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(Children and Tweens) The storyline reveals the exciting interactions between a group of children and a alien "Zyten" from outer space, who descends into their lives as a superhero character.
(Children and Tweens) The show follows the adventures of Zug and his adopted Gnome brother Renny, and their friends Pixiedust and Tabmithril as they try to complete quests for the Tink Master Challenge. The Pilot is 22 minutes long, all other episodes will be 11 minutes in length.
(Primetime Comedy) This is kid named Zachary Test who liked cool things and don't liked disappointed.
(Primetime Comedy) An over-the-top modernization of the Al-bundy-style, comedy. A father who has one black and one white son deals with the world growing up without him. The pilot video is complete with 3-camera and laugh track set up.
(Primetime Comedy) Sully Smothers is just your average guy, in an average job, but this ill-fated day turns out to be anything but! Each day gets worse for Sully as he tries to make life better, but ends up being screwed over one way or another.
(Primetime Comedy) Pedro, a Dominican taxi driver in New York City and all his crazy interactions with his passengers, while also dealing with his personal life.
(Primetime Comedy) A sketch comedy show featuring teens in outrageously silly scenes, overarching themes and recurring characters that are both thought provoking and laugh out loud funny.
(Primetime Comedy) The IO theater in Chicago is the chocolate factory for young comedians hoping to make it in Hollywood. It is the minor leagues for SNL, all made possible by Charna Halpern, the Willy Wonka of comedy.
(Children and Tweens) Wright Brothers' Mysteries Episode 1 "Tourist Trap" Follow Cade and Evan Wright on this Mystery Adventure ! http://youtu.be/pf5AtMC6xl8
(Children and Tweens) Family gap years are becoming more common- this series would profile children as they travel outside their countries.
(Primetime Comedy) David Wachowski, a veteran of the Denny Corp. is an all around nice, (a-hole), guy. His boss, Vernon, has been trying to fire Wachowski since the day he walked through the door. When tempers flair, in this twisted dark comedy violence leads to s stunning conclusion.
(Preschool) Bianca is just like any girl...well, kind of. She has one teeny ability, "wish magic" – the power to make wishes come true.
(Primetime Comedy) Welcome to techno-sexual New York City, where everyone's connected but no one's connecting.
(Primetime Comedy) The allegorical tale of an immigrant dog who has illegally crossed the border and is in the cross hairs of America's Toughest Dog Catcher. The story draws various parallels between the immigration debate in the U.S. and its politics, specifically in Arizona.
(Primetime Comedy) Sweet and seemingly ditsy Bitsy Malone is secretly a brilliant mastermind who plots to bring each of her enemies to ruination one entitled jerk at a time. (permission given/releases obtained for all likenesses used in artwork)
(Primetime Comedy) In our modern world, men no longer make a unique contribution to the family unit. Forcing Stutts to find more creatives ways to make an impact and leave his mark to prove to his family he still matters.
(Primetime Comedy) Two gay twin brothers, raised by different families, reunite and live in the Boystown area of Chicago. Beau was raised on a farm, Stephan in NYC. Stephan's recent drug-related arrest means the party is over, but for Beau, who can finally be himself, it's just beginning.
(Primetime Comedy) The show where all of the contestants are winners! Check out the sizzle for details http://youtu.be/rVLt8ifar4I
(Preschool) “We Are All Kids” is for all children around the world. Through joyful songs, books, games and activities, Sarit Peleg and her friends give kids the opportunity to learn about each other and the world they all share.
(Children and Tweens) Warren Webb is a school kid and computer programming whiz. In a freak accident, Warren somehow uploads himself into the World Wide Web. Uploaded as an anti-virus, Warren battles many evil viruses, collecting discs which give him different strengths and powers.
(Primetime Comedy) Two college buddies suddenly lose their tuition, book, and booze money. Because they are not too bright or resourceful, their options are limited. Like many desperate college students, they make a rash decision that gets them into deeper trouble working for local gangsters.
(Primetime Comedy) Wade & Co. is an interactive animated comedy show about four friends who get laid off, struggle to find new jobs, and decide to become entrepreneurs. Each week viewers will get to be an entrepreneur and vote on which “million dollar idea” the guys try next.
(Primetime Comedy) 4 terrible roommates, one world they don't understand. What could go wrong?
(Primetime Comedy) Wannabe vampire Simone reluctantly accepts ditzy cheerleader Ashlee as her roommate, but ends up attracting the unwanted attention of a vampire hunter.
(Primetime Comedy) A single camera ensemble comedy about the lives of a disparate group of employees and applicants at the Unemployment office.
(Primetime Comedy) Two inept detectives blow a stakeout and are about to be fired. Their only leverage is in blackmailing their Captain about his affair. Add in a mutual love interest, a desire to be street level super heros, and a police captains revenge and the plot AND comedy thicken fast.
(Primetime Comedy) Four daffy yet talented young musicians - on the run from the mob - are placed into the witness protection program. No matter what identity they are given - ska, grunge, polka band, you name it - they manage to blow their cover, thanks to their unfailing spactic-ness.
(Primetime Comedy) A failed comic book artist and his misfit, wannabe employees try to mount a monthly comic book convention called 'wrath of Con'. If they survive the crazed fanboys, irate vendors, high maintenance celebrities & their own delusions of grandeur, they just might pull it off.
(Primetime Comedy) Uncle George is a small-time professional clown who can't stand kids but loooves money.
(Primetime Comedy) Sixteen contestants, eight Conservatives and eight Liberals compete as teams under one roof.