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(Drama) The supercomputer built to counter cyber-terrorism against America's enemies, becomes self aware, starts to reason within herself, and learns from her mistakes, and reeks havoc in the United States.
(Drama) Five brilliant college students must figure out a way to stay in school, when financial problems for all of them arise.
(Primetime Comedy) Babsi Blau is a 21-year-old who just moved from a small village to Berlin to start her career as an author of fairytales. In this series Babsi is hitchhiking back to her hometown and meets one comical character in each episode.


(Drama) A serial killer on the loose in the 80s in New York city. Two detectives are partnered up to catch the killer before time runs out as he only kills 6 people every 6 years and starts on the 6 month.
(Drama) They will pass through all the trials
(Drama) Stories based on real investigations of the Connecticut State police Statewide Narcotics Task Force
(Drama) Tragic Life
(Primetime Comedy) Dave is a piece of shit who plays arcade games for a living then sells the prizes on Ebay. This is his story.
(Primetime Comedy) A closeted marketing executive has to navigate the 1950's mad men world of advertising in the aftermath of his longtime fake wife leaving him.
(Children and Tweens) The king’s infamous Royal Dragon Slayer secretly runs a no-slay shelter for mythological creatures that he must keep hidden, while also trying to secretly find forever homes for dragons, chimeras, and other not-so-dangerous beasts.
(Primetime Comedy) Thomas a young lawyer who suffers a heart attack caused by his wife and his spirit will stop in the body of Claudio a gay who suffers an attack occasioned by his best friend.
(Drama) The year is 2077. Or is it? Maybe its 2045. I can't be sure anymore. I have to question reality, because i wasn't born into it. Despise what we as humans have become. Leeches. But That's all going to change. You didn't die in vain . . .
(Drama) Think Dexter, if he was a 12-year-old girl who ran a criminal empire out of a luxury hotel. Molly is seemingly rescued from a drug den but in reality she was the brains behind the operation. Playing the role of an innocent, she is actually a ruthless psychopath.
(Primetime Comedy) A 26-year-old virgin secretly accepts a job at a sex shop so she can save up to move out of her legalistic, conservative parents' house.
(Children and Tweens) Six friends from six different cultures, travel to each other's country to learn interesting facts about it, while having tons of fun! 
(Drama) This show is about two teen that grew up together, and fall in out of love with each other. But only one of them keep getting blame for the fallen out.
(Primetime Comedy) A.J. Townsend is a 20-something year old millennial who works at Atlanta's hip-hop internet radio station. She lives a great life until her father publicly announces his financial issues, which prompts her to branch off and be a part of Atlanta's city life with friends.
(Drama) Eric developing his ability to see things before happening and try to save the people of NorthHills.
(Drama) The mundane lives of four, unsuspecting teenagers turn chaotic after gaining supernatural abilities from a recreational drug. This newly found power sends the group into a world of pain and loss, as they fight to save their city from the notorious drug lord, Akiro Knight.
(Children and Tweens) Isabella, a 14 year old girl has her perfect summer interrupted when an accident causes her to become the princess of a lost kingdom in the spirit world. Isabella and her best friend Wynn decide to play royalty and save the spirit world . all in the span of one summer
(Drama) A closeted, depressed lesbian flees homophobic Jamaica for NY where she accidentally gets a job as an actress. But her new ‘career’ proves to be rocky and she learns the hard way that in the world of cameras and flashing lights, there’s no such thing as a private life.
(Drama) The trials and tribulations of Stanley, a middle aged man on the verge of a full blown nervous breakdown.
(Drama) This show is about 4 teens who each gets a power of the natural elements/
(Drama) Spirits are beings that haunt this world. They are trapped between life and death. Not all of them are bad, but a couple are. One in particular wants to gain enough power so that the other side can become one with earth, and the Queen of Death can take control.
(Primetime Comedy) “After School” tells the story about a group of high school friends who are always getting into all sorts of bad and good situations after school. This screenplay After School (Revised) March 14,2018.
(Primetime Comedy) Two broke college students, Ross and Dave, decide to run a cult out of a storage unit to embezzle the funds from unsuspecting members.
(Primetime Comedy) A caricature artist finds himself in over his head when he becomes the Paradise City Police Department's newest sketch artist.
(Primetime Comedy) With two experimental psychologists leading them, a group of borderline personalities helps people as counselors in a mental health assistance start-up app.
(Primetime Comedy) A passionate male theatre teacher tries to start a high school theatre program in a southeastern school not keen on supporting the public arts. A female English teacher aides him in his efforts as he deals with the never-ending struggles of being a performance arts teacher.
(Primetime Comedy) STUNT is about an incredibly anxious woman who is tricked into being a stunt double by her identical twin sister.