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(Primetime Comedy) In the nether world of small claims, LA County can't handle the caseload... so in desperation they send the overflow to Burbank, CA "Night Court". Hilarious misfits, weirdos, psychos parade thru: There's KANDY "BOOBS" KANE (In Photo), a sidewalk hostess, and et al aliens!
(Primetime Comedy) The series is about Coopers, a family of four who wish to take a vaction every year to a country but this year vacation turns wild and dangerous. The Safari is fun, adventurous, and emotional drama of the Coopers
(Drama) Hollywood Middle East and all creativity In Egypt I think you will like this place and can make Your investment in the right place Egyptian Media Production City
(Primetime Comedy) This situation comedy is about 5 main characters supposedly working together harmoniously in a LA car dealership in the 1980's. It depicts their internal conflicts, but highlights how they try in their own individual ways to deal with the public and local businesses.
(Drama) When the pound-for-pound boxing champ is shot in cold blood, the entire fabric of the fight game comes unraveled.
(Children and Tweens) This story is about two characters a man and a 6 years old girl,man lives in jungle when his mother die he begin his journey to find god & little girl went for picnic & she lost in jungle,accidently they met & they begin their journey together,they are innocents
(Drama) In a Air Force Secret base on Mount Rushmore, there were a decision to expand the underground tunnels. as a result of the works a surprising finding was revealed. an ancient archaeological Artifacts and strange looking
(Children and Tweens) Broccolihead and Carrottop and the nonsense brigade are a group of fruit and veggie characters with 'distinct catch phrases' that promote positivity, kindness and silliness, in order; to stop negativity aka 'grumpy face' that the arch-nemesis (The Wok) is trying to cause.
(Drama) I suspect that every guy and probably most of the women who watched Top Gear saw themselves being the 'Star in a Reasonably Priced car' and getting to drive around the track . My idea is to have a lottery, the winner gets to be the star and the money goes to charity.
(Children and Tweens) When middle-child Charlie C. Cooper gets kicked out of school for a laxative prank gone bad, she moves to the Houdini Mansion in the Hollywood Hills for a fresh start. But can she get a fresh start when her shrink gives her a list of do-gooder tasks like be nice to everyone?
(Primetime Comedy) A therapist, whose focus is on helping to overcome phobias, takes on some of the weirdest cases known to man. He comes off inept and seems in need of therapy himself, but his off-beat methods tend to work far better than they should.
(Primetime Comedy) It' s a script idea.... A story like any other story. A story of an everyday happy madness. We have four lovers. Helen the anorexic, Julia, the trainer, Nick the musician and Bob the acupuncturist. Their lives come upside down because of Love
(Primetime Comedy) SoF! High Fashion /High Drama in the Fashion Business when Huge Egos and Personalities collide when trying to set the new product direction in the very lucrative Women's Clothing Industry!
(Primetime Comedy) How do 5 guy’s handle a predominantly female based industry… David Gaffke runs Complete Bridal; a successful salon owned and curated by him and his all-male team. Being a unique bridal salon, they face challenges that other salons don't face.
(Children and Tweens) !SERENDIPITY!(R) is an easy & fast game to play. All you have to do is - draw a line. Pre-schoolers would have no problem understanding the basics of the game. An adult version is created with little effort. An audience member will be part of the Bonus Round winnings.
(Primetime Comedy) Documentary-Drama based off of a family setting within a warehouse, operating as a 2nd shift. Each episode will focus on a different 2nd shift employee, the makeup that defines each character for having this job, and the difficulties of each life lived outside of the work.
(Primetime Comedy) A comedy based on four college roommates that maintain a life with balanced between school, friends, family and partying - all while the house offers up various new challenges to overcome.
(Primetime Comedy) A comedy based on four college roommates that maintain a life with balanced between school, friends, family and partying - all while the house offers up various new challenges to overcome.
(Primetime Comedy) A man unknowingly ingests a powder that has accidentally dissolved in his beer. This results in temporary metamorphosis into a fictional character, if he inadvertently wants to be him. E.g. someone says "you've got 'the Midas touch'!", he says "I wish..!" and becomes Midas.
(Primetime Comedy) Forced to trade his semi-lavish partying lifestyles in for a slow-paced discussion, Kieth Young must live his life without alcohol, making new friends with many unconventional, strange and unexpected people who also need to readjust their lives, one coffee pot at a time.
(Primetime Comedy) The owner and employees of a poorly-run landscaping company have survived for years by being the only game in town, but the introduction of an actual competitor throws everything into question.
(Drama) The true exploits of the most notorious corner crew of friends in NY during the 70's. Beloved by their small Bronx neighborhood for keeping out the elements destoying the city . Striking deals with the police to enable their "business" they were both loved and feared.
(Preschool) Leveraging the brand equity of Animal Crackers, this half-hour TV series educates children by bringing to life animals from the world's most recognizable snack. The "Animal Crackers Kids Club" strives to always create compelling and educational content for children.
(Primetime Comedy) Failed mob guy, Brutus Achilles Gamberony along with his trusty sunglasses + oxygen equipment, owns a we sell "EVERYTHING+ANYTHING" store in this absurd comedy, which features 1 character, 1 set, and a whole lot of odd customers and stories.
(Primetime Comedy) Brutus Achilles Gamberony, a retired mob guy, owns an "everything store"; sells fruit, DVD'S, have a meal, bet on your favorite team. In this one set comedy, BAG, is the only character. His outlook on the world is well NUTS, BUT FUN....He comments on Everything. tepid
(Primetime Comedy) SPEC SERIES: Follow Television Magazine Series Investigators Rita Goldberg & Dr.Rockzo The Rock'n Roll Clown (C.AdultSwim) as they expose the unauthorized & potentially liable dark scandals surrounding the worlds most popular & influential rock ‘n roll music celebrities
(Primetime Comedy) Somebody has to make a comedy about DJ culture. A comedy about two 20 year old guys living in Echo Park who fail at finding success as rock musicians, and poorly attempt to become DJs. (Broad City comes to Los Angeles and meets Spinal Tap.)
(Primetime Comedy) "Busine$$ as Usual" is "Snatch" meets "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia". The show follows recently unemployed roommates Scott and Dave as they try to figure out what they want to do with their lives. They take on any odd jobs that come their way.
(Drama) "Cause & Origin" tells the story of Tim Fitzpatrick, a 3rd generation Philadelphia firefighter "truckie," as was his late father who died in the line of duty. A severe fire injury give Tim 2 choices: retire or join Arson Investigation. You won't believe what he learns!
(Primetime Comedy) A comedy surrounding a group of quirky employees who work at “Cornbread’s Bar & Grill”. The show revolves around the restaurant’s General Manager, George Odor, an insipid straight-shooter hired by Cornbread, a former lottery winner, to whip the eatery into shape.