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Start at, HEAVEN, HELL AND HOMELESS. Then move up to, THE OLD MAN IN PAIN, and so on.
Season one is freeing the children being held in the backyard of Hell. Many arena battles in Hell.
22 of my songs, most of them written from the homeless perspective. After many years of being homeless. I started a music program for the homeless in 2002 in Sac. Ca.
Season #1 is 8-1/2 months in HEAVEN, HELL and one hell of a battle on Earth. Hellions and Battle Angels will fight side by side on Earth, against monstrous BERSERKERS.

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All of Mella Jovovich movies.
All movies by Johnny Depp.
All Star Wars.
J.R.R. Tolkien.
J.K. Rowling.
Jeff Bridges movies.
Too many others to name!


Rascal Flatt's. Their 'Changed album' inspires my writing these story's, but I am a rocker first.



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