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(Primetime Comedy) Welcome to the Lyon Inn. Behind the front desk, Billy Stanton is desperately trying to avoid his ex-girlfriend, his hippy parents, rude customers, lazy co-workers, and the crazy manager only to realize his dream in becoming…anything other than a front desk clerk.
(Primetime Comedy) Get Action Go is meant to be an episodic animated cartoon. It follows three friends and their zany adventures. They are Mike (milktoast), Gus (id personified) and Jo (multiracial and freaky). I have a whole season planned out. I just need the chance!
(Drama) After Ryan's decision to come out to his family, things begin to fall apart. Relationships crumble, truths are told and tears are shed.
(Drama) Luke's legendary story is about a mysterious man who seeks to help those in need.
(Primetime Comedy) Tom moves back to Cleveland Ohio with his family to help his old Greek dad revitalize the family diner that sits right next to the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame. Can Tom balance his dying career as an artist with working at Gyroland and trying to be a dad and husband?
(Primetime Comedy) Tom, a first generation Greek American has reluctantly moved his American wife and three kids back to Cleveland to help his old dad with his old diner. Can Tom keep his sanity, keep his marriage, keep his hands from strangling his crazy Greek parents? Who the hell knows?!
(Primetime Comedy) AGENCY is a live action show about a small advertising agency in the once rubber capital, Akron, Ohio. We follow a motley group of self proclaimed, "ideats", as they create and produce bad off the wall work for their few clients.
(Primetime Comedy) This is an unscripted reality show based on the adventures of Dimos, a little person who performs weddings in Las Vegas as an Elvis impersonator.
(Primetime Comedy) An animated comedy series about a community living on the edge of the world. The folks of the town are a mix of human and mythical creatures. Fish-headed Herring is a young woman desperate to break free of the constraints of small town life.
(Primetime Comedy) The Pennsylvania Pickle is the ultimate superhero parody cartoon. No superhero is safe or off limits.
(Primetime Comedy) Two inept detectives blow a stakeout and are about to be fired. Their only leverage is in blackmailing their Captain about his affair. Add in a mutual love interest, a desire to be street level super heros, and a police captains revenge and the plot AND comedy thicken fast.
(Primetime Comedy) Delusional, innocent, & a little dim, Quentin Burrows moves from LA to the Sierra Nevada mountains, positive he is about to ignite his own California Gold Rush. He soon discovers his new hometown is the real gem, & its bizarre locals might not be too happy with his mission.
(Drama) Renascent explores the lives of six talented individuals, based in NYC, with a main focus on a controversial visual artist (Kevin) on his rise to fame who's ego leads to his self-destruction. https://vimeo.com/146493012
(Drama) DRIVEN is a look at the world of stock car racing as seen through the lives of nomadic broadcast professionals in constant collision with their corporate overlords. The show follows Sam Hunter, their leader, as he struggles to keep his family, integrity, and career united.
(Primetime Comedy) A liberal family moves from Los Angeles to a small college town in Oklahoma and unexpectedly find common ground with their Libertarian neighbors.
(Children and Tweens) A young adventurer and her soft spoken sister explore their magical Fridge World with a scientific eye.
(Primetime Comedy) A comedy following Jackie Garcia, the matriarch of her wacky Mexican family from the valley, facing modern parenting and marriage challenges while constantly being bombarded by their ghetto fabulous weed store owning neighbor and his blond wanna be chola girlfriend.
(Children and Tweens) How to Be Cool is a children's comedy show about a boy named Dylan who is a nerd and his cool bestfriends Corry and Paris who show him that to be cool all you have to do is be yourself and have fun while your young
(Primetime Comedy) Story of a man who has become immune to love in its purest form so in a desperate attempt to feel what once was, he substitutes that love with women and sex. He isn't who he wants to be; he is what he shouldn't be and avoids being that which he knows he should be.
(Primetime Comedy) In Los Angeles, California three young women (and unlikely friends) attend college in the hopes of meeting their perfect, future husbands.
(Primetime Comedy) Besties is a half hour single camera comedy about two co-dependent best friends (one gay, one straight) who want love, success, and social gratification despite being tied at the hip and lost in their early 30's.
(Children and Tweens) An all girls team of alien intergalactic crime fighters who double as a teenage hip/hop band.
(Preschool) Meet Mr. Quatabaloney and he owns a pets store! He has dogs and cats, but those are for wimps. If you want a "special pet", he's got a few in the backroom. Want a rhino? He's got a several. Have you always dreamed of taking a Great White Shark for a walk? Now you can!
(Primetime Comedy) The adventures of the 31 crime family, The Frankenellos, featuring Tony Frankenello, a made guy.
(Primetime Comedy) Brad, a burn-out and underachiever, allows his absurd and eccentric friends to turn his everyday lower-middle class struggles into unnecessary, over-the-top adventures.
(Children and Tweens) It seemed to Bobby that every bully had his number and was after his lunch money. What's a wimpy 8 year old to do? "I guess I'm doomed to be picked on forever!” he though…but he was wrong, because on one fateful afternoon everything changed. He met his twin brother!
(Primetime Comedy) This is kid named Zachary Test who liked cool things and don't liked disappointed.
(Children and Tweens) Meet the Lil Ratskulz, a group of 5 friends, Nid, Louie, Fwank, Poppy & Red, their pet dragon Arf and their daily adventures. They're just like any other group of kids you're likely to meet, but with a decidedly macabre edge...
(Primetime Comedy) With clueless enthusiasm, four friends probe the boundaries of the paranormal, solidifying their friendships as they unwittingly uncover startling answers amidst a universe of mysteries.
(Primetime Comedy) Much like various horror hosts from the past, including Elvira, Vampira, and Ghoulardi, this show would be an updated, family based comedy where Count Ghastly finds a film (liscensed, public domain, indie, or fresh, approved never-before-seen film) and makes light of it.