can heed his warning Fagin disappears. Mcarbe, tongue and cheek comedy drama
(Drama) Tommy, a drug addled lottery winner, comes to terms with his addiction and wants to end his estrangement from his two young sons. One "last hit" later and Tommy's dead, leaving his former wife, Anna, to contemplate the tainted wealth their children stand to receive.
(Drama) Patrician Austin Bellamy has his own Merchant bank, and, with a family lineage of assassins, has his own way of dealing with uncooperative clients and associates. This is Downton Abbey meets The Sopranos. (With Terence Stamp on board to play the Patriarch, Crispin.)
(Drama) Two children, Daniella, and Andres, are kidnapped by Colombian rebels, and forced to train and fight under the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC), amidst the group's half century conflict with Colombian Military, and leader Alfonso Cano's mental collapse.
(Drama) (Intended for Adult Animation) After the brutal murder of her father a young girl becomes an adult crime-fighting vigilante. *Writers Guild West Registration #1817897
(Drama) This is a story following a group of people who are thought of as outcasts and criminals by not living up to society's expectations as they value freedom and independence, over urbanisation, wealth and affluence.
(Drama) "Pulp Fiction, Boogie Nights, and Breaking Bad just made a porno together..." When Ethan, a recovering addict, decides to live the fantasy of being a pornstar in LA, he and his dangerous new girlfriend, Kaysi, discover a violent, unstable world where boundaries don't exist.
(Drama) A new Jane Eyre mini series.
(Children and Tweens) This is a show about a pair of rural quail siblings who sneak into a metropolis called The Dump so they can mingle and dance with cool city animals.
(Drama) A down on his luck professional, having lost his fiancé and job, gets hired at local strip club "Sin City."
(Primetime Comedy) Guy meets girl in deli, they fall in love with each other.
(Drama) This is a story following a group of people who are thought of as outcasts and criminals by not living up to society's expectations as they value freedom and independance, over urbanisation, wealth and affluence.
(Drama) An immigrant from Trinidad must navigate the tough streets of New York City chasing her dream of going to medical school in America.
(Primetime Comedy) A house-sitter is hired to watch a house as the owner leaves for work, little does he know that a ghost has been living there as well.
(Drama) An angel and a demon use magic to influence on people's choice, for the sake of winning their (Angel and Demon's) game.
(Preschool) I have a preschool tv show idea Billy doesn't know what to get his sister who has Down syndrome. Until he meets Ethan and then he knows what she wants is friendship and she gets it because he builds a clubhouse for people with and without special needs
(Children and Tweens) Scooby Doo meets Power Rangers in this animated show that follows the lives of four young ninjas. Their mission is to protect Shy Street, a magical neighborhood that's home to all manner of monsters.
(Drama) A new, faithful-to-the-book adaptation of a Jane Eyre mini series.
(Primetime Comedy) A darkly comedic behind-the-scenes look at the Johnson show and the trials and tribulations faced by the host, Andrew Johnson and his cohorts on a regular basis.
(Drama) It's about a boy that is named billy makes a clubhouse for his little sister who has Down syndrome.
(Children and Tweens) Four young ninjas protect their neighborhood from supernatural threats, using martial arts, magic, stink bombs, and the deadliest weapon of all, sarcasm.
(Drama) A plague wipes out ninety five percent of America's population. The few survivors have a lot of problems the biggest of which is each other. Chris a life long slacker must grow up quick if he has any hope of surviving the end of the world.
(Primetime Comedy) Lyrics Guru® Game Show is a quiz program in which contestants attempt to win prizes, by matching the correct word found within the lyrics of the song. The winner must match the correct word, one from eight music genres or categories to be a Lyrics Guru®
(Drama) Water washes away over centuries, but a grin fades in a second.


(Drama) A Scandi-style, multi-episode crime serial set in the Lincolnshire Fens about the murder of a young Somali refugee whose body is found in a dyke with a Union Jack flag tied around his neck
(Children and Tweens) A boombox boy in search of his voice. A recorder girl in search of an elusive beat. Together, they quest to find a mysterious object while battling crazy enemies, called Seekers, across the map, in a dangerous game of TAG, using the power of sound.